Staley Isn't Worried About How His Deal Will Look In The Future

Chances are that 49ers left tackle Joe Staley won’t be happy with his new contract, eventually.
He has signed on an ultra-long-term deal, which has an average value of less than $5 million per year.  If he continues to perform, it won’t be long before his contract pales in comparison to deals paid to other offensive linemen.
“Any of that is way too far down the line to ever think about,” Staley said, according to Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.  “I think it’s a fair value for myself, and I look forward to playing football.”
A day after Staley signed a six-year extension to a contract that had three years remaining, the deal already looks less fair than previously reported.
Maiocco reports that the deal contains only $40 million (not $42 million) in new money.  If that’s accurate, Staley’s nine-year take will be $41.66 million, which equates to an average of $4.62 million.
Maiocco also reports that the guaranteed amount is only $16 million.
As to the potential for Staley to become disgruntled in a few years after others at the tackle (and guard) position sign contracts with a much higher annual average, Maiocco says only that he assumes the 49ers have accounted for this possibility.
“It can reasonably be assumed that the 49ers took measures to avoid that kind of potential future discontent with Staley,” Maiocco writes.
We like and respect Maiocco, but why can it reasonably be assumed that the 49ers didn’t do precisely what the Eagles have done for much of the past decade?  The numbers are what they are, and they aren’t going to get any better as time passes.
Maiocco points to the fact that much of the bonus money is deferred, which helps to prevent the problem of a player forgetting about that huge bonus he received five years after the fact.  But it’s actually better for the player to get his money now, and not to have it paid out in the future, given the time value of money.
So regardless of when the money is paid to Staley, that $4.62 million average will linger, and Staley eventually will feel that he’s languishing behind many inferior players.

18 responses to “Staley Isn't Worried About How His Deal Will Look In The Future

  1. 49ers are geniuses. they obviously realize (if the think hes a franchise LT) that if he hits the FA market he’d probably command something close to 10 million per year if not more.
    very shrewd move.

  2. Florio, I agree in a sense. Staley is a beast. He never missed a snap in his rookie season, and started all 16 games his second year at LT. In other words, he’s got one full year experience at both tackle positions.
    The 49ers have two 2010 first round draft selections. Joe Staley is a much better right tackle than left. His $16 million guarantee will relfect that. While the 49ers take the best pure LT in the 2010 draft remains to be seen, but they’ve got a stud in Staley. The Joe Show ain’t half bad either.
    Scot McCloughan has given the 49ers plenty of options with the recent draft, and a sly negotiating team. McCloughan signed Marvel Smith to play RT this season, and even passed up some RT prospects when he traded the 49ers 2nd (and 4th) round selection to Carolina. Smith is not a long term answer, but a bargain if healthy. If Smith pans out, great. Either way, the team will be looking OT in next year’s draft. With two first round selections, they’ll likely be in a place to draft or manuever to get a top tackle.
    Should that tackle be in the top 10, he’ll immediately make more money than Joe Staley. The positive of this? The best OTs in the draft generally end up LTs. Joe Staley is a phenom at RT. Staley has $16 million in guarantees, to maul people in the power run game. He also twittered (I don’t tweet, so I can’t quote) that he’s happy about the deal and looking forward to finishing in SF.
    In other words, this is a fantastic deal. If it pans out.

  3. I like and respect Florio but why can it reasonably be assumed that he puts the blame on Staley and hasn’t bad-mouthed his agent for doing the deal. Must be someone who answers his E-Mail.

  4. Florio, you are silly and not paying enough attention. The 49ers, under the Yorks, have a history of renegotiating core-players they intend to keep upwards in order to keep them happy long before their deals expire. They didn’t HAVE to negotiate with Staley as he had three years left on his rookie deal that would have paid him somewhat over $1 million a year.
    Then Staley would have hit the market and made this huge $10 million a year contract with a big sighing bonus with three years of NFL minimum. Then he’d probably be thrown on the cap-hell scrap pile of back-loaded phony contracts. You know, like all those contracts you rant about…
    Sometime in the future, if he’s performing well, they’ll probably even renegotiate this contract. They did that with Gore. They’re looking to do it with Willis.
    And they’re not doing it by back-loading contracts. Those cause cap-hell. Rather, they’re taking the cap medicine the year they sign. No more gutting the team to make cap.

  5. Maiocco assumes that they have prepared for it because the one thing the 49ers have done well over the last few years is work out contracts and keep our current players happy while staying under the cap.
    Paraag is our chief contract negotiator and has done a terrific job in that regard. We reworked a deal for Gore when we could have sat on his rights and later franchised him. We got Alex Smith to take a pay cut (we already paid him too much anyway). We have and will continue to take care of our core players.

  6. I think its a bitch move by Florio to even have created this story. This is creating drama. Dude signed a contract, and you’re saying he should become disgruntled in the future? What are you talking about? Why are to you trying to instigate and create stories?
    Talk about relevant things that are happening in the present instead of creating stories for the future.

  7. I cant bereve that they wood take avantige of sum poor sole like that. I so pisst right now that first thing tumarow i going onto my boss and demand $10 million year.
    egg fu yung – nike factory worker

  8. Florio’s calling someone out on making a ‘reasonable’ assumption? Oh man, I just spit beer all over my keyboard. That’s classic…

  9. The niners gave him a much bigger contract way before they had to and for some reason the niners unfair and joe staleys an idiot.

  10. Come on ONLY 40 million?
    Sure it’s ridiculous compare to others players, but I’d be happy to earn ONLY 40 million. This is a sport we are talking about, sure now it’s more a business but it seems that most people don’t realize how much 40M means to average people.
    When I hear how much those players earn, I’m shocked and yet for most of the people it’s seems normal. Give me ONLY 1M and I’d be happy and won’t ever complain

  11. “Any of that is way too far down the line to ever think about,” Staley said, according to Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. “I think it’s a fair value for myself, and I look forward to playing football.”
    Someone should keep that quote and bring it out in 4 years time when his peers are all on $8m+/season. And when I say someone, I mean anyone who actually gives a s*&t.

  12. Yes, it is always a bad move by a team to sign a good player to an extension.
    He’s happy now and 49ers have him locked up for awhile – why suppose what he’ll be like down the road in story after story? Let it go, Florio…

  13. Why not write a story about how Matthew Stafford might be displeased with his rookie contract in a few years and feel that $12m/season doesn’t reflect his ability . . . .
    Isn’t there a Brett Favre story you can ressurect instead of this?

  14. Wow, you just keep hating on the Niners don’t you Florio? You doubt the Niners would restructure his contract on what grounds?
    You’re throwing crap out there that doesn’t make sense. By extending him now, it shows that the Niners are willing to pay more money…a LOT more money much soon than they have to.
    Man Florio, I’m not quite done with this site yet, but i’m close, keep up the pointless Niner-bashing articles and you lose a reader…although I doubt you care.

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