Rick Mueller To Be Named UFL G.M.

Former NFL personnel exec Rick Mueller has secured a key position with the new pro football league, the UFL.
A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that Mueller will formally be named the Vice President and General Manager of the new venture.
An announcement is expected as soon as Tuesday.
For the league’s premiere season, Mueller will serve in that role for all four franchises.  In the position, he’ll oversee all aspects of player scouting and acqusition.
Mueller and UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue previously worked together with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Mueller, the brother of former Saints and Dolphins G.M. Randy Mueller, also has worked for the Saints.

9 responses to “Rick Mueller To Be Named UFL G.M.

  1. So, the way this is written, there will be chances to slant the playing field for a certain team since he is the GM for ALL FOUR franchises.
    Hey……it is Pro Football (talk) bring it on….I’ll watch it!!!

  2. What’s with all the UFL posts?
    I get that it’s PROfootballtalk….but if that’s really the case, shouldn’t you be covering the CFL too?

  3. I’m not positive, but from what I’ve heard, each of the 4 teams will act as a farm system for 8 teams in 2 divisions in the NFL. I think the Orlando team gets dibs on players cut from the AFC East and NFC South. Which is why if Vick were to end up in the UFL, it would likely be for the ORL franchise. Not sure how their draft would work though with 1 guy making all the picks for 4 teams, that part seems pretty lame.

  4. the first season isnt about anything but showing that its real football. its not some XFL stunt, it is not trying to compete with the NFL, its trying to help it, and one guy manipulating all 4 rosters theoretically means the teams will be evenly matched and provide good games. they will have a draft after this season to flesh out some rivalries and personalities, but now, they just want as much exposure as possible.

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