Vikings Give Favre A Deadline

If Brett Favre wants to play for the Minnesota Vikings, then the indecisive retired quarterback needs to make up his mind fast, according to Chris Mortensen and Ed Werder of
Per the report, which cited two sources, Vikings coach Brad Childress has set a deadline for this week for Favre to make up his mind on whether he’ll join the Vikings as their starting quarterback or remain retired in Mississippi.  It’s unclear how firm that deadline really is, though.
Of course, if the Vikings are truly sincere about adding Favre, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to think that they might give him some more time to make a decision.
However, Favre is reportedly looking for more assurance that his arthroscopic surgery performed last month has alleviated the torn biceps tendon that plagued him last season with the New York Jets.  Favre is apparently skeptical as to whether his arm is ready.
ESPN reported that Favre is “conflicted.”
Per the report, Favre is extremely interested in playing for the Vikings, which run a virtually identical system to the one he excelled in with the Green Bay Packers.  However, Favre also reportedly harbors doubts at this point about his health and how effective he’ll be because of those lingering medical concerns.
On Tuesday, the Vikings hit the field for the first of four Organized Team Activity workouts.

63 responses to “Vikings Give Favre A Deadline

  1. Brett, we want…would like.. an answer before Christmas… can you do it? hello? turn off that tractor, please…

  2. Wasn’t it about two weeks ago that the Vikings gave Favre a deadline of that Friday? If he says he wants to play in mid-July, he’ll still be better than what they currently have.
    Sure is funny seeing Mort as the team spokesman this time around, instead of Favre’s mouthpiece.

  3. “ESPN reports that Favre is conflicted.”
    He’s the “Hamlet of Hattiesburg!”

  4. Favre has always said he is retired and has said nothing about the vikings this offseason.
    Beggars like the QB starved vikings cannot be choosers.
    They need Favre more than he needs them.
    So far only they have been talking and not Brett Favre.
    Obviously, they have not been offering enough.

  5. Ummm giving Favre a deadline is meaningless. He will take full advantage of that and make the decision when he sees fit. The man doesn’t care about the rest of the team or anything else that might factor into his decision. He is as selfish as they come.

  6. Come on Favre, one last glory run for a title…taste the tears and anger of Bob_Nelson and the rest of the cheese heads

  7. Didn’t the Vikings already give Favre a deadline? Unless I’m mistaken, they gave him a week to decide like 2 or 3 weeks ago, and when it passed, absolutely no one noticed.
    At this point, Favre is really just testing the Vikings to see how dedicated they are to him. If they keep giving him a deadline, and then extending it, then Favre really knows they want him. If they move on, then he gets back at them for playing with him by saying he wants to come back now, knowing they will be in a terrible pickle. Just like the Packers last offseason.

  8. Like I said on the story:
    Great, another “this week or nothing” deadline by the Vikes. They did the same thing the week of MIni-Camp. We need to know this week. This will happen every week until Training Camp. As a Vikings fan I am saddened. I am not saying the Booty, Sage, Jackson QB fun we have is the answer, but to get a QB who is only worried about winning 2 games (both against the Packers) and has an arm that is about to fall off, is not the answer. Anyone who thinks this guy will help us to a Superbowl is about 5 years too late on that one. With or with out Favre, the Vikings make the playoffs and maybe win a 1st round game. Nothing more, nothing less until the current Owners and Coaches go for a young, proven QB (like Cutler??!!)

  9. Please Brett join our team. We can do some awesome things with a legend behind center, an all star in the backfield, and a new explosive toy that can line up anywhere on the field. Get your gear ready number 4 it’s time to go to work.

  10. “Favre also reportedly harbors doubts at this point about his health and how effective he’ll be because of those lingering medical concerns.”
    ^^^In the end, Favre’s spite and petty vindictiveness will trump whether he can actually play the game or not. I know it, you know it, and most of America knows it. He’ll obviously be coming back.

  11. Yes! I hope Brett comes back. He can probably add 25 more INT’s to his already astronomical record. Brett will also give Detroit a great chance to win at least two games next year with his erratic ball-handling.
    All-in-all, jokes aside, Brett has the ability to propel the Vikings to that next tier. Go Brett!

  12. My biggest concern about Farve is his consecutive streak ham-stringing the team. I don’t question that he’s the better QB when healthy, but if he’s dinged-up, he should have to sit. There’s no way the Vikes can let him wreck the season like he did to the jets last year when he was clearly hurt.

  13. Come on Bart Farf, put on that purple #4 jersey and be the 1st QB in history to beat all 32 teams.

  14. I wonder if ESPN is going to have a “Deadline Farve Special”? I bet you any number of “Analysts” would lick his dirty, week old jock strap for the “Exclusive” Interview.

  15. You know I bet every time Brett logs onto the computer, he heads directly to Google, throws his name in quotes and hits go.

  16. I thought there already was a deadline weeks ago. this is almost getting ridiculous when a guy who has no contract can wait just months before the season starts to decide if he WANTS to be the STARTING QB on a playoff team.

  17. I am no Childress fan (other than some good drafting) but
    this is a good move. A deadline is a good thing.
    Not sure how I feel as a Vikes fan having Favre here. He
    can be stellar, but he sure can fling interceptions.

  18. Yeah, right. Favre could call BTK the week of the opener and he’d be in Vikings uniform. Just more BS to keep Favre and his overinflated ego in the news.

  19. The real sentiments are already surfacing. Everyone knows that with Tjax or Rosenfels, the Vikings have a weakness at QB. If Favre gets in, and is even a shell of himself, he will be an upgrade and that will be a welcome change. I think too many people are too hard on Favre. It’s his life, if he wants a chance to shove it down the Packer management’s throat, let him have the chance. I think the Vikings offense will suddenly become a high octance machine if he is in there. Right now, on offense, as has been the case in the past two years, it is just the offense’s goal to not lose the game as the defense has a lot of potential. I might even murmur superbowl to myself again if he get in, otherwise it will be one and done in the playoffs again.

  20. Oh cool. Two “sources” are backing this report. That makes it so much more believable than the single “source” that’s been used in past Favre “news reports.” They might as well cite “one million sources” as long as they aren’t going to reveal the identity of said sources.
    You would think somebody would have learned a lesson from the garbage Yahoo report that cited a “source” but apparently not.
    I refuse to believe any of this garbage until a real person, not a “source,” is cited.

  21. I think Bretty Favre is also like thirteen or fourteen games away from the most consecutive starts by a REAL player, at 282. The record is held by former Viking Jim Marshall, or at least was, until punter Jeff Feagles broke the mark, but it is important to know that Jim Marshall personally told Favre that he hopes Favre breaks his record, so it would be awesome to see Favre hit that watermark in a Vikings uniform. The real reason Brett Favre is a closet-Vikings fan: the green bay whackers suck!

  22. Does anyone honestly believe that if Favre makes no decision by this deadline, if he ends up picking up the phone in August telling Childress he’d like to play for the Vikes they wouldn’t bring him in?

  23. Favre obviously cares nothing about the Green Bay fans. You’d think by now if he gave half a shit about what they thought of him he’d have made some public statement trying to justify his desire to play for their arch rival so he’s not showered with venomous boos by the very people who cheered him for all those years and built him up to be the false prophet he always was. He’s aliented the one group of people who gave him the longest leash. God I can’t wait to see him get mangled by the Steelers this year. And of course the two humiliating losses to Green Bay will be entertaining as well.

  24. “ESPN reported that Favre is “conflicted.” ”
    Wow, there’s a shocker. I wonder if John Clayton reported that. ESPN, you just blew my mind.

  25. At this point a armless Brett Farve is still a better option then the other quarterbacks on the roster, although I still want to keep David Booty so when the Vikes start 2-6 the headline Booty Call will be accurate and funny.

  26. This is a prudent move by the Vikes front office…….I’m sure they would like to have him signed before his social security benefits kick in………

  27. Hoe convenient…if he comes back and sucks its the arm…if he has a decent season we’ll never get rid of this idiot. I, for one, will bet against him every single chance I get. The Vikes are a joke and so is Favre.

  28. If Childress dosen’t get this deal done, you can see Brad Childress washing the players cars at the Humty Dump on opening day.

  29. Go Bret go. Both sides win. Sold-out tickets, Super Bowl win, new stadium, good business, and a huge TV audience including the critics.

  30. Good for them. It’s about time someone stopped pussyfooting around this guy.

  31. Didn’t Peter King report not long ago that the Vikes had a deadline of a couple weeks ago?
    translation: “nothing new here, move along.”

  32. Ohhhhhhhh, they’ve set a deadline. If there’s one thing that Brett Favre responds to more than anything else….it’s deadlines.
    The years 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, & 2008 are seen collectively seen doing a face palm.

  33. Favre is “conflicted”
    That’s an understatement.
    Do you think his thinking will be any clearer when he realizes his new head coach likes to cross dress in a wig.

  34. ESPN reported that Favre is “conflicted.”
    Yeah, they’re conflicted because they’ve done not one, but two stroke fests on this douchebag after he’s “retired”. How many times does ESPN have to pull out the same tired stories about this dink, before they figure out he’s not really retiring?? The only bigger douchebag in the world than Favre is Berman.

  35. Any Packer fan that turns into a Viking fan after this is a hypocrite. Favre doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. If he cared about his fans and legacy in Green Bay he would not touch do this.

  36. A deadline? Who said? ESPN? The same network that had erred on so many stories about Farve in the past! Come on. If it is true he had surgery to correct the tendon problem, then it is true he will play football in 09-10. Why else have the surgery? It doesn’t make sense to put a deadline on a player that is not yet healthy enough to be in camp. Why do that? This report is foolish. If Farve will be in MN by training camp, then so be it. Otherwise give it a rest.

  37. I hope the deadline is 5 pm Eastern time today. And Favre says ‘No’. And the rest of us in the universe can get on with our lives and forget about him until the HOF induction in five years, where he’ll wear the yellow jacket a green tee shirt and flipflops and won’t shave. He’ll be introduced by Mike Holmgren, the Super Bowl-winning coach of the Minnesota Vikings for 3 of the past 5 seasons.
    Favre’s shoulder will be fine by then, and he’ll mention in his own speech that he’s considering playing again.

  38. Betty can’t up her mind…AGAIN.
    God, it would be hard to be Brett Favre fan now, acting like a capricious chick. From now on it’s Betty Farve.

  39. A deadline for Favre? Wanting answers within the week? Good luck with all of that Vikings front office. My guess, Favre will decline and during the middle of pre-season Favre will be knocking on the front door of Winter Park. A deadline for Favre, crazy talk!

  40. I’m not buying it. The Vikings are gonna rush/set a deadline to sign a player who is not sure if he can physically play yet? Would you rather him commit, sign the dotted line only later to say his shoulder just can’t take it? Favre is not gonna do anything half-assed. If he signs the dotted line, he will start and compete at a high level. If he doesn’t think he can do it, he won’t sign/commit. If that doesn’t make sense to anybody then common sense isn’t so common……..

  41. On the other hand, good luck with that deadline thing. Betty has a way of ignoring deadlines.

  42. LSCII says:
    June 8th, 2009 at 2:35 pm
    ESPN reported that Favre is “conflicted.”
    I think they meant constipated.

  43. Wait, Favre is thinking about a comeback? Why haven’t I heard about this sooner?

  44. Are the Vikings in a position to issue a deadline/ultimatum? Is Favre going to turn into a pumpkin on Sunday morning if he’s not signed/committed? It’s not like Jackson or Rosenfels will have turned the corner toward becoming the second coming of Dan Marino (or even Fran Tarkenton) if Favre delays. If Favre truly cares about helping out a team, and not just promoting himself, he’ll commit by the start of training camp. Heck, Favre could just sit back in Mississippi and wait for someone’s franchise QB to go down with an injury in the first 2-3 weeks of the season; you know he’d be the first QB mentioned in that scenario. Where’s his better shot at a final ring: Minnesota, with an awesome running game, dominating defense, but no receiving targets; or New England, should Brady go down again in week 1 or the pre-season? That probably does more for his legend, as well – instead of creating all kinds of pre-season hype and expectations, the ol’ gunslinger can be coaxed out of retirement for one last campaign, not just another QB, but a Savior. They might even resurrect John Wayne to play him in the movie about the time he goes into the Hall of Fame.

  45. isnt it really barf fart, seaman?
    and teddy… he is really ugly betty!
    and man does that chick need to shave!

    ENOUGH WITH THIS BRETT FAVRE BULL CRAP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE HAVE HAD IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. This guy is like a virus.
    He caused nothing but problems in Green Bay for the last two years that he was there.
    He basically ran himself out of town while trying to play the role of the victim all because he wanted more feeling in the ass kissing and begging that he was receiving.
    Then you have dumb ass Packer fans yelling obscenities at Aaron Rodgers like it was his fault.
    Classless as well as toothless I guess.
    He goes to New York where they dump their QB to make room for him and he alienates himself from the team right away. He gags down the stretch as they blow a playoff berth and then walks away from that mess leaving them with no one to play the position.
    Now Sanchez will be thrown into the fire ready or not while a year or two under Pennington would have helped a great deal. Pennington did very well in Miami.
    Now he is stirring up shit in Minnesota and he is not even on their roster.
    Imagine the crap the Vikings QBs (as bad as they are) have to deal with knowing that Favre is turning everything into a circus while they twist in the wind.
    Favre only wants to play for the Vikings so he can play a couple of games against the Packers and he believes that he has some kind of weird score to settle with them.
    What a prick.

  48. LightningFog says:
    June 8th, 2009 at 1:41 pm
    I think Bretty Favre is also like thirteen or fourteen games away from the most consecutive starts by a REAL player, at 282. The record is held by former Viking Jim Marshall, or at least was, until punter Jeff Feagles broke the mark, but it is important to know that Jim Marshall personally told Favre that he hopes Favre breaks his record, so it would be awesome to see Favre hit that watermark in a Vikings uniform. The real reason Brett Favre is a closet-Vikings fan: the green bay whackers suck!
    According to the NFL Records and Fact Book, Favre is only 65 games behind Feagles for that record. As a Packer fan, I’m in favor of Favre returning to play for the Vikings this season. But I can’t even express how in favor I am of Favre returning to play for as long as it takes to break that record. Right now it would take 5 seasons, but I have no idea what Jeff Feagles’ retirement/unretirement status is.
    If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get to see Favre perform another 5 or 6 annual retirement/unretirements. That would be phenomenal.

  49. Bretteney
    Vikings be very careful if you kiss this guys butt all your going to get is an awlful taste in your mouth.

  50. Like I said from day one, he’ll wait until the very last minute in order to miss as much camp as he can. And as for Favre being a Viqueen, bring it on, we need to pad our INT stats!!!
    Go Pack!

  51. The Vikes are drawing a hard line here. Either Favre meets the deadline or it will be extended.

  52. LOL at Vikes fans who think they’re one player away. The only reason you have a “dominant” defense is because you play in a garbage division. Percy Harvin will be suspended by mid-season for violating the substance policy. If dude’s too dumb to stop for the Combine (where he KNEW he’d be tested), then he’s too dumb to be trustworthy at any other time. If the Vikes played in the AFC north they’d be at the bottom looking up at the Browns and Bungles. Vikes aren’t even a top 10 team.

  53. “Yeah, right. Favre could call BTK the week of the opener and he’d be in Vikings uniform. Just more BS to keep Favre and his overinflated ego in the news. ”
    hahahahahahahaha…BTK…aaaahhhahahahahaha! hilarious…
    seriously though brett can piss off…i am tired of watching old quarterbacks come to die in minnesota

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