Ochocinco: Me And Carson Are Like "Brokeback Mountain"

Throughout the offseason Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer made several comments indicating his displeasure with wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. While he had nicer things to say at the end of May, the relationship between the two players was something to watch as training camp and the season unfolded.
There’s nothing to worry about, according to Ochocinco. He and Palmer are as close as a couple of cowboys riding out a cold night in the mountains.
“I know people are trying to say we’re mad at each other and all that, but we’re good,” he told Bengals.com. “We’re like Brokeback Mountain. I’m going to be with Carson so much in July that I’m going to be the nanny [for his new twins].”
Quite a change from a man who was trying everything under the sun to quit Palmer a year ago.
The lengthy interview covered many topics, but continually came back to Ochocinco’s claims of a renewed hunger after a subpar 2008 season. He said both Denzel Washington and Kobe Bryant told him to go back to having fun on the field and to stop worrying about the things he can’t control, something he vows to do for a team he calls more talented than the one that won 11 games in 2005.
He also said that his comments about not working out before the 2008 season shouldn’t be taken to mean that he tanked the season. Rather, Ochocinco says he was overconfident about his abilities and his seperated shoulder proved that he couldn’t coast and that he has no fears about returning to form because he’s been working out harder than in the past.
He also reached out to Bengals fans in an attempt to convince them that he wants to be in Cincinnati’s after past trade requests.
“I need the fans to embrace me. I know people are mad at me. I read the message boards, but I’ve apologized 85 times,” Ochocinco said. “If they can embrace me, I can spread my wings and be myself. When they’re mad at me, I don’t know if I can be myself. I’m an emotional guy. I want them to know that I love them and I want to win. I want to be on point with everybody on the team and win. I know I’ve been frustrated when we haven’t won. Maybe now when I vent, I should just do it to the fans on the message boards.”
It might just be a ploy to sell some Ochocinco jerseys, but Chad’s certainly putting on the hard sell in the last couple of weeks.

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  1. Win the division and I’ll not only believe you, but I will consider buying one of those Ochocinco jerseys. Other than that, being good on paper, talking, drama, its old, its tired, its so played, beat Pittsburgh then we will know how serious you are. Until you do that its all b.s.

  2. While Chad may be wearing Ochocinco on his back this season, Palmer will be wearing nothing but Johnson…

  3. They are like Brokeback Mountain. Carson keeps telling Ochocinco, “I wish I could quit you.”

  4. Wow, reading that last quote brought a tear to my eye, and I’m not even a Bengals fan.
    It’s inspiring when players have a great season after a disappointing one. I’ll be rooting for you, Ocho. Just not against the Chargers.

  5. If Chad lives up to what he is saying, then the NFL needs to watch out. With Palmer back and Henry on the other side and Coles in the slot plus all the upgrades to Def. The Bengals actually did very well in the off season and I think they are going to make a very good run for the playoffs.
    Please be the Chad the we new a couple of years ago. I have been a Bengals fan for al ong time and dont think I have ever been so excited about the beginning of a season.

  6. As a Bengal fan, I liked it better when Chad was in his self imposed exile – stop talking and catch the ball!
    As for the Brokeback comment… Like football nation needs any more ammo to slam us with…. go ahead Bengal haters, run us into the ground.

  7. If you Favre critics want a real Prima-Donna, check this guy out.
    He’s unprofessional as they get and he disrespects the game by flaunting his arrogance.

  8. ESPNs’ John Clayton is reporting the Brett Farve just scratched his nut sack in a left to right motion.

  9. “If they can embrace me, I can spread my wings and be myself. When they’re mad at me, I don’t know if I can be myself. I’m an emotional guy. I want them to know that I love them and I want to win. I want to be on point with everybody on the team and win. I know I’ve been frustrated when we haven’t won. Maybe now when I vent, I should just do it to the fans on the message boards.”
    Whatever. Chad is so full of himself it is just plain crazy. Chad Chad Chad. Shut the Hell up and play football.

  10. Chad Ochocinco is an attention whore. While I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, I think there is something wrong the guy. It’s like his elevator doesn’t quite make it to the top. He will remain the hunted for opposing teams because he can’t keep his mouth shut.

  11. In order to retain some semblance of street cred, Ochocinco later added: “No homo”

  12. They should do a duet of ebony and ivory then..
    Or maybe the song Guy Love from Scrubs 🙂
    Someone should get a bunch of vids and pics playing with Guy Love in the background 🙂
    He’s just playing ball so he can get all the Ochocinco jerseys sold and then when he has Johnson back he’s gonna start whining again so he gets traded.. Bengals know they can’t trade him with a ridiculous name like that 😀

  13. Can not Play with them, Can not win with them, Can not coach with them…
    Can’t Do It.

  14. Never give that guy a microphone again, please. We have no idea where it might end up.

  15. Wow…. I don’t even know what to say. Just when I think Chad can’t get any more retarded….

  16. Ochocinco: Me And Carson Are Like “Brokeback Mountain”
    Palmer: We’re really not anything like “Brokeback Mountain”

  17. I live football 24-7 like a crazed fan, and I’ll tell you I never heard Carson make “several comments indicating his displeasure with wide receiver Chad Ochocinco”. Someone post these “comments”. I know exactly what all Carson said over this offseason concerning Chad, specifically his absence, and nothing was all that dramatic. Again someone post these comments. Comments like “I can only worry about those who are here” GASP. Or “Chad wasn’t here this time last year so I didn’t expect him to be here this year” GASP. “Henry is doing a fine job at the X spot’ GASP…. I’m still searching. Even through PFT history. Can’t find anything.

  18. ocho c. is an idiot. no telling how much money he has cost himself with the extra crap he brings along with the ability (which once was undeniable, but now is dubious)
    somehow, ocho figures that despite the fact that he pissed all over the fans of cincy when he thought he was gone for sure, some lame and completely unbelievable apology, offered without a scintilla of humility will cover it. sorry ocho, but the only person possibly that stupid is you…..

  19. Uh oh, let the bashing begin. For everyone who bitched about him running his mouth all offseason last year, this year has been the complete opposite. He disappeared out of the public eye and apparently has been busting his ass to prepare for the season.
    In his first interview a could of days ago he talked about how embarrassed and humbled he was at how poorly he played last year and has dedicated his offseason to be in the best shape possible.
    It could just be PR, but it seems like it is certainly a different approach.

  20. Maybe OchoAsso should just grow a pair and be a man for a change.
    Vent to the fans on message boards?
    Women vent thier problems, men handle them w/o a box of tisssues.

  21. Umm, Chad does know what Brokeback Mountain is about, right? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  22. Chad can apologize as many times as he wants. Actions speak louder than words. Chad needs to be less concerned with Chad, and more concerned with team and winning. Then he’ll get his love.
    The guy doesn’t show for OTA’s, and asks the fans for their love…. Love is something you get when you give it brother.
    In case CJ is reading this:
    Chad, there’s too much negativity surrounding your behavior in that strange place between on the field and off the field. I know your an emotional guy, but all of the crap we see on the sidelines and hear about in the lockerroom doesn’t sound good.
    You want to be the best — I believe that. The best guys were the ones that helped their teammates be better and went out and won championships. Every morning ask yourself this question: How can Chad Johnson make his teammates better? How can I help the other 52 guys on the roster? How can I help my coaches? If I was a coach, what would I expect from a player of my caliber?
    Jerry Rice didn’t do end zone dances. Jerry Rice showed up for OTA’s. Jerry Rice was working even on the sidelines, not mugging for the cameras and pulling silly stunts.
    Ask not what Chad Johnson can do for Chad Johnson, ask what Chad Johnson can do for his team. You’ll have all the love in the world.

  23. Lame. He’s just following in the footsteps of T.O. and his boy Romo circa 07-08. If you’re going to try and be funny Chad, don’t steal from someone else’s routine.

  24. The headline aside…..I think TO and Chad “Johnson” should have a reality TV show together called “How to lose a QB in 16 weeks.”

  25. Next headline:
    ONCHOSWINO cut from Bengals, signs with the UFL.
    “Not that there is anything wrong with that!”

  26. Palmer always did have a reputation for choking, but this takes it to a whole new place. Which one’s Heath by the way?

  27. Just the thought of “Hard Knocks” seems to have jarred some sense into chad. If he really does read the message boards, the advice Denzel and Kobe gave him would have been old news.

  28. I guess we can surmise what a “deep route” means in Chad’s terminology.
    Also, do you think they’ll go by Cincarson or Palmad?

  29. Bruno says:
    June 9th, 2009 at 12:43 pm
    Chicago needs to send a #2 for him pronto.

  30. Brokeback Mountain? Hell, forget being the nanny to Palmers kids – if he gets any more feminine, he’ll be able to wet nurse them.

  31. In light on Johnson’s stunning admission, HBO just announced that it is changing the name of its hit series from Hard Knocks to Hard Kocks.

  32. Or maybe he’s not homophobic and was trying to emphasize his commitment by making an exaggerated reference?

  33. First and Foremost: Taco Bill should have FUN with this one!
    “We’re like Brokeback Mountain?”
    Ocho-Stinko walks into a bar, and see’s Carson sitting there have a drink. He walks up to Carson and say’s “Can I push your stool in.”

  34. OK, the Brokeback thing is hilarious. But i think that Chad’s admission that he cannot play unless everyone loves him is really interesting. It has a ring of truth. The dude is so childish or insecure or deranged that he can’t perform unless he’s already been declared the center of the universe. Bizarre. Maybe he should try out for Christmas Santa at the mall.

  35. This just in: Tony Romo has demanded that Chad be traded to the Cowboys.

  36. PurpleNGold says:
    “Ochostinkhole – not that there’s anything wrong with that…”
    That’s no stinkin’ haiku. Wassup? 🙂

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