Texans' Daniels Skipping Practice

Frustrated with his contract situation, Houston Texans Pro Bowl tight end Owen Daniels is protesting his unresolved status by staying away from Organized Team Activities, according to Megan Manfull of the Houston Chronicle.
Per the report, Daniels was under the impression that he would receive a new contract offer from the Texans over the weekend. However, Daniels’ agent, Alan Herman, said that the new offer never arrived.
And that development triggered Daniels, a restricted free agent who has yet to sign his one-year, $2.7 million tender, opting to no longer show up for workouts.
It’s unclear if Daniels will attend an upcoming minicamp or training camp while his agent and team officials haggle over his contract.
“When it became apparent no progress was going to be made, Owen took the position that he wouldn’t volunteer his time anymore,” Herman told the Chronicle. “It’s the lack of progress that’s led to all of this. It has been a frustrating course of trials and tribulations to get something done.
“We haven’t even gotten to the point of talking numbers that contemporary tight ends are getting. It’s frustrating we aren’t there. We are talking about things that happened years ago. I mean, many years ago.”
The Texans are also in a contract dispute with cornerback Dunta Robinson, the team’s franchise player. Like Daniels, Robinson is skipping the workouts.
“Obviously, we’re in the middle of negotiations,” Texans General Manager Rick Smith said. “He’s well within in his rights not to be here.
“We wish he were working out like he had been, but we understand it. Things like this have a way of working themselves out.”
Under NFL rules, Daniels, who caught a career-high 70 passes for 862 yards last season, has until June 15 to sign the tender or the Texans could remove it.
“That would be a bad choice on their part,” Herman said. “You have a guy who is not happy and now that would cement him not wanting to come back at all.”
Because Daniels is unsigned, he’s not subject to fines for missing minicamp or training camp.

6 responses to “Texans' Daniels Skipping Practice

  1. I wish you guys would say how much money teams have available under the salary cap when you post these types of articles. It’s hard to tell who’s being the bad guy when no numbers are made readily available. Just a suggestion…

  2. according to Megan Manfull of the Houston Chronicle….
    really? Megan Manfull? what sort of pornstar name is that?

  3. Rick Smith is a great talent evaluator, but he has zero clue about negotiating contracts. He’s too arrogant for the Texans’ own good.

  4. This guy would look good in a Packer uniform this year. Come home Owen. Come home.

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