ESPN Announces Addition Of Schefter

As we reported so long ago that we can’t even remember without researching it and I’m feeling characteristically lazy right now so I won’t, Adam Schefter is joining ESPN.
The network announced the move this morning.
He officially will start with ESPN in August, after the expiration of his NFL Network deal.  Schefter will appear on SportsCenter, NFL Live, Sunday NFL Countdown, Monday Night Countdown, ESPNEWS,, ESPN Radio, and the various and sundry other ESPN platforms.
“The name ESPN speaks for itself. Its reputation stands alone,” Schefter said.  “I watched ESPN growing up, so to be a part of the programming that every football fan watches, and really has always watched, and to be a part of such a talented group of people, it’s surreal to me.   It feels like I’m a late addition to the Pro Bowl.  I’m flattered, honored, humbled — and I can’t wait to get to work.”
We’ve yet to confirm Ed Werder’s report that ESPN gave Schefter a deadline to accept its offer.   (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

36 responses to “ESPN Announces Addition Of Schefter

  1. Well, Adam, enjoy ESPiN. What you first may report, may not be what you actually report.

  2. “The name ESPN speaks for itself. Its reputation stands alone,”
    It’s true. It’s a sad day for sports journalism. Schefter has been assimilated.

  3. Pat Kirwan just released this statement: “There was never a deadline for Schefter. Let me repeat: There was never a deadline for Schefter.”

  4. Schefter is right. The name ESPN does speak for itself. The network stands for shoving the same four or five stories down your throat until you vomit. Unless it is steriods/PEDs, Brett Favre, Tom Brady/New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Lakers, and somebody else help me if I’m forgetting something, they have zero interest in reporting it. It’s reputation stands alone as a network that believes in bad journalism, making headlines out of nothing, and having anchors that worry more about awful catch-phrases than actually reporting stories. Congratulations Adam Schefter. You should be proud!!! I just hope ESPN doesn’t turn you into one of them.

  5. I would just absolutely LOVE to read a comment like this (someone who has been asked how he feels about a personal success) that doesn’t use the word SURREAL. How do these word fixations get started? They’re like viruses.
    Re Adam at ESPN. I’ve loved reading Schefter, for his sports knowledge, thoroughness, restraint, integrity, and personal vibrancy. It’ll be interesting to see if these things can endure at ESPN.

  6. I would just LOVE to read a comment like this – from anybody in any field – that didn’t use the word SURREAL. How do word addictions like this get started? They’re like viruses. (Absolutely surreal!).
    Have enjoyed and respected Adam’s comments. It’ll be interesting to see whether the things that drew me to him as a reporter and analyst – thoroughness, restraint, humor, vibrant energy and enjoyment of his work – will endure at ESPN.

  7. lame.. he was really good on NFLN. On ESPN, they’ll control him and he won’t be 1/2 as good. Not to mention the other “experts” will be pissed because Adam actually gets it right more than 20% of the time

  8. Add one more to the list of good guests that ESPN won’t allow to go on the Dan Patrick Show.

  9. when asked why he made the move to ESPN, Adam Schefter simply replied…”straight cash homey”.

  10. I agree with Shefter…he’s joining the Pro Bowl of network reporters. Further proof that you have a bunch of overrated journalists that have a perceived greatness of themselves and their ‘fans’ since they are always in the spotlight, but not necessarily due to their merits…

  11. Triumph40 you are forgetting their two biggest loves in the red sox and Yankees they love everything east coast and LA but anywhere else is unknown to them. Hopefully schefter doesn’t become an idiot like half the ESPN analysts plus look how many ex-broncos there are and now the add another Denver man so maybe things will change a little

  12. Poor bastard. He’ll be the single voice of reason in the collection of morons, idiots and mental defectives that make up the rest of the espn reporters. I’ll miss listening to Schefter as I still won’t watch espn even with his addition.

  13. Mort, Big Baby Clayton, Michael Smith, and now Schefter. How many ‘insiders’ do they need? And will Schefter be any good now that the League isn’t spoon feeding him info as I suspect they do for anyone on the NFLN.

  14. ESPN is now the YES Channel 2….everything yankees, sunday night baseball is the Yanks, wednesday night is the Yanks, everything is Yanks…until football season and then it turns into Jerry Jone’s personal brothel…where he can sleep with anyone in the building for free, that’s if primetime is willing to share

  15. Clearly the defection of Schefter from NFL Network to ESPN is all about the money. I do recall Schefter saying on radio he thought he was underpaid. A higher priofile and more money at ESPN awaits. Who wouldn’t want that?
    To me this is a huge loss for NFL Network and a bonus for ESPN as Schefter will upgrade their NFL coverage and provide instant credibility.(ESPN taking recent hits). Good luck Adam. They are lucky to have you.

  16. Adam will now be homogonized. The distance between The Denver Post and ESPN is anoit as great as it can be. .

  17. Hope Adam likes talking about the Cowboys and Patriots all the time, since that’s about all ESPN covers now. Bet 90% of their on air staff picks this as the Super Bowl matchup and covers them nonstop. Good luck Adam. You’re gonna need it.

  18. If this is what he wanted, then congratulations. I prefer the group on NLFN to those on ESPN by far. Now he’ll really be competing for stories, but it will be with people on his very own station. I wonder how many hours he’ll be at ESPN before the red ‘breaking news’ bar flashes on the bottom of the screen with some crazy rumor being reported…

  19. Schefter was legit. The way he wold get text messages during a broadcast. How much is his contract worth? 3 year with option on 4th year, 1.7 million with 900,000$ Guaranteed?

  20. Nobody freaks out about the outrageous money in sports anymore because anyone in it wants as much as they can get for themselves.
    Being the best in your field working at a network dedicated exclusively to the sport you love? Nahhhhhhhh.
    Queue up the Pink Floyd, Jim Ladd, and let’s dance to the ol’ familiar tune…

  21. Great zinger there Florio….Werder, put nicely, is a piece of garbage….I think everyone across the states should do what Cowboy Chris did to him whenever he does a segment.

  22. So is Werder or Mortenson out? Because Shefter did the same job at NFL Network…..HUGE loss for NFL Network by the way…..HUGE!..Shefter must have been offered a deal he couldn’t turn down..

  23. I don’t see how ESPN still does it.
    All the major sports have their own network.
    So unless you are watching a game itself, what is the point of ESPN when you have the above options?

  24. Adam was the best NFLN had and a huge loss for them. I don’t blame him for taking the pile of cash but I rarely watch ESPN. I will DVR Monday Night Countdown, Sunday Countdown and NFL Live just for him.

  25. Not even Schefter can save that pathetic group of stooges they have covering the NFL over at BSPN. Nickelodeon could do a better and more professional job than the dipshits they have over there.
    DVR MNC,SC, and NFL Live? Why bother? One man isn’t going to make a difference. Don’t waist your time Shrike3000.

  26. Well, it’s all been said here. Assimilated, homogenized, etc.
    But I’ll weigh-in, if only to agree. ESPN is shit.
    Schefter – who was better on TV than he was in print – is the next automaton in the world of style over substance.
    We know this was all about money. Another tool with a BlackBerry, spewing breathlessly (or shouting, as is the case with most on ESPN) about Favre and all things East Coast.

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