Sanchez's Contract Carries Maximum Value of $60 Million

New York Jets newly-minted first-round quarterback Mark Sanchez’s five-year contract carries a maximum value of $60 million, including $28 million in guaranteed money, a league source told us tonight.
The fifth overall pick’s average annual guaranteed money represents a 56-percent increase over the contract of Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey, last year’s No. 5 selection, according to our source. 
That figure accounts for our source’s interpretation of Sanchez’s average yearly guaranteed money in comparison to Dorsey’s average guaranteed money per year. Our source says that Dorsey’s total guaranteed money is actually a lower figure than the $22.5 million previously reported.
And Sanchez’s $50.5 million core/base value of the deal is 53 percent higher than Dorsey’s, according to a source.
A former USC star, Sanchez is set to make $32.5 million over the first three years of the contract where Dorsey is due to make $33 million over the first five years of his contract.
Dorsey signed a five-year deal with a maximum value of $51 million that included an option year and $22.5 million in guaranteed money, according to published reports.
The $32.5 million Sanchez is due over the first three years also represents a higher figure than last year’s top overall pick, Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jake Long, was due over the first three years of his deal, according to our source.
Sanchez’s contract also includes $9.5 million in escalator clauses.
According to our source, Sanchez’s annual guaranteed money and total core deal percentages increase more than double the increases that top overall pick, Detroit Lions rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford, received over Long’s deal.
Stafford signed a six-year, $72 million deal, which reportedly included $41.7 million in guaranteed money, prior to the NFL Draft.

14 responses to “Sanchez's Contract Carries Maximum Value of $60 Million

  1. He obviously should have listened to Pete Carroll and stayed at USC for another year. It worked wonders for Matt Leinart…

  2. And I’m sitting here with -$59 in my checking account. Rookie salaries are total bullshit.

  3. Sanchez may have chosen to leave USC because he saw the walls crumbling. In the pantheon of Trojan pillars, basketball is collapsing, Reggie Bush still teeters. Could Sanchez have chosen to escape because he knew the temple was falling? Time will tell. My bet is Sanchez will prove prescient, as the Trojan empire falls under ever broader scandals.

  4. And the Woody trys to buy what he will never have a class team in the NY NJ area
    There is only one #1 QB in the area and his name is Eli
    I wonder if woody took him for a ride in his Helicopter

  5. Reading stories about insane contracts like these is honestly tempering my interest in NFL football. Seriously.
    Though I DID renew my Bucs season tickets. I wonder how much longer I’ll do that.

  6. Hopefully Sanchez will be better than that “game manager” the Giants have. Everyone saw what happened last year when you take away Eli’s #1 receiver and put the team on his back, he crumbled. I agree that the rookie wage scale is screwed up but there’s nothing we can do about it.

  7. What the hell kind math are you doing Florio? How is guaranteed money going from $22.5 million to $28 million a 56% increase. Thats a 24% increase. And both deals are for 5 years so it isn’t a per year thing that I am missing.

  8. Mike – a refresher course in the idiotic precedents that the Jets front office has established in recent years would be appreciated by all.
    At this point, every other GM in the NFL must want to schedule an annual occurance of cursing Tannenbaum.

  9. Not bad money for a kid that wouldn’t be in the first round if the underclassman had come out of school.

  10. Real estate prices have plummeted. Major corporations are borrowing billions, going bankrupt or going under completely. Unemployment is at the highest rate in 26 years. NFL teams are cutting employees and scrambling to find ad revenue. And yet rookies continue to get escalating contracts in relation to the prior year?
    Who do these rookies think they are, state and city employees????

  11. this is ridiculous. how come rookie wages aren’t affected by the economy like the rest of us? My salary went down last year (we had to take pay cuts to stay employed).
    yet rookies get 50+% increases in salaries. nice.
    eff rookies man. i’m starting to loathe them for the ridiculous salaries. I wish i could be paid millions right out of college. I have a college degree and had to take a pay cut to stay employed. :thumbdown:

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