Childress: "I'm Not Losing Sleep Or Anything"

One day after Brad Childress expressed enthusiasm about seeing what retired quarterback Brett Favre has left in his surgically-repaired “cannon,” the Minnesota Vikings’ coach took a low-key approach today while getting peppered with Favre questions. He did admit talking with Favre at some point last week.
According to Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Childress acknowledged that he initiated the conversation with Favre.  However, he declined to elaborate on what medical details Favre shared with him about his recent arthroscopic surgery.
Childress left a strong impression that he remains interested in Favre, and repeated that there was no deadline set for Favre for this week.
Childress also acknowledged a key point when asked if Favre can regain his old form.
“I don’t know,” he said.  “Stay tuned.”
And Childress said there are no current plans to audition Favre by observing a throwing period.
“That’s down the road stuff,” Childress said.  “The guy is retired right now and you’d have to talk about that.”
Childress said he has watched a handful of Favre’s games last season, taking note of how he regressed at the end of last season as well as the solid start Favre got off to with the New York Jets.
Most of all, Childress portrayed himself as not being uptight about the on-again, off-again Favre pursuit.
“I’m not losing sleep or anything,” Childress said.  “I’m not on any mood elevators or anything like that.”
That’s good to hear.
And the coach is apparently not concerned about the potential circus that might be created by acquiring Favre.
“All you’re ever looking for is every day when you check the waiver wire, wherever you’re looking, wherever there are players that can make this roster one person better,” Childress said.  “We look at that every single day and every one is a completely different situation.”
Toward that end, Childress said he doesn’t discuss the Vikings’ interest in Favre with current starting candidates Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson.
According to Zulgad, Childress, during an interview with KFAN this week, had made it seem like the quarterbacks were being briefed on the situation.
It’s actually the exact opposite, according to what Childress said today.
“Those guys play football and I coach football and look at personnel, as I mentioned before,” Childress said. “So they’d be out of their lane and I’d be out of my lane in sharing any of our business.”
So, in other words, Jackson and Rosenfels should continue to cross their fingers and pray that Favre never shows up.

35 responses to “Childress: "I'm Not Losing Sleep Or Anything"

  1. no, not any sleep, just the remainder of his hair! I think the enemy has already breached the perimeter, and taken the city (constanzaism)

  2. blah blah blah. all these quotes from chilly on how he isn’t this and isn’t that are starting to make him sound like a grade school girl who doesn’t want to admit yet that she likes boys, then goes home and draws doodles about him(favre) and sings songs and skips around and has tea parties …… tell me you can’t imagine chilly doing those things. putting little bows in his mustache and cooing over a brett favre poster….jesus

  3. Of course he’s not losing sleep. He’ll be spending all his time losing playoff games and the rest of his hair.

  4. Want to end the drama?
    Post a rumor that the Patriots are about the sign Brett. That’ll get things in Minnesota done.

  5. can’t believe PFT made it until 3pm to post yet another useless Brett Favre story

  6. …and on today’s episode of Sesame Street, Mister Noodle tells another fib!
    (audience) MISTERRRR NOOOOOODLE!!!!!!

  7. This is sad, even by Viking’s standards. No other team wants Favre. He’s a washed up diva who can’t leave the stage. He always will need one last payday and one last chance to hear the crowd cheer. Favre loves the annual comeback questions and did the same thing his last 5 years in Green Bay.
    Seriously, if the Vikings took a pass on Favre, what other team would want him? Unfortunately, Chilly and Ziggy are so desperate they are willing to bend over for Favre and Bus Cook. What a joke!

  8. As much as Favre sucked when it mattered last year, it’s hilarious that a team is going to camp with Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels as their top two QBs. If Chilly was a good coach, he’d be losing tons of sleep over that.
    Who’s gonna be the Vikings coach next year? My money’s on Holmgren. Shanahan and Cowher will be in Dallas and Washington. Holmgren will talk Favre into giving it one more shot! And they’ll go 6-10 or so…

  9. Childress is the biggest idiot dufus coach out there, man. Gawd, I’m glad I’m not a Vikings fan. Childress appears to have no coach-like qualities. He’s pretty much a weirdo. Everyone knows how much he likes Percy Harvin’s smile…

  10. I agree about posting that Belichick is interested in Favre. That’ll get Major Dad’s inky dinky in a bunch. This guy and Rex Ryan should start a drama class.

  11. Brad Childress (aka scary magic guy from Frosty the snow man )
    Here is 2009 in Viqueen land
    Suspensions for all William’s who cheat w / supplents – 4 Games
    The 2 mind numbing wins you had over Detroit last year will be losses
    Percy Harvin will be found on a boat with Tony Montana , his posse and a kilo
    Brett will sign – Retire -Resign – Retire etc….. before going back to TJack the amazing “Jump Pass QB ” who fills in and goes 0-10 while Ziggy starts packing for L.A … Its what ya get when ya cheat the cap, cheat with the doors open/closed as well as turning up your crowd volume artificially at your crappy dome…. its Carma
    Now go get your shine box

  12. “What has Chilly ever done to qualify him as a personnel man in the NFL?”

  13. The only thing funnier than the media’s love of any Butt Farte story, is the collection of brainiacs that think they know what’s going to happen in the upcoming season. The one thing that has been a constant in the NFL is that no one knows what’s going to happen.
    If games were played on paper, or on a computer, all of these armchair headcoaches would win a superbowl every day of the week. It’s not.
    I’m not entirely certain that ChiliDog has what it takes to win in the playoffs, but to those of you who think he’s a loser from the personnel standpoint of the game should take a look up and down our roster, here in Minnesota. This is a very talented squad, and I’m not just blowin’ purple smoke out my bung hole.
    I’ll be happier if the starting qb turns out to be Sagvaris Jacksonfels, but if Butt puts on the purple he just might stumble into another ring, riding the coat-tails of Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Defense.
    Keep talking about the Butt Farte story and laughing at the ChiliDog. Championships aren’t won in June, but they have to start somewhere.

  14. HILARIOUS!!!! “Mr Noodle!!!”
    I had completely forgotten about that dude from those Sesame Street videos my kids watched years ago. That is so spot on — he does look EXACTLY like that dude.

  15. wipackman
    You sure are a spitefull lil packer backer aren’t you there lil guy?

  16. RBI writes
    Keep talking about the Butt Farte story and laughing at the ChiliDog. Championships aren’t won in June, but they have to start somewhere.
    Championships ? Your talking about Championships ?
    Seriously Minnesta Vikings – Championships ???
    Ok We all know those 2 things do not go together ….thats not spiteful….thats just what has been logged in the book as the history of this league…I swear I am not making it up
    Please dont take it personal ….its all fun bantor between fans of different teams

  17. mixman34 says: “What has Chilly ever done to qualify him as a personnel man in the NFL?”
    Yeah, drafting a guy at #7 who was considered to be the #1 pick in the draft were it not for questions regarding his shoulder being healed or not really makes him a qualified talent evaluator. Give me a break! You weren’t serious were you???
    It’s fun to see the circus already distracting the Vikings in the OTA’s. Checkout the video on ESPN with player interviews, including Sage and T-Joke. I’m sure they’re getting a lot of quality practice time in based on the sounds of it. Childress is an idiot for continuing to open his flap and distracting his players in the process with all the news speculation. Perhaps he should stick to wearing his visor toupee. The words Brad Childress and Super Bowl anything will NEVER be uttered in the same sentence unless it’s the annual June Super Bowl paper champions that we’re accustomed to hearing from the Vikings fans.

  18. mixman….
    Childress had nothing to do with the drafting of AP…..and to top that quote off, AP kind of fell into their lap …. the drafting of AP has nothing to do with personnel decisions made by Childo the Dildo
    ….Childo personnel decisions = TJoke & Sagey Boy for your Qb’s = worst QB tandem in football = has no business being a NFL coach of ANY kind…..which leads to chasing after a 40 year old washed up qb hated by his teamates last year …… you sure are super HOMER queeny boy aren’t you there lil mixman

  19. Chilly said he’s “not on any mood elevators”, but he is taking medicine in the hope of curing the main condition afflicting him. Unfortunately, there’s no medicine for the stupid.

  20. Lets see…10-6 or 6-10. Hmmm… Ill take the 10-6 team. And speaking of queeny boys, doesnt Aaron Rodgers have a live in boyfriend?

  21. Didnt Brad Childress lead the Vikes to the division championship last year? And the packers were… 6-10, I think thats what happened. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  22. Well what we do know is that childress watched many of his Jets game films and called him last week. Sounds like a whole lot of interest to me.
    Bottom line, Favre is wearing purple if he can throw the ball again but not till next month at the earliest.
    The problem is getting # 4 away from John David Booty, and deciding what the hell they do with 4 quarterbacks on the roster. Childress is still married to Jackson, they spent time and money on acquiring Rosenfels and Booty may well be the future of the team. Who do you get rid of and how do you do it?
    I opt for trading Jackson to anyone who will take him, for anything they can get.for him. I can’t imagine them keeping 4 QBs on the roster.

  23. C. Carterhoff, you seem to fail to realize that your team could VERY easily have been 6-10 if it wasn’t for a lot of gifts from the referees at the end of some extremely close games that were blown calls or a missed field goal at the metrodump by the Packers. Of course the game in New Orleans it was all game with blatant blown calls. You wouldn’t even had the excuse of losing half your starting roster on defense which would have made it even more sad.
    You would kill for a first year starter who put up over 4000 yds and 28 TD’s with only 12 INT’s. How many other first year starters have ever thrown for more than 4000 yds. I’ll give a hint….ONE and his name was Kurt Warner.

  24. Brad Childress should be recording bedtime stories for children.
    He can really put people to sleep.
    Nobody is more uninspiring.

  25. Just another example of the Peter Principe at work. Except Childress wasn’t even a good OC in Philly with Ried calling all the plays. But if Childress wants to take credit for D. McNabb and the Vikings are buying that load of bull shit, so much better for the rest of the NFL that doesn’t have that idiot as their head coach.
    The Viking fan base isn’t much smarter. One and done in the playoffs, losing at home to a wild card team, and they are ready to crown themselves paper champions based on what? a trade for a career second stringer at QB? Worse yet, signing an over the hill, playoff choker QB that nobody else wants? But I never believed anybody is that dumb and the Viking fans proved it by not buying tickets to their first playoff game in a decade, even they knew the team sucked.

  26. wipackman
    I’m not waving the Vikings Championship flag, I’m just saying the road has to start somewhere. You can wave your past glory till your blue in the face, but it’s just history. This Viking team has a ton of talent and we’ll be conternders, while the Pack has slid back to their rightful role as pretenders.
    j da bears fan
    I grew up outside Chicago and I know you guys are wetting yourselves over the first actual quarterback in a Bears uniform since Bill Wade, but was has Lovie done to the otherside of the ball? The Bears defense is old and falling apart. You’re not the team to beat till you prove it on the field. Win the division, then you’ll be the team to beat. Till that happens you’re still in our rear view mirror.

  27. RBIrving says:
    June 12th, 2009 at 9:34 am
    I’m not waving the Vikings Championship flag, I’m just saying the road has to start somewhere. You can wave your past glory till your blue in the face, but it’s just history. This Viking team has a ton of talent and we’ll be conternders, while the Pack has slid back to their rightful role as pretenders.
    Rightful role as pretenders? And what makes that their rightful role? Isn’t it the rightful role of the Vikings? They’ve played that role very well up until last season.

  28. c.carterhof says:
    June 11th, 2009 at 6:19 pm
    I think you packer fans should be worried about your queeny boy.
    worried about our queeny boy who had a 93.8 passer rating last year, good for 6th in the entire league, who is only going to get better this year?
    nah, i’m not worried.

  29. c.carterhoff…..
    we won’t forget that luck of the schedule deal either….Cardinals the week after they clinched the division and could care less about the game….and , oh yeah , how about playing against the 3rd string Giants the final week ….only to squeak out a victory in that game thanks to a missed chip shot fg….. your right , that Brad Childress is such a special coach…you must be glad you have him

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