PFTV Looks At Whether Rex Ryan Should Shut Up

We like Rex Ryan, the new head coach of the Jets.  But we think he’s asking for trouble by choosing to antagonize the likes of Pats coach Bill Belichick and Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder.
We elaborate on this point in a new PFTV segment.
So turn on the speakers and watch it during that Friday morning pre-work work time — which lasts about 30 minutes longer than the pre-work work time from other work days.


19 responses to “PFTV Looks At Whether Rex Ryan Should Shut Up

  1. Ah, Let him talk. He’s writting checks that his team cash.
    Should be entertaining for all this season.
    Gillette Stadium should make the approprite upgrades to the scoreboard to allow them to post a 100+ score for the home team.

  2. Think about it. Nobody threatened him. He wasn’t cornered by the press. Nobody said anything. He just simply started talking smack. And anyone over the age of 20 that thinks this is “cool” or “good for football” should be ashamed of themselves. This is the NFL not WWE!

  3. Obviously he SHOULD shut up.
    But for fans of New England, Buffalo and Miami, eff it. Give him all the rope he needs to hang himself with.

  4. Heh! I’ll say it, again: I LOVE this guy! He’s a MAD MAN!!
    And, YES: I’m a Patriots fan!
    Viva le Guerre!!!
    90 Days to Opening Night!!!

  5. I don’t know what the furor’s all about, anyway: The guy hasn’t even said anything wrong!! He’s confident about his team, and he’s fired UP about their chances! Does anybody really have a PROBLEM with that???

  6. Blah, blah, blah… this is a dead horse. Will Rex say something else outrageous at some point in the future? YES! At what point will it cease to amaze people? That is up to you guys…
    Let him go, it’s just entertainment and is hurting no one. Not even the great game of football will succumb to one mans taunts.

  7. given a choice between Rex shutting up and Florio shutting up
    well i think its clear one of the 2 has a track record in football and the other
    i a 5’6 160 lb guy
    ryan knows hes under crowders skin already.
    so Florio
    if you just want to hear yourself talk
    go stand in front of a mirror, you know, the shiny reflective devices found normally
    where you do your best thinking

  8. Yet another case of people who think that these comments need to be analyzed as if they are the transcripts of a scholarly figure with a philosophical purpose. This is FOOTBALL! The guy is having fun and playing around, getting his team excited for the new season, he hasn’t ripped into anyone with malice, he even said “Crowder is probably going to REALLY kick my ass,” and then laughed…key word, he has said everything with a LAUGH. I have yet to hear that laughter when a 3rd party reads the transcripts. It sounds like a Presidential address to the Nation when Joe read it…as if Rex is amped like Jim Mora when being asked about the playoffs…
    Bottom line, TAKE A LOG OFF THE FIRE people its just entertainment.

  9. TCLARK:
    You think about it. Rex Ryan expressed confidence that his team could be the best this year. Then Channing Crowder got pissy and talked about how he’ll kick Ryan’s butt. Who’s talking smack exactly?
    It’s all a joke in Ryan’s mind anyway. So keep talking, Rex! As long as all these morons keep taking you seriously, they’ll spend more time trying to come up with a serious retort and less time focusing on their own teams.

  10. The AFC East is the most exciting division in the NFL right now.
    Terrell Owens came to Buffalo, Tom Brady is back from injury and ready to quarterback the same old New England machine that looks as good as ever, the Miami has an innovative team that is coming up quick and seems only to be improving, and now Rex Ryan is possessed by Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    I love it.

  11. AFC East is the most exciting division in football?? What sport are you watching?
    Maybe the most dramatic division in football. The hardest hitting, most competitive football is played in the NFC East. Everyone knows that. Well everyone except you I guess.

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