Texans Reject Adult Entertainment Ad Offer

The Houston Texans have rejected an offer from Zero Tolerance, a California adult video company, to purchase an advertisement on the Texans’ practice jerseys, according to Larry Young of the Houston Chronicle.
“We were contacted from an unsolicited ad agency and upon discovering it was an adult entertainment company, we shut it down,” Texans vice president of communications Tony Wyllie said.  “We will not consider, nor will we ever consider their offer.  We will not be associated with them.”
It’s not a surprising development, given that NFL teams normally look for mainstream sponsors like soft drinks, cellular phone companies, etc.
Per the report, it wasn’t disclosed how much money Zero Tolerance was offering.
Apparently, the Texans considered Zero Tolerance’s offer to be an “Indecent Proposal“.

17 responses to “Texans Reject Adult Entertainment Ad Offer

  1. Looks like the Texans gave the stiff arm to Zero Tolerance. Good thing it wasn’t a stiff something else…..

  2. ” MJA says:
    June 12th, 2009 at 4:19 pm
    But who else would give them more bang for their buck?
    (I’ll see my self out) ”

  3. What was so offensive about their offer? Did they propose crotchless pants or something?

  4. I guess Houston does not believe in Zero Tolerance. Maybe it will be one of their players that will ruin the days without arrest from reaching 20.

  5. They never expected the Texans to consider their offer. They got their name out there, everyone heard about it and that’s all they were looking for. Now they don’t even have to pay the Texans, they got advertising for free.

  6. Lottery sponsors are okay, beer sponsors are okay, but adult entertainment advertising is NOT okay?

  7. Because cell phones and soda are so much better for Americans than nudity/porn.
    This country, man.

  8. If the Texans hope to have a penetrating D-line, a QB who can not only air it out – but at times force it into double coverage, Wide Receivers with talented hands, O-linemen who can block the stretch play and keep their playmakers upright, and LB’s who are always looking for a sack, they should just focus on practice and not sponsers.

  9. So they need to find an owner who is a little more open minded and loves money.
    This has Debbie does Dallas written all over it.

  10. used to go to houston for work several times a year for years. they had one morning drivetime show where there was this real sultry voiced chick who did traffic.
    full of sexual innuendo. full of it.
    she went by the name “lane closure”. lot of interruptus stuff…
    surprised she got away with half that stuff. but ya never tuned out while she was on.

  11. So no “adult entertainment”……However Gambling, Alocohol, and Violence are ok? Sounds a lot like something outa the bible to me

  12. Uh, Debbie does Dallas…
    Daryl does Brokeback Mountain.
    Debbie don’t do teams who ain’t broken the SB cherry yet…

  13. Maybe NBA Commissionewr David Stern will take them in to sponsor his draft lotterry. I mean the worst teams in the NBA have been “screwed” by the lotterry ever since he implimented it. The endorsement deal would be a perfect way to illustrate it’s effectiveness.

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