Lance Briggs Is Hoping Favre Plays Football Again

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs has sound reasoning behind his stance of wanting quarterback Brett Favre to end his retirement and play for the Minnesota Vikings this fall.
And it has little to do with glowing admiration for the former three-time NFL Most Valuable Player.
Briggs’ agenda, according to Solomon Wilcots of NFL Network, is built on self-motivation.  Briggs is hoping Favre suits up for the Vikings and throws him a few of those patented off-balance interceptions into heavy coverage.
“He’s going to hurt you, but he’s also going to throw you a few,” Briggs said.  “He threw me the first interception I ever returned for a touchdown in the NFL. . . .
“We know he’s going to throw us a few.  He’s thrown me a few, but I’ve also dropped several that I should have caught.  We’d love to see Favre go there to play.  We’d welcome it.”
Favre, 39, has thrown 464 career touchdowns and 310 interceptions.
During his last season with the Green Bay Packers in 2007, Favre threw a total of four interceptions with one touchdown in a pair of losses against the Bears.
And in two games against Chicago in 2006, Favre had a total of three interceptions with one touchdown.
Meanwhile, Briggs intercepted a career-high three passes last season.  In six seasons, he has intercepted nine passes.

29 responses to “Lance Briggs Is Hoping Favre Plays Football Again

  1. Perhaps Briggs will celebrate the return of Brett Favre by crashing his car then abandoning it until he can pass a breathalizer.

  2. Except it doesn’t matter, because the Vikings don’t need to rely on Favre to win games like GB did. They just need Adrian Peterson to run all over the Bears defense like he’s done the last two years.

  3. Favre used to destroy the Bears until Lovie took over, don’t blame the Bears for welcoming him back.

  4. Barf
    With his penchant for changing plays, favre will audible into more questionable passes.

  5. Be careful what you wish for Lance! Its not only him coming back…. He’ll be back with a newly revamped Minnesota Viking Offense that had no problem with the bears without Brett. Adrian Peterson, Berrian, Percy Harvin, and soon to be BRETT FAVRE… Im still in shock

  6. Better pay attention to your own QB there, Briggs.
    He has yet to guide a team to the playoffs. He has next to nothing at receiver. Next to nothing for an offensive line and the biggest stars on that defense have their best years behind them. LOL
    It’s funnjhy how the same guy who has weanted oput of Chicago the past three years is now attempting to do a 180.

  7. If Farve wants to audible out of the two yard out on third and long late in the fourth quarter, I have to let him. Tahi is gonna be pissed . . .

  8. Lance Briggs needs to shut his mouth and worry more about the RB that has decimated their so called great defense the past two years. Remember that 224 yard 3 TD performance in AD’s rookie season? I am sure you do as well as all of your weak ass defensive teammates that tried to catch him as well..
    Favre will make defense stop stacking the line to stop AD and in the process, AD will have a even better season then he has had in the past two if that is possible.. If teams are still stupid enough to stack the line, then I am going to love to see what Favre does in man to man coverage.. Good luck Briggs, now back that big mouth up..

  9. He’s just stating what every defensive player is already thinking only most are smart enough to shut their pie hole and just take the INT’s as they come.

  10. Sorry . . . I have to remember how to spell it. Its Favre. Like favor. Like – do me a favor, don’t throw another pick please . . .

  11. LOL at people who still seem to think Favre is some sort of deep threat that “keeps defenses honest”. Dude was badly underthrowing recievers in New york from Day 1 last year. I say again, there was and is no shoulder injury. There is nothing wrong with Favre, aside from his massive ego and general poor character.

  12. 1st off, vikings fans, before you start running your mouth about running all over the Bears last year, please recall you went 1-1 against them.
    2nd, just because he’s talking about coming to the vikings doesn’t mean he’s the greatest QB ever. Gotta love dumb fans and their blind loyalty. He was terrible the 2nd half of last season, and the last few years with the Packers he threw more TDs to the Bears defense than he did to the packers offense(thats fact) I have to assume with your superior football knowledge, all you guys running your mouth about Favre knew that already.
    jus’ sayin’

  13. I’m drunk when I’m writing this….but I hope Briggs caves his head in with a Bears helmet………….cuz thats funny

  14. Will Favre joining the Vikings finally push their fans into being as stupid as Packer fans are?
    It is starting to look that way.

  15. Umm Lance Briggs should be more concerned about actually tackling Adrian Peterson instead of picking off Brett Favre (who still may not end up on the Vikings).

  16. “1st off, vikings fans, before you start running your mouth about running all over the Bears last year, please recall you went 1-1 against them.”
    Obviously you didn’t pay attention, because the Vikings ran all over the Bears in both those games. The Bears won the first game off a couple flukey TDs. I mean with Gus Frerotte they put up around 41 points on the Bear’s. I think we all can agree Favre is better than Frerotte.

  17. Won’t it great to see Favre’s last season end with him being benched. What an ass he is, he shouldve retired a Packer 2 yrs ago like he said. How could he hurt his true fans by implying that he wants to play for the Vikes because he cant stand Green Bay. The media sheltered the fans from the fact that #4 is a pre-madona prick who thinks he is better then and above the team.

  18. Favre was terrific until the shoulder injury.
    That Jet team was pathetic the year before.
    They don’t exactly have the best receiving corps either.

  19. Captain Fanstastik, I guess the surgery was also a hoax. Right, sounds really solid. Naw, no injury at all… Riiiiiight.
    Mark it down.. The first time I ever agreed with JimmySmith. Wow!

  20. CaptainFantastik,
    Thanks for saying that. I’ve notice for a few years Favre doesn’t quite have that zip late in the game anymore.
    Don’t forget to mention the Bears with a healthy Kyle Orton scored 48 points on their defense.

  21. Bret Favre is only one of many players to worry about in the Vikings team. Go Bret go!

  22. hey bg man
    maybe favre can celebrate coming back with a fist full of pain killers we all know how much he loves em……
    joe 6 pack
    get f’d cause we split wins last year and the game u guys one orton wasnt healthy!!!! this year theres a new gun slinger in town that is out right gonna mess yall up!!!!!

  23. so Briggs will be playing safety…..who is going to stop Adrian? No one else on that old, decrepit defense can.

  24. Left out of the original article was Briggs stating that the Vikings are still the team to beat and that AP is the most dangerous player on the Viks and deserves the most respect.

  25. “There is nothing wrong with Favre, aside from his massive ego and general poor character. ”
    Don’t forget the raggedy arm.

  26. Haha…. Lance is an idiot. He should keep his mouth shut. But, really, I do agree with him.
    Brent Fart needs to go away already. People need to stop beating around the bush. Even in his prime, when he was such a gunslinger, he was always unpredictable and got very lucky to be surrounded by such a good team.
    Everyone talks about his games played, his TD’s, his completions, etc. Nobody talks about his records for INT’s and Incompletions.
    Everyone talks about how his arm was hurt, and if it was, fine. Then he should be man enough, and smart enough, not to hurt a playoff calibre team and sit down and let Clemens play. Hurt arm or not, you shouldn’t be dumb enough to throw an INT on a screen pass and let it go back for a TD. His own pride, and putting himself above the team hurt NY at the end of last season.
    Also, all you Vikings fans. If Brent Fart was coming to my team, I think I’d switch teams. I can’t stand that idiot. If he doesn’t come to Minnesota then all you guys saying such good things right now will just go back to trashing him. Nice fans!!!!! LOL
    So Mr Fart. Please go away. The Packers didn’t screw you. You tried to screw them by thinking you were important enough to put yourself above the team and do whatever you wanted, and they’d simple take it. If you play for the Vikings this year, as a fan of the pathetic Detroit Lions, I say thank you. I also hope that your records and career are completely tainted and you go out on a sour note, even more-so than last year. And I also hope that Green Bay decides not to retire your number for at least a decade as a response. You would totally deserve it.
    It also means that you have officially stopped the progression I saw of Tavaris Jackson after being benched last year for a QB who doesn’t even like Minnesota. A has-been that has a vandetta that’s completely his own fault. A man who’ll throw INT’s that keep other teams in close games and give them a chance. With how bad my team has been, I find it terribly nice of the Vikings to hire Mr Fart so that my team actually has a chace to win……LMAO

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