PFT, Peacock Poised For Partnership

My original plan for Sunday night was to:  (1) procrastinate writing my column for a couple of hours; (2) fill in some of the procrastination time by playing a little NHL ’09; (3) eventually bang out the column with a mail-it-in-mindset (they actually turn out better that way); and (4) after finishing the thing up, think about how to handle Monday’s announcement that PFT will be partnering with NBC.
But then the cat has wiggled its way out of the bag sooner than expected.  Our pal Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times broke the news earlier tonight.  NBC has in turn ‘fessed up to the collaboration.
So we figure we should probably acknowledge it right here.
Drum roll, please.
We’ll soon be entering into a wide-ranging partnership with the Peacock people.
So will anything change?  No, nothing will change.
Let me repeat that.  Nothing will change.
If you still don’t believe me, here’s how NBC Sports & Olympics Chairman Dick Ebersol explained it to Farmer:  “The sites that are most successful are the ones that have the most unique voices, and I think Mike definitely has one of the most unique voices,” Ebersol said.  “I can’t think of another pro football website that has the unique following in such large numbers that Mike does.  I’d be a fool if I tried to change that.”
Actually, that’s not completely accurate.  Some things will change.  But the content, the tone, the attitude, the subject matter, and the overall philosophy of the site will not change — in the short term or in the long term.
The changes will be, in our view, improvements.  For one, the “Suitable Nodes” will be forever banished from PFT Planet.
And, frankly, that was one of the major factors for us.  The feeling of helplessness and abject despair that arose when the site froze up on the first day of free agency caused us to commence aggressive efforts to find a permanent solution to the technical challenges created by an ongoing crush of new traffic.  The best solution was to partner with an established media company — and of the various possible partners NBC provided the perfect fit.
Also, the appearance of the site will be tweaked a bit, preserving its present look and feel while adopting a slightly more mainstream layout.  (Cue the “change it back, you bastard” e-mails.)
Finally, for those of you who complain that we have too many ads on the page, the PFT-on-NBC project will feature only two total ad units per page.
As of this posting, the Rumor Mill has a whopping fourteen ad units.
Of course, we’ll now be getting complaints from the folks who prefer more ads.
And we’ve learned over the years that, no matter what we do, someone will complain.  Most of the complainers will adapt to the changes, especially if the changes are made with good intentions and if the content doesn’t change.
So some of you likely are still asking, “Will the content change?”
One more time:  No, it won’t.
And if you ask it again, here’s my official response.


108 responses to “PFT, Peacock Poised For Partnership

  1. I’ll say it again especially now that you have banged it into our skulls that nothing will change.
    Congratulations Mike and to your staff as well. Your coverage of the NFL has made us all more well informed and kept us more than up to date on every single thing regarding American football.
    This operation will continue to thrive. Just be excited that Madden isn’t there anymore so he will not be mumbling profootballtalk and turducken in the same breath (or three) by the time he finishes a sentence.
    Congrats again.

  2. You’re so late reporting this, I read this on the LA Times hours ago. You’re already disappointing your new bosses. : )

  3. Congrats, Mike….I can call you Mike, can’t I, or are you too “big-time” now?? 🙂

  4. Headline should be
    “NBC acquires yet ANOTHER 2 bit hack reporter who spins stories according to his personal agenda.”

  5. congrats mike. i found PFT early on and you were nice enough to send me a shirt which drew lots of attention while taking the venetian sportsbook to the cleaners in vegas betting on the NFL.can i have a bag of money now? pleeease???

  6. Wow, please don’t take away the advertisement of that creepy lady with the hanging skin from her stomach. I love looking at that every morning while eating my breakfast!

  7. 6 % of the people now believe that it WILL change.
    Is NBC gonna make you at least check twice on things like whether or not Terry Bradshaw is dead?

  8. So does this mean that you and Peter King will be now be getting together for the occasional decaf hazelnut latte’s and swapping war stories?

  9. You don’t seem too excited about this change, and I can guarantee you that I’m not…

  10. @realityonetwo . . .
    hell, yeah i’m excited.
    but my main concern for now is making sure the audience realizes that nothing is changing.

  11. congrats, much deserved… but is it coincidence that youre using an NBC approved Office clip in your post?

  12. Okay Florio, share the wealth and give away the rest of your books to anyone that requests one.
    Nice move with NBC. You should be able to say more now that you’ve got that monsterous legal team behind you.
    Good luck and I’ll be looking for my book.

  13. I give you crap on here a lot, Florio (I’m pretty sure I call you a douchebag at least once a week). But I keep coming back to this site because it’s the best. Congratulations.

  14. Congrats to Mike and staff, we here @ have been following you since 2004 and we have enjoyed the ride and look forward to following you in the future. You give hope to those of us who have pro football sites that someday we will be recognized.
    GIF Site Admininstrator

  15. When you say that the content won’t change, does that apply to critiquing NBC SNF on-air talent who can barely churn out a coherent point without stuttering all over themselves? We’ll see. Anyway, grats.

  16. Any chance you can talk them into broadcasting ALL Stanley Cup games, and maybe a game of the week EVERY Sunday from the Winter Classic on? This “sometimes hockey, sometimes Celebrity Crap” stuff is irritating.
    But just so your new partner doesn’t get upset; I LOVE The Office and 30 Rock, and liked Parks and Recreations enough to give the second season a chance to shine like the second season of The Office did.

  17. Congrats; if this gets rid of the Adsense pop up ads then the partnership will improve my quality of life.

  18. This is my top bookmarked website at work
    You are already better than half of the idiots on ESPN

  19. Mike,
    Congratulations, I remember not too many years ago when you hit up us readers for cash to help you continue to do this site without pop-up ads. Good to see you are still pissing people off years later. Good luck with NBC. Hope this means that Tom Curran still gets to keep his job. 🙂

  20. I remember the guy who used to run saying the same thing before he was consumed by ESPN — which formed the beginnings of the ESPN Insider. I’m hoping you’re right – and this “partnership” doesn’t mark the beginnings of the “NBC Insider.”
    I’ve truly enjoyed reading PFT. I do hope it continues as-is for a long time.

  21. Florio, since you’re tight with NBC now tell them to give big pay raises to the two stars of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. They want more $$$ and deserve it. Benson and Stabler must stay!

  22. Looks like the market for hamburger flipping just got tighter as your crack technical support team joins the unemployment ranks. Congrats for selling out.

  23. Well, I must say congratulations on the business deal. I can’t fault you for making good business decisions and it will be nice to get to the site without wondering if I’ll see content or error messages.
    However…I just hope that you DON’T change the attitude or the information available. Hopefully we won’t see messages regarding how great NBC coverage is or how their pregame show is the best. Stick to your gut and be critical or break the news before they do. Unfortunately, too many great blogs that get the corporate backing turn out for the worse. Jayski wasn’t going to change when ESPN bought it and now they’re a day late on everything.

  24. Congratulations Mike, you deserve this! This is the best site for all football news. Just one question, what happens to

  25. I can see it now. quarterback of the future as an nbc made for tv movie starring uncle rico.

  26. What’s next? Florio Junior and the Henways will “sell out”…you’ve changed man…I now anticipate your “bigger and better” PFT site updates as much as a “Favre Story”.
    Of course, I’m kidding. Congratulations to you and your continued success; you deserve it.

  27. Mike
    Congrats to you and all the people at PFT. This is by far the only place to go for football news and some funny attitude as well. One can only wonder how long it will take for the e-mails to come flooding in to NBC – Don’t change my PFT!!. Also, Mike do you wonder where all the haters come from on this site and if they hate it so much why do they come here? But you know why they come here. You and your site are the best so shouldn’t they just stop hatin so much and get with the program?
    Saw you on a NFL Films show the other nite. I kept sayin “Thats Mike Florio! Thats the guy! PFT!” But I was alone so it didn’t matter all that much . . .
    Well deserved Florio. I guess you can now strut like a peacock.
    I’m going to buy a PFT shirt and do the same . . .

  28. Terribly amusing that a site basically dedicated to leaks gets out leaked on their own business.
    In all seriousness though, congratulations! I have read your site religiously for about four years; and I have enjoyed every moment of it (even the time Terry Bradshaw died).
    You deserve all the good opportunities (i.e. money) that this partnership will bring; and I shall look forward to four more years of sarcasm and Seinfeld jokes.

  29. Mike…We all give you loads of grief on a regular basis, but the truth is your site has become a multiple-times daily destination for your readers…me included. Your writing style, your crack staff, the info, the scoops are all the reasons why is the best. For once, I’m at a loss for a smart ass remark. Congratulations on the new partnership and continued success to you and your team.

  30. I’m not sure if your site is good, bad or indifferent….I do know I find myself going to it 6 or 8 times a day. Congratulations on your deal…good luck!

  31. Holy Crap! First Time Warner and AOL merge and now this. Let’s hope the results are alot better. My first prediction is that Floreo will be on Football Night in America yapping and cutting down on the number of highlights. Congrats anyway.

  32. hate to say i told you so
    but i told you so
    regardless of how, this was going to be the end result.
    congrats i hope a partnership means you are getting paid more
    for doing the same thing without every one of the headaches

  33. Mike, now that you are in at NBC… Can you get me a meeting with Dick Ebersol? I would like to pitch him a blog about nothing.

  34. I’m on board as long as I don’t have to fish through the nbcsportsblogs website to get your posts. That site posts everything from everyone on every topic and forces everyone to wade through garbage to find news.

    I’ve been coming to the site since those days, and have watched you slowly but surely evolve into the monster you are today. It’s somewhat remarkable how far you’ve come over the past 5 years.
    Profootballtalk has always been Bestfootballtalk, and I genuinely believe you when it’s gonna stay that way. I’m not going anywhere.
    Congrats, Mike.

  36. There’s only one change I was hoping for and you didn’t mention it. Will you be using the correct pronouns in your articles from now on? Unless you have multiple personalities “we” and “us” aren’t the proper pronouns to address yourself with.
    PS. There’s ads on this site?

  37. congratulations Mike …
    I’m not sure why I don’t feel real happy about this …
    perhaps I have a hangover from the “change” and the government’s intrusion into every facet of my life … from my car manufacturer to the cigarette I smoke … and I predict it won’t be long before the media falls further into that category as well … and PFT along with it ….
    I guess I prefer to view you as the maverick entrepreneur who doesn’t answer to anybody (other than the Planet) after expressing an opinion … I’ll miss that guy …

  38. So nothing will change? You should have said “Nothing has changed YET”.
    Wait till you hear from Jeff Imelt.Your whoring for Sprint will be child’s play compared to the left wing agenda you are now part of. Imelt has sold out NBC and GE in order to curry favor with the powers that be in Wash.
    You may become Olbermann Jr. If you think I’m wrong, check with the boys at CNBC.

  39. OK, we get that nothing will change.. Canwe bend that rule for the PFTV clips? They could probably use a little upgrade on equipment and producing. Hell, maybe you will be able to add an ex pro football player to both appease Ochocinco and to ave someone babble and butcher the english language.
    I see the 3 minute Rumor Mill segment on “football night”… still won’t watch that crap though.

  40. Congrats, Mike — very, very well deserved. PFT is the best football-related site on the net, hands down.

  41. i don’t always agree with your positions, but your site is a must-read every day for a sports junkie like myself. Congrats on hitting the big time.

  42. Congrats Mike. And please don’t change a thing. I come to this place for the unique content and the (questionable?) tone. Keep on keeping on (whatever that means).

  43. I wonder what happens when an NBC entity starts posting youtube videos of non-NBC owned shows….but hey at least this means we won’t be getting flabby stomach ads any more…I hope.

  44. Well deserved Mike! Keep the site real & NEVER compromise this style for corporate correctness!

  45. Following up on another reader’s post, you should ask Bill Simmons at ESPN how ‘free’ he is to make cracks in his colunns about the on-air talent at the Mouse’s networks.

  46. It wasn’t exactly an overnight success, but you will appreciate it all the more because it wasn’t. You know the trials, tribulations and the sleepless nights you went through to get it to where it is today.
    Congratulations, it is a well deserved milestone.
    NBC is a good organization with good long term people, it should be a great fit.

  47. You’ve already reached levels of douchebaggery that cannot be topped. So congrats on a lateral move.

  48. This is like the little corner gas station being bought by Exxon. Glad you’ve succeeded Florio…I always hoped you would, but not like this. Let’s see what PFT looks like a year from now.

  49. @cdash99
    Bill Simmons has an editor employed by ESPN.
    Mike, you’re still the editor, right? You won’t be passing your posts past the NBC suits, right?

  50. Hey, Mike. You’re not actually considering paying the jokers who put the site together each day for you?
    Congratulations on the partnership.

  51. Does this mean that all our comments are going to be censored 24/7 until you can’t say anything a la CBS Great that YOUR content isn’t changing, but are comments going to get neutered? The site’s going to lose it’s bar room charm if you don’t call us assholes and we don’t call you a douche from time to time. BTW, if they offer you the retirement plan DO NOT pick the employee stock option. Those GE stock certificates make for expensive toilet paper.

  52. So let me get this straight, you came to New York to meet with NBC, and they couldn’t even recommend a decent restaurant?

  53. “According to sources Mike Florio of had a significant deal in place to partner with, but at the last minute changed his mind and signed with NBC.”
    Care to comment Florio?

  54. “Nothing’s gonna change. And to prove it.. Henway will be preforming live tonight on Conan O’Brien.”

  55. Just remember Mike,
    If they offer to take you and 3 friends(Elaine, George & Cosmo) in a private jet anywhere you want to go….Make sure you get the jet they fly Ted Danson around in!!!

  56. So, do we call you “Big Money” or “Half Money” from now on, good sir?!?
    Well played, sir, well played.

  57. Congrats on the new gig, Florio. And by the way, what kind of journalistic schmuck gets scooped on his own story?

  58. Nothing EVER stays the same. Things either get better or they get worse. Anyone else notice there’s no more Lord Farves or Ron Mexicos mentioned here anymore? Don’t be surprised if this time next year nobody will be able to say the word shit because of the network Nazis policing the posts.

  59. Congratulations: The peacock will now be replaced with a douche-nozzle. I know of someone who might have a retirement plan for old or non-aggressive hamsters.

  60. Congrats.
    So you’re giving up your law office for good? Hopefully you are true to yourself and your word and don’t change your ways.

  61. Oh yea, and hopefully after every story we don’t have d-bag commentators declaring:
    That would ruin this site. They are the worst kind of people.

  62. I’m way late here but congrats.
    May they keep all their promises and you keep your skewed sense of humor that makes this all work.

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