Marshall Could Lose Only $26,000 In Bonus Money

In addition to the $9,854 (by our calculation) fine that Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall faces for skipping minicamp, a league source tells us that Marshall faces the potential forfeiture of only $26,250 in signing bonus money.
The figure arises from the fact that Marshall received a signing bonus of $420,000 upon inking his rookie deal in 2006.
This translates to an allocation of $105,000 per year.
Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, a default jeopardizes 25 percent of the current year’s allocation.  For Marshall, that’s $26,250.
Things will get significantly more expensive for Marshall if he opts to boycott training camp.  Under the CBA, the balance of his 2009 signing bonus allocation would be subject to forfeiture — $78,750.  Also, the fine moves to $17,245 (by our calculation) per day.
So while the word on the street is that Marshall hasn’t decided what to do for training camp, a decision to hold out will entail much more significant financial consequences for the fourth-year receiver.

4 responses to “Marshall Could Lose Only $26,000 In Bonus Money

  1. Marshall most def. needs to attend camp. he has a brand new quarterback that is nothing like the Jay…Brandon needs to grow up and become a true leader on this team….They need all the leadership on offense they can get.

  2. Maybe Brandon can spend this time away from football to take some anger management classes. when you look at his Wikiopedia page under personal, there are 3 sentances about him that are normal, followed 8 paragraphs about legal issues. What kind of character does that show?
    He needs to clean up his act and quit dating punchingbags.
    Good luck with the contract. It will show if the Broncos are serious about character.
    Jay Cutler never was arrested for any of this crap….

  3. It’s hard to give an extension to a player that has been arrested multiple times and has been suspended. His next arrest will likely net him an 8 game suspension. Skipping mandatory minicamps isn’t the way to prove you’ve grown up and are worthy of an extension. Have him play out the year, then give him the highest restricted free agent tender and make him play under that.

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