More PFT-NBC Details

For those of you who were burning couches in the wake of the Lakers’ umpteenth NBA title, you might not yet realize that PFT and NBC officially will be announcing a wide-ranging partnership on Monday.
Our Sunday night item regarding the development is right here.
After having an opportunity to digest your comments, e-mails, and tweets, I need to mention a few details that weren’t included in last night’s introductory blurb.
First, I have retained full editorial control over the site.
In my initial meeting in Tampa with Rick Cordella, the General Manager of NBC Sports Digital, we agreed that any arrangement between PFT and NBC would reserve to me the power to decide what to write, when to write it, and how to write it — with not a single layer of NBC editorial input (other than someone who’ll clean up typos and the occasional Emmittism).
It was clear when we met last Monday with Dick Ebersol at 30 Rock that he wants it that way, too.  (The bad news is that he has asked twice now for a copy of my off-off-Broadway play, La Cocina.)
Second, in an effort to make the site even better, I’ll be giving up the practice of law.  And that’s a huge deal for me; I’ve been practicing for nearly 18 years, and while it’s stressful and demanding and at times incredibly frustrating, I enjoy it.
Then again, I’ve been working toward that outcome — consciously or otherwise — ever since Sprint became our major sponsor in March 2006.  That event, which likely was the most significant development in the growth of the site, allowed me to spend more time on the content, which resulted in more traffic, which triggered more revenue, which in turn allowed me to spend more time on the site.
The cycle has continued for three years, during which I’ve had periodic bouts of angst regarding whether to give up the law gig in an effort to see what would become of PFT if it were all I did.
So, in many ways, this new development is a huge relief, since I won’t have to continue to think about whether to quit the exporting and focus on the importing.
Third, as Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times pointed out last night, and as Peter King of likely will reiterate in his MMQB column, NBC isn’t “buying” the site.  Larry Mazza and I still own PFT; the deal with NBC entails providing an exclusive license of our content.
We’ll be sharing even more details on this new development in the coming days.  And we know that, in the end, time will tell whether things change for the better, or the worse.
We’re confident that it’ll keep getting better — and we’re confident that you’ll agree.
Until then, thanks for your past support of the site.  It has helped us get to this day.  We hope you’ll stick around as this crazy-ass journey continues to unfold.

114 responses to “More PFT-NBC Details

  1. Congratulations to you and Larry on selling out to the mainstream media. RIP PFT as we know it. I can’t blame you for selling out, but please don’t protest too much about how independent you will be. Clearly if a majority of your income is coming from NBC, and you are quitting your full time job, you are now beholden to the suits at 30 Rock. So the first time you criticize the NFL position during labor negotiations, for example, and the suits come down and ask you to tone it down, perhaps you could just do your loyal readership the courtesy of dropping us a hint. Any way, now that you are getting big time coin, could you at least hire some fine looking ladies to read your PFT TV segments, you have a face for radio.
    Thanks for the great work over the years,

  2. Wow Mike get off, that’s cool stuff for you and your family. The fact that you’re giving up what I assume is a successful law practice for this speaks volumes. NBC is the modern day version of the antichrist but who am I to begrudge your success even if you signed a deal with the Devil hehe.
    Congratulations and good luck in the future. I’ve been here since the NFLTalk days pre ESPN so it’s exciting to see how far things have come. As long as you don’t make us start swallowing Olbermann clips I’ll continue to be.

  3. Bad-ass, Florio! Congrats. Every other lawyer (myself included) is jealous that you get to live the John Grisham-style dream… I know the site will stay great and I’ll still be on it all day. One thing though – wasn’t La Cocina more of an off-off Broadway production? Co-author Art Vandalay would have wanted it that way!

  4. Congrats Florio, I hope it works out for everyone. Maybe we can even get rid of those fat belly ads now!

  5. Ditto the previous comment about your new business model. I’m happy that you’re going to get some payback for all the hours. My concern is that you will lose your devil may care attitude that has made this site so refreshing. Ah well, it has been a good ride. Thanks for all the great stories over the years.

  6. @amm14 . . .
    duly noted. not off-broadway. off-off-broadway. i will fix it.

  7. Why wasn’t Russel there? Was there a problem on the set of “Blossom”?

  8. ah screw all the sell out talk…congrats Florio. I’ve been reading your site for nearly 4 years now and I expect not much will change from a content perspective. If that you’re full time..maybe things will just get that much better. This is by far and away my favorite football news site. Once again…congratulations!

  9. Congrat’s hope nothing changes. Florio you play NHL 09 online? If you do gimme your name I’d love to kick you butt on day!

  10. Congrats, Florio. Dont blame you one bit for selling.
    However…..PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE dont let them turn this into an online version of Football Night in America.

  11. SELLOUT!!
    Congrats Florio. As long as you keep the content PFT and don’t become a run of the mill media unit, I’m sure you’ll keep getting just as many hits.
    It’s fantastic that you’ve turned your passion into something that generates revenue for your family. You’re living the dream my friend.

  12. I didn’t read all of that, but it just seems like the sites content is going to change…Jk. Congrats!

  13. Ugh. So where are we supposed to go for football news that doesn’t have the Mainstream Media’s claws in it, now?!

  14. I don’t see how this won’t affect any deserved criticism concerning NBC’s NFL coverage. You already go out of your way to not criticize certain teams and players and agents (who obviously are sources for you).
    You regularly savage teams that don’t have dysfunctional front offices (meaning they don’t leak things to you) and pull your punches when “reporting” on teams that deserve as much criticism as possible (Raiders/Davis).
    To think similar things won’t happen with NBC is simply not credible.

  15. Finding a copy of La Cocina wil lbe easier than keeping NBC out of your hair.

  16. This is brilliant and my heartfelt congrats to Mike. This site has been growing rapidly over the years, thanks to his (and some others) hard work and now he gets to live his dream (I imagine).
    It’s a fabulous story and we will never know how much time he put in to getting PFT to where it is now AND then running his law practice. In these troubling economic times, sometimes you need to be reminded that good things CAN happen, if you follow your dream with a passion.
    Those of you who feel PFT will sell out – go start your own site. If a lawyer can do it……!

  17. I’m a big fan of anything that gets rid of those midparagraph, double underline ads.

  18. Congratulations, Mr. Florio. As any entrepreneur out there should know, this is what you work toward.
    Did you work it into the contract to receive a bonus every time you reference Seinfeld or The Office? If so, you could be a very, very wealthy man.

  19. Mike – you are still dodging the question as to whether or not the comments will now be censored beyond all recognition. Yeah, you always did censor to a SMALL degree, but you let A LOT of stuff fly. Probably more than you should have. PFT won’t be PFT if we can’t give each other s**t from time to time. If the comments section has to be rated “G” from this point on, the site will lose some of it’s flavor.

  20. Florio, I rip you went I can and sometimes when you don’t deserve it, because it’s fun, but I have to say CONGRATS and it’s a wonder it didn’t happen sooner for you, man!!!
    WE all know this site has the Sh*t and will continue to for eons into the future now that you have the ‘other’ Corporate Buck!
    OUTSTANDING!!! A PROUD day for all PFT’ers

  21. So whats the deal with Sprint, The Sporting News and any other partnerships?
    Does Dante Alegeuri get a cut?

  22. Congratulations,
    This is awesome news. The only down side for the loyal pft reader is we will loose the feeling of belonging to a cool little club as PFT blows up.
    It will be worth it.

  23. I think you should give up the practice of law. And then, after a month out, go back into it, only with a different firm. Then, when you realize how huge a mistake that was, you should give up the practice of law. And then, you should decide to go back into it, with yet another firm, all with the intent of getting back at your original employer.
    Sorry, I’ve been reading PFT way too much!! Congrats!!

  24. That’s great.
    I started following PFT daily 4-6 times in 2007.
    I think you can thank Brett Favre for a few followers.

  25. I see it now: you did this for Florio Jr. I see that Henway hasn’t received their recording contract yet. By doing the deal with NBC, you also get a path to Universal. For those not in the music biz, Universal owns Universal music which in turns opens a path for HENWAY to get the BOY Band record contract.
    what a dad!!!
    I wish my dad would have done something like that.
    Good luck HENWAY!!!

  26. Congrats. You work hard, I appreciate it. Love the site. Hope it gets even better. (Maybe you can guest star on the Office)

  27. Hey Florio,
    I’m cool with it if you are. I long for the day when a major network pays me to blog on the freaking internet about football and say whatever I wanted to short of dropping C- and F-bombs. You got it made now.
    Plus, if it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to law and make those cheesy commercials begging DUIs to call you…(“I only get paid if you get paid!”).

  28. Congrats on the sucess Florio. Anyone who calls you a sell out simply hasn’t had the opportunity to do it themselves.

  29. Excellent.
    And the best piece of information just may be that another lawyer stops the practice of law.
    Congrats and good luck.

  30. Congratulations on finding a way out of the legal rat race. At least some of us still emeshed in it are jealous this morning.
    And thanks for PFT, by the way. The site is a daily “must read.”

  31. Florio –
    congrats and best of luck and thank god you maintain editorial control. but be very wary the mainstream media has an agenda and they have a unique method of “spinning” the news. i hope they honor the commitment to you and dont try and leverage their relationship later on because you for the most part do a great job and we need “news” that is told “the way it is” not the “way they want us to hear it”.

  32. Florio, congrats as you are one of the most fair, objective journalist I know. Please give my regards to Mary Kay.
    Eric Mangini

  33. Congrats; hopefully (as you stated) things do stay basically the same, It can be tough to appease corporate masters.
    On a side note, most men would attempt to avoid being associated with the term “Pea Cock”…

  34. Boys and girls let this be a lesson on how quoting Seinfeld will eventually result in a payday.
    Congrats Mike – i look forward to your first guest spot on 30 Rock

  35. Is NBC going to come in and fire everyone like they did at The Weather Channel?

  36. Lady Justice has breathed a sigh of relief. Instead of whoring for Sprint, are we now going to have to tolerate the whoring of all things NBC?

    I mean I’m happy for you and the family, Mike. But…
    It feels like my little brother is marrying a hooker. Don’t do it. Please don’t do it. Here, take my credit cards and RUN! RUN AWAY! Take my truck, go down to Ensenada for a few weeks and think about it. I’m begging you, man. I want you to be happy but this feels so wrong. I can’t help but think that it’s gonna end bad. What a way to start the day. I will hope for the best.

  38. 9. I think the next interesting football-related journalistic battle line might be how many clicks can take away from the field by acquiring Today, NBC will announce it has reached a deal with PFT that will allow the site to exclusively license its content to Mike Florio, the dogged founder and writer for the site, is giving up his day job (lawyering) to devote more time to PFT, so NBC could be getting even more valuable content than PFT has been publishing. The move is effective July 1. PFT’s best month had 1.7 unique visitors to the site; that’s going to skyrocket now.
    ^^^ From King’s article. So…it’s just me and 0.7 other people every month? I’m impressed you turned that into an NBC deal.

  39. hey florio…maybe you can now offer a raise and maybe benefits to the slaves you have working for you that check all these post day and night…they seem to think that its a real job!

  40. Spoiler alert, huh? 😛
    I was watching a re-run of the Lakers game (At this exact moment), because i live in Denmark and couldnt stay op till 5.30 in the morning, so thank you for that 🙂
    But i figure a congratulations is in order, so Congratulations 🙂 I hope you keep this site the way it is, and dont make it a commercial black hole.. 🙂

  41. Not psyched about this one bit. But this isnt the turning point. The adds have gotten increasingly worse recently but the huge push of twitter is what has done it for me. Keep the comment style the same, dont allow instantaneous comments to show up. Doing so keeps the trolls away and keeps the dumb “my comment didnt get posted wtf this site is broke” people away.
    Anyways it is an opportunity to take care of your family and I cant blame you for that but I cannot say I agree with the situation from a fans view. I do feel PFT’s hardcore followers will be the losers here. Though thats how mainstream goes in real life, the more you tend to the casual the more you alienate the ones who got you there.

  42. Great, another person affiliated with NBC to fawn all over Obama . I guess soon it will be the Florio-Olbermann show on PFT

  43. Does any part of this deal include making your book (Quarterback of the Future, not in stores, now) into a made-for-TV-movie?

  44. Congrats. You know what the hardest thing about trying to stick to your guns is? The fact that when you do try to stick to your guns, you end up sticking to your guns to the point where you will inevitably become more of what you currently are. Just take everything in stride, do what you have to do, and don’t worry about people saying that “you’ve changed since the deal,” because regardless of whether you have or not, people will say that because they are aware of a point that can be used in their favor. I look forward to getting more opinion pieces from you (YOU!!!) now that you’re fully dedicated to the site and now that you have a deal with NBC, see what you can do about increasing their viewership. Maybe they’ll give you a bonus.

  45. Soooo, the NFL and NBC do business together.
    You get bought out by NBC.
    You think we’re that stupid that a little post will convince anyone with a brain that you won’t be a tool, literally and figuratively?

  46. They’re men with jobs, Jerry! They wear suits and ties! They’re married, they have secretaries!

  47. NBC? Now you’ll be forced to say only positive things about certain players, coaches and only negative things about known conservative players/coaches. And you WILL fall into line or Keith Olbermann will make you a worst person in the world, nightly until you submit to their liberal facism.

  48. Now that you are in the NBC fold, see what you can do about getting them to bring back “My Name Is Earl” we need resolution about Earl Jr’s dad

  49. I hope this means even more Seinfeld references and clips! I’ll be pissed if I see random references to Medium in your work.

  50. Congratulations Florio. You dreamed it, you went after it, and you got it.
    And you didn’t even have to get a divorce in the process!

  51. congrats are in order, I guess…NBC though? I hope you can stay true to yourself. Sometimes despite the best intentions it doesn’t always work out. But you have my support. Good luck.

  52. No matter what Florio says, watch the slow but subtle changes that will take place. A good example is the Weather Channel. I used to go there as a refuge from the non-stop yakkety-yak at the other channels, the 25 cups of Starbucks loud shouting bozos. After NBC bought them, guess what you are seeing: 25 cups of… Anyone with a brain could see Conan isn’t Johnny or Jay, but not NBC. Now the Tonight Show ratings are falling behind Letterman’s(I don’t watch Conan). Leno used to talk about the lack of brains at NBC programming. Florio just bought into it.
    The mainstreamers see production value trumping content. I came to PFT to get content. In time, Florio will have a dog collar around his neck and he will be begging for one more treat from their goody-bag.

  53. Just wanted to say congrats to you guys for a job well done. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this site in the first place since it wasn’t exactly plastered all over the TV or newspapers at the time. But in my quest to be the fantasy football champion of all leagues I enter, I’m sure it had something to do with trailing a quote from another site, or something like that. But back to my point, I love your site, it’s one of a kind, and has a down to earth tone that anyone can appreciate. And unlike other people, I don’t see a bias from you guys towards one team or another, just maybe a little rubbing it in when any team does something stupid, like my Broncos have been prone to do this offseason. So here’s to the accomplishment of yall getting paid more to do something you really enjoy, and hopefully with the boost in revenue and popularity, you guys can still stay on our level (the readers) and not get too big headed. Thanks and congrats.

  54. Thank you NBC, if nothing else comes of this at least we got another lawyer taken off the street and into a safe environment.

  55. NBC is a wacko lunatic fringe network. GE owns NBC and anyone who invests in GE stock with that lib kook running the show is crazy.
    At least PFT didn’t hook-up with PMSNBC but they could have found a better partner if they had been more selective.
    Unfortunately, PFT is now a part of the State run media and it raises serious questions about them staying objective.

  56. Congrats Mike and welcome to the NBC/Universal family. I’m an employee down in Texas and I’ve been with NBC for six years and have been following this site for close to three years now. I wish you the best of luck.

  57. So everything you say will have to be OK’d by NBC first. Nice.
    Oh, and please don’t bother to put up your rankings on which network has the best football coverage or the best play by play announcers. Let me take a shot:
    Best Network:
    1. NBC
    Best Play By Play announcer:
    1. Al Michaels
    It’s just a wild guess though.

  58. Screw you Flouride for doing what I’m sure a lot of your readers wish they could do, quit their day jobs to write, talk, ponder football full time.
    Congrats to you for all your hard work, I’m been reading the site for a while now, wondering when you were going to be able to drop the day job and go full time. And now you done it, You’ve made it! Amazing.
    There’s just one line in the LA Times article that concern’s me,
    “Florio will still own the website but has sold exclusive rights to its content to NBC”
    Flouride, put your lawyer hat back on and explain what this really means.

  59. Please use some of the new jack to buy Brocato a proper wardrobe. Otherwise, you’ll be facing an infringement suit from Sterling Sharpe.

  60. Sellout!
    Just kidding, congrats. Why NBC, so you wouldn’t get sued for showing Seindfeld and The Office clips?

  61. Congrats Florio. Nice to see American dream’in alive and well.
    I have to ask about giving up the law practice… without asking for numbers.
    How many year’s of law income do they have to guarantee for you to give up your practice and clients????
    I’m thinking it would take close to 10. 5 is barely enough to rebuild if you have to.

  62. Congrats.
    But please, please, keep the mobile version. I have no internet access at work and I use my Blackberry to read your stuff.
    Otherwise, life have no meaning.

  63. Florio, post the ads for NBC’s rebroadcasts of USA networks’ “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”. Your favorite actor Jeff Goldblum has joined the cast, and those without cable/satellite gotstaknow when it’s on these upcoming weeks.

  64. It’s pretty clear from reading all these “comments” that most of these idiots didn’t actually take the time READ the article they were commenting on:
    Mike is telling us that NBC isn’t “buying” PFT!
    To that point, he retains ownership, and ultimate control.
    Don’t you morons get it? Mike is reaping the benefit of the ultimate corporate sponsorship! They’re paying him God knows how much money (enough to finally leave the law profession to do full time the one thing he loves even more), they’re taking away the technical hassles of a website run by hamster power, they’re even giving him assistance to weed out the typos, and they’re making a great site even better by bringing the talented Tom Curran to the mix (been reading his work since he was the Projo Patriots beat writer!).
    Mike may have gone “corporate”, but he hasn’t truly “sold out”.
    By the way, has anyone noticed that Mike takes a bunch of heat from many, many commenters, and the amazing thing about that is that every single one of these comments gets read BEFORE being posted, and the mere fact that Mike allows comments on this forum that are so critical of him, well that ought to tell you morons something about the man.
    He LETS you trash him on a forum that he OWNS, even though he could prevent these attacks and insults from ever seeing the light of day!
    How many of you would do that, in his place???
    And how many people have posted since last night that though they are often critical of Mike Florio, they admit that they love this site and visit it regularly? I have often read these insulting comments and wondered “if this site truly sucks that much, why is this clown (insert complainers ID here) reading it all the time???
    Congrats Mike, and best of luck to you.

  65. How much did they give you for your soul, Florio? Oh, wait. You were a lawyer to start with… Nevermind.

  66. Hey Mikey,
    Don’t listen to all these negative fat-asses posting from their mom’s basement. You hit the ultimate jackpot. Maybe not on the same scale as those other dot-com grifters, but it sounds good enough. Do me one favor, will you? I don’t think there are any Bentley or Maserati dealerships in West Virginia yet. Hold off on buying until I can lock up the rights, OK?
    Good for you, Mike.

  67. “….periodic bouts of angst…”
    A great name for a rock band.
    Good luck with the new model.

  68. Congratulations Mike and the PFT Team.
    Glad to see someone’s hard work pay off.
    But, I’m reserving my right to piss and moan about every negative story on the Redskins.

  69. Congrats, Mike.
    Though I have to admit, I’m very concerned about your ability to write completely subjectively on all matters NFL now. I know that back you when you started getting sponsorship from (or NFL Network, I can’t remember which) it became a little more difficult for you to rip them like you had in the past.
    Please keep it real and write what you feel.

  70. Does this mean an occasional appearance from you on “Football Night in America”???

  71. Congratulations Florio! You are living the dream of all of us.. You have taken your love of football and turned it into a career. I think we’re all a little jealous.

  72. congrats mike!
    my only concern is that you do not sacrifice your integrity with this new licensing agreement. previously you’d slam NBC if they deserved slamming. now i fear you might be less-likely to be completely honest about some things with your NBC-tinted glasses?

  73. Nice going Florio. I have been following this site daily since 06 and it has done nothing but get better. Since you get to retain control I know this move will again be one to make this site even better. Congratulations!

  74. I can’t believe I am typing this, but I agree with east96st…hopefully the comments will continue to be the way they are.
    Also, now that you are making it big Florio, how about something better than a yellowing copy of your book for the best comments?
    In all seriousness congrats and I’ve been a fan of this site since 2003.

  75. Congratulations for getting to a point where you can give up the legal practice, even if doing so is bittersweet. May this next phase of your life be as successful as the previous one.
    On behalf of PFT planet, please make sure that you have a fallback for keeping that a-hole edge which seems to follow lawyers like hot fart. I’d really, really hate for ‘QBF: The Deuce’ to be a children’s pop-up novel.
    Not that the original is far from it, anyway.
    All joking aside, though, more power to you.

  76. Does this mean you have to check with Bob Costas B4 announcing that Terry Bradshaw is dead?

  77. Hopefully the ads with the fat chicks will stay…I can’t tell you how much I love to see those while I peruse PFT while eating lunch at my desk.
    Congrats Florio, more PFT and one less asswipe lawyer in the world.

  78. Mike, in all seriousness, congratulations. This site has been my primary source of NFL related news for the last four years. Keep up the good work and don’t let NBC censor you at all.
    PS. It was nice to see you use proper pronouns in an article for just this one time….

  79. don’t listen to all this talk of a ‘sell out’ Mike. For my money, you sold out years ago!
    seriously though, every single person on here would have done the same thing. Congratulations. Don’t become too much of a weenie (if that ship hasn’t already sailed).

  80. Two subtle Seinfeld references in one post? Florio quits pretending to be a lawyer for one day and his efficiency has already doubled!
    Now that Florio is on the top, He’s going to pull the ultimate Seinfeld, and quit. Larry “David” Mazza is gonna quit soon (And everyone knows he’s the brains of the operation) and he’ll be followed by Florio a year later…

  81. I will reserve judgment but I will believe that you have complete control over content when you rip Sunday Night Football and that joke of a studio show in any way, shape, or form, like you have done in the past. I expected that Winston Smith will be placed in charge of the archives of this website and many of the comments here will start to resemble the ones featured on’s front page.
    I hope I am wrong, but we’ll see. In any event, good luck. I would love to stop practicing law myself for something I liked.

  82. Congrats on your success, Florio. I know this was a long time in the making, and it’s well deserved.

  83. Officially, I think your nickname has just changed to “Big Money.” Based on the reevaluating of your career path. I would like to throw my hat into the ring of key interviewer for the Atlanta Falcons post game media room. I think I can maintain a certain professionalism while still asking appropriate questions for posting on the site. Plus, I can review the spread they provide?!?
    Since you won’t be a lawyer, does this mean you’ll provide free legal opinions from time to time?!?
    Congrats from one struggling business owner to “the one” who’s made it!!

  84. Congrats, Mike. I have recommended your site to several football junkies that I know and it has been a great read all of these years. Echoing some other posts on here, just keep this content flowing as is, and don’t let the PC police get their paws on your content. Don’t let Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews get involved. And please continue with all forms of sophomoric humor. That’s why you have had all of us knuckleheads out here in the first place. Great job hittin’ it big!!!

  85. i’m glad your ship came in,but remember,the man with the money calls the tune.
    your new association with nbc presents a problem for me.while you did yoemans service in uncovering the michael vick debacle,i’m truely uncomfortable with the over arching heavy hand of nbc interfering in your day to day operations.i know you said everything will remain the same,but in real corporate life company polilitics will rear it’s ugly head and hard choices will have to be made.when the temptation of big money comes knocking on your door,i hope for the sake of the quality of this site,you slam the door in their faces,i hope.
    by the way,are you angling to get a seat next to one of those talking heads on sunday night football?

  86. Mike,
    Congrats. The hard work of your team (and especially by you) has paid off. NBC wouldn’t be doing the deal if you didn’t have the eyeballs. And you wouldn’t have the eyeballs if you didn’t “call ’em like you see ’em” and didn’t provide insightful content. So for anyone griping about “selling out”, I would suggest that they go to ESPN or send you a very large check to get you to break the deal with NBC. A free site was never going to pay the bills, even in WV. Now for my only question. Will NBC be resurrecting those thought-provoking and entertaining podcasts with you and Dante?

  87. Does your PFT team get to keep their jobs and on that not will you be hiring any more hands (please please) or is that at the discretion on NBC?
    Can you make them bring back ‘My Name is Earl’?

  88. “NBC isn’t “buying” the site”
    Do the quotes mean you only got a couple million up front?

  89. @ RIRich
    By the way, has anyone noticed that Mike takes a bunch of heat from many, many commenters, and the amazing thing about that is that every single one of these comments gets read BEFORE being posted, and the mere fact that Mike allows comments on this forum that are so critical of him, well that ought to tell you morons something about the man.
    He LETS you trash him on a forum that he OWNS, even though he could prevent these attacks and insults from ever seeing the light of day!
    How many of you would do that, in his place???
    My guess, judging from the comments here, not a single one of your fellow Pats fans who post here. The WHINIEST bunch of fans on the planet bar none.

  90. Congrats, Florio. You are my hero, which is why my screen name mirrors yours.
    Not really, but it sounded good.
    Good luck with the new affiliation.

  91. Congrats, sir. Anyone accusing you of selling out is either jealous, or doesn’t work for a living.

  92. seeing as i’m a aussie who has been looking at your site about 10 times a day for 3 or 4 years, can i please have a free copy of your book? i have 1 question as well . can u please get back to the rumors/stories that no one else is covering?

  93. I live in Stockholm, Sweden and there are no reports of NFL in the local media. I’ve been reading your site the last 3 years at least and I’ve been enjoying it immensely. Keep it up!
    Congrats! I think you are doing a marvelous job and you deserve your success!

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