Brandon To The Browns?

The rumor mill continues to churn regarding potential destinations for Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall.
Last night, we heard that the Ravens might be interested.  Tonight, we’re hearing rumblings of Brandon possibly being traded to the Browns.
The package would include, per the rumor, Browns kick returner/receiver Josh Cribbs and one or more draft picks.
Such a move also would likely put Braylon Edwards in play for a trade elsewhere.
Maybe, in the end, to Baltimore?

56 responses to “Brandon To The Browns?

  1. Doesn’t really make sense. They have already drafted a handful of WR’s, and why trade a WR with no hands for a WR who can’t stop beating any woman he’s around, and can’t stop from slipping on McDonald’s wrappers? I think the odds are better that the Browns just send Edwards to anyone who would take him.

  2. I would LOVE to have Marshall, but I do NOT want to lose Cribbs.
    You’re losing it Florio. Wheres the token insult toward the Browns or Mangini that verifies that you are nothing but a stupid, angry child that has major homer issues and doesn’t deserve to write articles that should be nonbiased????
    Douche. 😉

  3. ahstoosu82 says:
    Right. The Browns will trade within the division. Brilliant.
    Since when have the Donkeys been in the AFC North? Ultramaroon………

  4. I’d welcome Brandon Marshall to Cleveland with open arms. As far as Braylon Edwards going to the Ravens that doesn’t make any sense so I can’t see that happening. Just picture Brandon Marshall and Braylon Edwards on the same team, that’d be more dominant than Anquon Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald and if handled correctly could be for a long time
    I’d lose Cribbs if I got Marshall, no question about that in my mind. Cribbs is a great special teamer, but special teamers don’t win you Superbowls, specialty players do and we need WR’s badly here in Cleveland

  5. I wonder if they could still wrangle Quinn away….
    About the same chance of that happening as Florio Jr. hitting a home run.

  6. DGNR82,
    Unless you know something that no one else seems to know, the Browns and Ravens are still in the same division. Tool.

  7. DGNR8
    Whats funny is, he is right, it does say a trade with Baltawhore.

  8. DGNR, you need to read the post thoroughly before posting it really makes you feel dumb. If you’d of read the whole post you’d see Florio said something along the lines of Edwards to Baltimore and last I checked Baltimore is in the same division as the Browns. Stop acting like a kid, doucher.

  9. DGNR8 says:
    Since when have the Donkeys been in the AFC North? Ultramaroon………
    He’s talking about the Ravens, MORON.

  10. Makes no sense.
    Especially at the cost of Cribbs and draft picks.
    Then moving Braylon too?
    I seriously doubt it.
    Hurts more than helps the Browns.

  11. DGNR8- I heard this is a site that reports rumors based on info received.

  12. well can’t see that, but no need for name calling. especially of our esteemed rumor monger.
    I will have to take an extra nadolol reading Cribbs to denver, but life isn’t meant to be easy.
    One thing Mike, as you raise our blood pressure, remember that you’re not that far behind us anxiety ridden fanatics.

  13. That’d be kind of funny… your QB to a team that hasn’t had a decent one in forever…..and trade your WR to a team that hasn’t had a decent one in….well…..forever (Yeah, Braylon had ONE good season, and it wasn’t even this past season)…..

  14. LOL i almost misunderstood that too (the whole Denver, Browns, Ravens division thing) i had to read the article twice…must be slow at my old age of 25. 😉

  15. #
    # vegas42 says:
    June 16th, 2009 at 10:37 pm
    “Didn’t FJ hit a homer a few weeks ago?”
    Did Florio Sr. press charges?

  16. Josh “I still eat happy meals” mcdaniels is getting himself into quite a position. Getting rid of your probwol QB and a pretty good(underachieving) reciever bedfore even coaching a game….. Has the makings of a freakin bloodbath.
    I have a feeling that somehwere laine kiffin may be scratching his head wondering what you think you are doing.

  17. DGNR8, thank you for brightening my day with your amazing idiocy. You, sir, are a very special kind of moron – pun intended.

  18. There’s no way they would get rid of Cribbs.
    I think you should have stuck to your day job.

  19. kosar, that is comic gold! I had to read it a few times, but it was worth it once my slow mind finally caught up….

  20. if the browns loose cribbs who is gonna snap the ball, throw the ball, run the ball, catch it, make tackles, score long touchdowns, etc lol
    u can’t loose a big play maker like cribbs for a player who can be shut down with a safety over the top… cribbs on the field makes defenses have to change their game plan, he played qb rb, and wr, among every other sp teams position last season. Why did i watch the browns last year?… … hmmmmm oh yeahh cause cribbs

  21. Can’t see this…Can see DA + Cribbs to Denver for Marshall + draft pick(s). BM+BE=TD’s. Period. Who are you going to double team? Pick your poison, either way someone’s getting in the end-zone- Not to mention Robisky, Patten, etc. As far as the Ratbirds…forget about it.

  22. The Browns have said that Quinn is not on the market. Denver was the last team they said that to just prior to the draft I believe. The only available QB in Cleveland is Anderson, and I’m not sure he would be at this point. Hey McDaniels screwed up Denver’s QB situation. It is what it is.

  23. PS- Don’t forget to change your sheets & pants when you wake up Florio..Braylon to Baltimore, you flamin’ douche; respectively speaking of course.

  24. The way I look at it, Denver needs Defense badly. Why not trade Marshall to someone like Carolina for Julius Peppers. Peppers wants out of Carolina and Denver needs the defense. They should offer Brandon Marshall and a first round pick. Carolina might consider it. I mean all they have is Mohamed (Not sure about that spelling) and Smith. Smith is great but they could use the extra support at wide receiver and Denver could try to shore up that defense that is horibble. Carolina may not go for it because they really want to keep Peppers, but they cant afford him and after Denver got rid of Cutler’s salary and Marshall’s salary they could probably swing a deal for Peppers. Just a thought, but it probably wont happen

  25. Why would anyone want Marshall? The guy screams turd.
    Mark my words, his best is behind him. All I needed to see was Marshall try and tell Bob Ley with a straight face that his ex cut herself by accident in the head with a kitchen knife. Brandon says that’s whats in the police report so it must be true.
    He’s looking to get paid and hang it up.
    If Marshall manages to get traded and get paid there is no justice in this world. A guy like Anquan Boldin, although older, is a much better option for the right price.
    The Broncos are really messed up, I feel bad for their fans. That was the kind of team that always seemed to balance out. Not anymore with that backloaded veteran defense and offense behind the curve. Who trades Cutler and why chance it with Cassel? Pathetic offseason. Is Pat Bowlen losing it?

  26. Has your web traffic gone down recently? Why else would you post such an obviously redonkulous story:?

  27. henryk says:
    Wait how about Quinn and Cribs and Edwards to Denver?
    LOL, for a WR with problems. NO THANKS.
    want Shaun Rogers? how about we throw in Joe Thomas too?

  28. “Just picture Brandon Marshall and Braylon Edwards on the same team, that’d be more dominant than Anquon Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald”
    Um, no. Not even close. Anquan Boldin is better than both Marshall and Edwards, and he isn’t even the best receiver on his team. There’s POTENTIAL for good things there, but both of those guys are head cases.

  29. Broncos suck. That organization is going down FAST.
    Another division title for the Chargers in ’09.
    Broncos will finish LAST behind the Raiders.

  30. The Browns would be foolish to not trade one of their top receivers if this trade happens. If Massoquai or Robiskie impresses a team who had wanted him in the draft, they should consider trading two receivers because, at that point, they’d have Brandon Marshall, Braylon Edwards, David Patten, Brian Robiskie, Mohamed Massaquoi, Donte Stallworth, and Mike Furrey.

  31. marshall to browns for anderson and cribbs….browns trade marshall for a 1 and 3. anderson and cribbs=1 and 3….where anderson and cribbs really=less. good deal browns. and for anyone who says boldin couldnt fetch a one a three, he was close to doing so and is less dominant than marshall.

  32. wow…..we jump all over Brett stories on his retirement/unretirement but nobody seems to have a beef with Marshall. My opinion…….he signed a contract…honor it. You were hurt at times last year and then your off field actions. Teams need to get tough with these athletes and stop trading them when they start demanding things.

  33. Just what the browns need. Another reciever that is all pro in his head with an over inflated sense of self worth.

  34. No doubt Marshall is a tremendously talented kid, but anyone thinking trouble is not going to continue to follow him around is fooling themselves. As an organization, id be REAL leery of giving up too much for this guy, I dont care how bad I need a WR.

  35. Mangini won’t trade for a guy unless he’s a high-character player with good leadership skills. Cribbs is going to play a crucial role for the Browns this year, not to mention he is still signed for 4 or 5 more years at a very modest salary (until he gets it restructured). A talent like Cribbs with a cap friendly salary is like GOLD in the NFL and I doubt the Browns would be willing to take this kind of chance.

  36. We can’t argue if Marshall is a good receiver or not, but the only thing that makes me nervous are his off the field issues. It would suck to lose Cribs in a trade, but at the end of the day, you have to pull the trigger in trading for a top 15 WR for a glorified special teamer. Cribbs has a lot of heart, but he hasn’t shown any ability to be even a decent WR.

  37. I find it hard to believe that Mangini would take on Marshall with all of his off field issues, given the two recievers the Browns picked up in the draft this year, and they picked up Patten. Not to mention the fact that they got rid of one of the leagues top TE’s because he was a distraction right after Mangini came to Cleveland. Marshall has been involved with the Police too many times for Mangini (who is trying to rebuild the team through the draft) to give up any picks for another pre-madonna WR.

  38. Quinn isn’t going anywhere! Marshall isn’t coming to Cleveland! Mangini doesn’t want trouble, we picked up 2 WR’s in the draft and got rid of Winslow because of his issues. Why would anyone believe this BS?!

  39. I can see Marshall for Edwards straight up but the Broncos have no need for a guy like Cribbs when they already have Eddie Royal, who’s young, an excellent return man in his own right, and can actually get open and catch the football. What would Cribbs do on the Broncos?

  40. As a Browns fan, I’m not too happy about the prospect of replacing one criminal (Stallworth) with another (Marshall, who apparently likes to beat the shit out of women). That said, if it happens, a few things:
    – There’s no way on earth Edwards would get traded this season unless it became apparent that he would not re-sign after the season. Anyone who thinks a Brian Robiskie or Mohamed Massaquoi will keep the Browns from putting Edwards and Marshall out there as targets for Quinn needs to have their head examined.
    – There’s certainly no chance Edwards gets traded to the Browns’ blood rival. I realize that Florio’s likely making light of the fact that when any receiver becomes available, Baltimore’s always in the rumor mill…but come on. Logic has to enter into the equation somewhere.
    (Another possibility – Florio, as his childish streak has proven, loves to needle Browns fans and likely did this to piss us off and drive up web hits. But considering we were already here on the site, I don’t get selling off whatever integrity that the TMZ of the NFL still has in order to prompt folks to comment, but hey. Whatever helps you sleep at night, dude.)
    – Trading Cribbs would be a sign that Mangini thinks the elimination of wedge-busters will severely hamper Cribbs’ return ability. That’s probably why Cribbs’ semi-holdout didn’t bust a grape in the Browns’ FO. A deal with Cribbs, DA and a late-round draft pick would probably work. I doubt that McDaniels would want DA, though – he’s a big-armed QB with bad decision-making and an inability to make short throws consistently. He wanted Quinn for a reason.

  41. One thing that confuses me out of all these comments. Does anyone remember that Brandon received a 1.5 million dollar raise this year because of his achievements on the field? (Incentive kicked in because he went to the pro-bowl).
    There sure are alot of opinions for a head coach who hasn’t even coached one game as a head coach, players who have forgotten – or, better stated – don’t know what it takes to get to or win a super bowl.
    Geez people…John Elway, the winning-est quarterback in the NFL never won a super bowl on his own. Or, with great receivers. The only way to win a super bowl is to comete at the highest level AS A TEAM!!!
    Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Terrell Owens…They have NO CONCEPT OF TEAM.
    Let them go cry in their blankee’s, get there way….and never win the big one!
    Way to go Pat Bowlen and Josh McDaniels for taking all the shots and sticking with the inegrity of the game & championship values!

  42. you stupid idiot…you actually think the browns would trade edwards to the ravens?
    delusional…this f–king site has gone the way of the national enquirer

  43. “browns_4_life says:
    June 17th, 2009 at 8:16 am
    Mangini won’t trade for a guy unless he’s a high-character player with good leadership skills. ?
    I guess that’s because he’s lacking in that area himself!!

  44. More turd collecting for the Browns. I like it. That team is so full of turds it is hilarious.

  45. the broncos arent obligated at all to trade marshall, and shouldnt unless they can get equal value for him.

  46. Ammo…..What kind of player is that? Mangini is a rat, who ratted on his son’s godfather after using the thief’s stolen singnal tapes….is that the kind you mean….a hypocritical rat??

  47. I’d like to see Denver reneg on his contract…sue him for
    breaking his contract-not pay him this year
    that’ll wake this idjit up

  48. Cribbs and a second rounder is about fair value for Marshall. But I do not see the Browns doing that. They spent too many picks and free agent bucks on wide receivers. But Marshall would be a big plus for the offense opposite Edwards.
    I see no possibility we would trade Edwards to Baltimore. I doubt we trade him at all, but in the division? No way.
    Quinn to Denver for Marshall is a better fit for the Browns and we may not have to send a pick with him. If at all, a late pick. News media keeps making up stories about who we will and will not trade. What we know is Mangini tried to trade Quinn and Lerner vetoed the deal. Now that Quinn did poorly in camp and Anderson is the likely starter, Lerner may leave the decision to football people.

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