Broncos To Brandon: "See You In Camp"

We mentioned earlier today that we’ve heard that the Broncos do not plan to trade receiver Brandon Marshall.
Though it might be posturing in order to drive up the trade value, the team is now adopting this stance for the rest of the NFL world to see.
 “We look forward to having Brandon at training camp,” coach Josh McDaniels said Tuesday, according to the Denver Post.
That statement contrasts sharply with agent Kennard McGuire’s contention that owner Pat Bowlen told Marshall last Friday that Marshall’s desire to be traded will be accommodated.
And that raises a separate point, in our view.  Given that Bowlen publicly has acknowledged that he’s suffering from short-term memory lapses, it might make sense for him to refrain from conducting one-on-one meetings with players who might emerge from the discussion with a recollection that Bowlen might have trouble refuting.

25 responses to “Broncos To Brandon: "See You In Camp"

  1. Wow – McDaniels has already fully lost control of his team and training camp is still a month away. Not good.
    I’ll be amazed if the Broncos can even manage a .500 season next year.

  2. Congratulations Denver on becoming the best joke in the NFL. I have not feelings either way about the Broncos but this must be the most embarassing situation I have ever seen a franchise go through, and I am a BUCS fan since the orange days! Is it just irony that all this is taking place with McDaniels new tenure. He seems to be in the vein of Lane Kiffin and believes he is the second coming. Bronco fan should seriously revolt. That is the worst part of all of this. The fact the Fan is the one who is getting shafted the most. Maybe Pat Bowlen will forget he owns the team and retire from whatever planet he thinks he’s on.

  3. I’m taking Bowlen’s side in this one, but I totally understand why Brandon wants out. Orton’s going to get him killed if they play together this season.

  4. ”We look forward to having Brandon at training camp…” – isn’t that what McDaniels said about Jay Cutler and OTAs?

  5. Attention PFT Comment Section Braintrusts,
    Spamming “Josh McDumbass,” along with other derivatives, makes you about as hilarious as all the retards in the late 90’s that decided to wow the crowd by impersonating Austin Powers ad nauseum.
    Furthermore, why are people getting pissed at McDaniels for a situation that has been brewing ever since last season?

  6. Good. Ride the pine then Brandon. Or sit at home and play Madden. This is the right move for us to make, squatting on him. Even if he doesn’t show up at all this season, he ain’t going anywhere next year either. I’m sure he’d like to play some ball and get paid at some point. Why not just shut your mouth and grind it out like all the rest of us do on a day to day basis. I’ve been in his corner defending him for alot of his crap, but I’m getting fed up with it. Remember what 85 said last offseason, if your not a franchise QB, you can’t talk your way out of town!

  7. It’s deja vu all over again. Substitute the name Cutler for Marshall or Marshall for Cutler and it’s a rerun we’ve seen before. Most likely with another unhappy ending.

  8. Funny. Marshall’s agent says he’s going to be traded and the Broncos say they expect him to report. This is starting to feel like deja vu.

  9. They should not give that six time offender any more than he signed for. He has had one good year. Big deal. Let him sit on the bench or shut his face and PLAY football! Maybe if he had to get a job in the real world , he would stop crying! These guys are starting to make me sick. He should be able to get a job at Rottin Rons!

  10. How does this mean that McDaniels has ‘completely lost control of his team’? He’s had two disgruntled little babies to deal with. It’s not going to be a smooth ride. Dumbass @ FCSquid. Plus, I doubt his philosophy will be to the team: ‘We’re gonna win 13 this year.’

  11. There is no contradiction. Simply put, If a team steps forward and offers the right amount, he will be traded. Untill that happens though, He is under contract and is expected to uphold the conditions of his contract. If no team offers what the broncos feel his value is then he wont be traded.

  12. Hey, coach7811, I saw your last two responses to me in that other thread; calling me a “girl?” Jesus, what is this, fifth grade?

  13. rusH1023 says:
    June 16th, 2009 at 5:02 pm
    How does this mean that McDaniels has ‘completely lost control of his team’? He’s had two disgruntled little babies to deal with. It’s not going to be a smooth ride. Dumbass @ FCSquid. Plus, I doubt his philosophy will be to the team: ‘We’re gonna win 13 this year.
    He “had” two potential Pro Bowlers to deal with and he couldn’t handle them. A Coach in the NFL is as part of his job, supposed to be able to “manage” players and their superstar egos.
    McDaniels has adopted a Bellicheckian “my way or the highway” philosophy even before he has coached his first NFL game. Then there is the issue of trust, or lack thereof, by being less than honest initially with Cutler, then having to come clean later when he was exposed.
    I don’t think he lost control of his team, I don’t think he ever had control.
    In addition to drafting poorly he took over an offense that came within a yard or two of having the highest average offensive yardage in NFL history (The Pats in 2007 were the highest, with Brady, Moss, Welker, etc.) and he totally wrecked it by getting rid of Cutler & now most likely Marshall.
    McDaniels is off to a horrendous start as a Head Coach in the NFL, trying to recover from this start is like being down 34-0 in the first quarter. Good luck with that.

  14. Het Rush1023, I know what you mean having a disgruntled baby on your team. We have one named Larry Johnson here in KC. But, regardless theres no way in hell your team is gonna win 13 games. You guys are as bad as us. I think the Chiefs and Raiders will finish ahead of the Broncos.

  15. What’s funny is…….How all these disiciples of Belichecks system think they can plug anyone in there to get the job done….Just because they yanno, coached with him, Crennel and Weis proved that a fallacy. Hell, it seems Belicheck, kinda knows what he is doing, and as much i hate their success, he always seems to hire veterans who can accomplish a goal….Buy into his system..etc…..Why on earth would you take a HC job, and replace a QB and a receiver who were the heart and soul of the offense…..Denver is in for years of mediocrity……..

  16. Chiggs.. McDaniels takes the brunt of criticism because this is a ripple effect of the Cutler fiasco. That.. and he’s a total douche.

  17. i love how many bronco fans and non bronco fans still insist on talking smack about everyone but josh mcdaniels. A coach has never stepped in and immediately destroyed a franchise like this and yet anyone who doesn’t want to be a part of it is a “baby”. Sure, Marshall isn’t a saint, but what it all boils down to is this organization is treating its players like crap and setting them up to lose. With his attitude, horrible draft and immature treatment of his players, McDaniels has already made himself one of the biggest hiring mistakes in NFL history. people will be laughing at him for a long long time.

  18. Marshall is a time bomb, no question.
    However, it should be obvious to any long-time Broncos fan that Bowlen has checked out.
    Does anyone remember his “speech” at Gary Zimmerman’s HOF inauguration? Because Pat certainly doesn’t remember it. Hell, he didn’t remember it while he was supposed to be delivering it.
    Then he brings in Boy Blunder, who immediately – and unbeknownst to the owner – begins effing around with the team. If he wanted to do it right, he’d have started by hiring a strong GM and letting that guy do his job.
    I hope they play hardball with BM. If they do trade him, maybe we can partially recoup what will likely be the very high first-rounder McDips**t traded away for a midget corner.

  19. Hey Chigger your the one who started running your mouth last night calling people losers. Your just pissed your Brunkos are making stupid moves. Dont take it out on us Raider fans. We are just enjoying the moment. We dont get many. LOL. Welcome to our world. It will get worse before it gets better.

  20. If Josh McDaniels continues on like this, he can’t last more than one season as coach. He’s off to a start that’s making him look like at best he’ll be a Marty Mornhinweg caliber head coach and at worst in Rich Kotite’s class. Pat Bowlen should just pull the plug on this debacle right now. But Bowlen may be too far gone to realize how fast the Broncos are disintegrating.

  21. Seems to me like Marshall is a little pissed. His contract is up after this year and he goes from a gunslinger in Cutler to Mr. Tight End Orton. Yea..Orton is really gonna pad Marshals stats for a decent contract. I agree get out while the getting is good.

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