Nick Collins Shows Up For Packers Practice

Packers safety Nick Collins reportedly wants a new contract, but that didn’t stop him from attending Green Bay’s final open offseason practice Wednesday.
According to Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Collins was at the session but quickly left with other players who were rehabbing injuries.
The one-time Pro Bowler’s attendance is noteworthy because he’s entering the final year of his rookie deal, and his previous attendance this Spring was spotty.  (A serious family matter was cited previously, but his agent said that Collins would have been absent even if there had not been family problems.)
Packers coach Mike McCarthy calls Collins the “main communicator” in Green Bay’s new 3-4 defense, so his knowledge of the scheme will be key.
Collins shares an agent with teammate Ryan Grant, who held out out of training camp last season before a slow start in September.  It now appears Collins won’t be taking the same route.

10 responses to “Nick Collins Shows Up For Packers Practice

  1. Gregg – could you be funnier? Stick a couple of snide comments in there….unless you’re the straight guy? Picking on Florio is always funny. Hail!!

  2. Collins is likely going to lose his starting job (and thus lose a big chance at more money) at this rate. He’s completely skipped all of the early installs. If he doesn’t show up for Minicamp or Training camp, there’s no telling when he’ll see the field.

  3. what is the point of showing up and leaving right away? and why show up on the LAST day? why skip the underwear portions where contact is minimal? collins has handled this situation very poorly

  4. Just another dumb athlete being mismanaged by his agent.
    All he has to do is have a decent year this year and he more than likely would get a very nice contract offer from the Packers.
    But NO, him and his agent have to make it difficult on themselves.
    Million and millions of unemployed people in this country and this knucklehead isn’t happy making 3 million this year and a truckload of money in the coming years.
    Dumb Nick. Very dumb.
    I actually hope Aaron Rouse or Anthony Smith takes your spot now. Idiot.

  5. Thank god for that. I would really rather have Collins starting than a washed-up loudmouth or either of the other two liabilities. Seriously, why is Jarrett Bush still in the NFL? Get to reading Nick… You have a lot of catching up to do. Then maybe find a new agent after that.

  6. PeterGundrum says:
    I actually hope Aaron Rouse or Anthony Smith takes your spot now. Idiot.
    Please don’t say that.. The goal is to have a winning season after all…

  7. Collins is a drunkin punk of a thug that beats up on little girls who basically plays for Beer money anyway.

  8. you better hold up viking! None of anyone on this page know peoples situations! Just because u know about oh he wants more money dont give u the right to say anything negative about nobody! check yourself and stop being jelous about anyones money…..especially when either he gets a new contract of not…you wont be recieveing any benefits…I hopes Collins shuts all critics up and gets his respect! yall dont know how many times he had to run running backs down and playing hurt like dat Sh#t dont count! Yall just look at a player and say any dang thing! He deserves it after people criticizing him every since Green Bay drafted him in 05! Go Nick! 36 Baby!

  9. Nick Collins deserves every bit. He has worked hard and never complained about anything. Yall act like the man asking for 100 million dollars..He probably just want a little extra in this Bad economy for his family! Give the guy a break! Go Nick! They criticized you sine u left Bethune Cookman! And u still havent let your starting job Go… Enough Said!

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