Ochocinco Wants To Beat Up Mike Golic

Receiver Chad Ochocinco, the possible manic-depressive who currently finds himself in an extended state of hypomania, has followed up his vow that the Bengals will return to the playoffs by expressing an interest in beating the NutriSystem out of Mike Golic.
Said Ochocinco on Twitter:  “Oh it’s on again, I want to fight Mike Golic now, always got something negative to say, how about this, you’ve gained all that weight you lost back!!!!”
(What, no yo mama joke directed at Golic?)
Our money would be on Golic.  He’s kind of like the Canadian Bear Hugger, and Chad is the Disco Kid.

38 responses to “Ochocinco Wants To Beat Up Mike Golic

  1. “you’ve gained all that weight you lost back!!!!”
    Someone get him English lessons please.

  2. Ochostinko would get his ass kicked! Mike would take him to the ground and choke the life out of him.

  3. Really? I think Chad has too much time on his hands.
    Also, my guess is that in a fight, Chad would dance around a lot, but once Golic got a hold of him, it’s all over.

  4. 85’s picking on the wrong “Mike”. I’d pay good money to him kick the shit out of that little bitch Greenberg.

  5. Florio, I’m only saying this because I love the site and I guess by association, you (no homo), but please stop posting tweets (oh jesus lord it pains me to use that verb..) as news.

  6. Chad is awesome………….. Not a fan of the Bengals, but Chad is very entertaining. Chad would kick Golic’s butt.

  7. honestly, i think chad is a dick, but he would beat the herf out of golic…my moneys on 85. hes quicker, end of story.

  8. He may have gained his weight back but maybe you should go on a stupidity diet and lose some of that because your a moron

  9. Golic is a douche. He is a lisp away from a “anonymous” glory hole visit. I’m sure greenberg knows the hot spots.

  10. What??? Hooked on Phonics didn’t work for you Chad?
    Bottom Line: Mike Golic would turn that loud mouth prick upside down and “Tombstone” him into the field turf!

  11. ShotOfGinn, it contains an NFL player and a former NFL player and current sportscaster, how the f*ck do you not think it is a story? People like your retarded self make me sick!

  12. Chad is good. He likes to have fun. He’s not DUI killing people or fighting dogs. He’s river dancing. What a scub bag right? Johnson may never have won a championship or probably never will but what’s golics biggest accomplishment besides for being able to double fist greenberg? So STFU up?is that really what you wrote? Calm down folks I’m “just jk”

  13. I think all that boxing he’s done in the offseason has gotten to his head. First he wants to fight Solomon Wilcots and now Mike Golic. Chad’s such a douche! Years ago I found him amusing but now he’s just a big, fat loser!!!

  14. I have never, ever liked Chad Johnson… but for some odd reason, I think I’m acquiring a taste for him.

  15. I hung a giant douche from my ceiling and beat the hell out of it every morning. Next best thing to beating up Chad Ochocinco.

  16. Ochco cinco is twice the football player Mike Golic ever was. Atleast Chad never had to wear one of those god awful old eagles jerseys.

  17. I agree with Idol Hands…Chad thinks he is Lennox Lewis….After every corner in the league shuts him down Chad will challenge them to a bout at the 50 yard line….Rex Ryan and Chad cant win between the lines so they resort to challenging people to fist fights

  18. Lol i dont think Chad has too much time on his hands. The fact of the matter is they have given people a way to POST EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT THEY HAVE through twitter. EVERY THOUGHT. So this is what we get. Its funny and it give PFT at least 10 pointless post a day AND some quick information…which we all love.

  19. Hardrada said:
    “I have never, ever liked Chad Johnson… but for some odd reason, I think I’m acquiring a taste for him.”
    Who the hell is Chad Johnson? This story is about Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco.

  20. ……..back on that high-protein diet, Hardrada ?? Ouchostinko is gay….anyone that finds him amusing or interesting is gay – not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just sayin’.

  21. I’d buy that fight for a dollar. What kind of fight would it be? If it was MMA, I’d say Golic would have the better chance to submit him, but if it was just boxing, Chad would have the stamina advantage to run Golic around till he tires and then beat on him, not that there is anything wrong with that.

  22. ayo75 says:
    June 18th, 2009 at 10:29 pm
    Golic is a douche. He is a lisp away from a “anonymous” glory hole visit. I’m sure greenberg knows the hot spots.
    Man, I wanted to be the first one to post the Golic is a ‘douche’ comment. But I’ll repeat, Golic is a douche. Ocho acts like a complete idiot most of the time, but Chad actually knows he’s coming of as a moron, and its part of his ‘schtick’ .
    Golic on the other had is a complete windbag who actually seems to believe that he knows what the hell he’s talking about. He may have been a former professional player, but he acts like that makes him understand every sport and every person in sports, and how the game is supposed to be played, and the gatekeeper of what is appropriate or not. Most of the time he’s talking so far out of his ass that you’d think he played 40 years ago.
    Golic may be big and fat, but I’ll take Chad to break his jaw first.

  23. Can you avoid making any references to mike and mike please? They suck terribly and they deserve no mention unless it’s, “mike and mike cancelled; new ESPN2 morning line up consists of 3 hours of slap shop infomercials and ratings double.”

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