Steelers Sending Hampton A Message

One year after hefty nose guard Casey Hampton showed up noticeably out of shape for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ training camp and flunked a conditioning test, coach Mike Tomlin dropped a few hints that Hampton had better not repeat that scenario this year.
According to John Harris of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Tomlin didn’t sound too enthused about Hampton’s fitness and went out of his way to compliment versatile first-round defensive lineman Ziggy Hood.
When Hampton’s conditioning level was broached by reporters, Tomlin replied:  “I’m always in a wait-and-see position [with Hampton].”
Added Steelers defensive line coach John Mitchell:  “Casey, I think he was embarrassed when he came back with the weight situation.”
Meanwhile, the Steelers talked up Hood’s capacity to run and his ability to shoot gaps.
Although Hood is primarily working as a 3-4 defensive end, the Steelers don’t seem uncomfortable with the idea of placing him over the center if they had to.  For instance, if Hampton shows up at camp out of shape.
“The one thing that stands out about Ziggy is him running to the football,” Tomlin said. “He covers a lot of ground for a big man. It’s unique for his position.”
And Hood doesn’t seem opposed to the idea of playing nose guard.
“I just know defensive end right now,” Hood said. “If they move me to nose tackle, I’ll have to pick up even more.  With me playing end, I kind of know what the nose is doing.
“I’ll just have to be able to put more weight on, plus become a better player at that position if they decide to move me.  Not to say I’m going to develop as much as Casey, but I’ll probably be a little quicker.  Maybe on passing downs, I can come in and aid them a little bit.”
It sounds like Hampton, who’s entering the final year of his contract, might want to mix in a few salads before training camp and a few laps.

10 responses to “Steelers Sending Hampton A Message

  1. So, the 2nd annual “Help Hammy get into shape” drive is on? Awesome. Cheaters go 7-9 this year. Guaranteed.

  2. Bengal13,
    seriously? 7-9? were you aware the steelers had the hardest schedule in the league last year and went 12-4 (#2 seed in the AFC) and won the super bowl?
    they have the 4th easiest this year i believe. they could put 9 players on field at a time and probably go 9-7.
    you’ll be lucky if the bungles and can even sniff 7 wins.
    cheaters? who only knows what comment is all about. cry all you want, check the record books, steelers have the most super bowls.

  3. Actually the poor Bengals fans are to be pitied. There they are lost in the past, crying Cheater! Cheater! and bemoaning the hit by Kimo. That hit (as shown in wide angle, revealed that Kimo was blocked into Carson).
    Anyway, these poor deluded folks actually still think the Bengals could have gone all the way. Talk about “lost in the 50’s.!”
    What they really have is a massive inferiority complex fueled by extreme ENVY and JEALOUSY. It eats at all of them and actually controls their thinking and their actions. All you have to do to set them off is mention the ‘Burgh or the Steelers.
    It really is sad that they refuse to appreciate quality, but that is their choice, and in doing so they let what they hate control them and their thinking.

  4. Note to Bengals fans:
    Everything about your team’s existence is pathetic. Everything about YOUR existence is pathetic. You are inferior to Pittsburgh’s teams and fans in every way imaginable. Remember that. We are at the top of the pecking order and you are at the bottom. That is the way of things. The natural order. Darwinism in its most obvious form. We are predator. You are prey. And this is the way it always will be.

  5. A big guy on the wrong side of 30. I love Hampton as a player, but if he doesn’t drop into the range of 3 bills, his knees and feet will end his career a lot sooner.

  6. Dietrich…did you go to RHS? I knew a guy in high school with that being his last name. Long shot, but who knows?

  7. As far as the actual story goes, Hampton is getting old and should lose a little weight to compensate for his age. Hopefully, he learned a lesson from last year.
    As for Bengal13’s comment. How are they cheaters pal? Theonly reason you’re talking smack is b/c it’s over the internet. What have the bengals ever done besides become the joke of the NFL since the genuis Mike Brown took over? Your team sucks, your uniforms suck, and your players are annoying. Seriously, what do you have to look forward to? YOu already know the Bengals won’t win the SB this year, nor the following year. At least browns fans have a glimmer of hope (albeit very small). But at least their owner isn’t so stupid that he STILL thinks he can be the GM.

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