Portis Becoming A Major Problem For Zorn

As if we didn’t already give the Brothers Mottram sufficient ammunition for accusing us of baseless speculation, here’s one that could spark another Twitter skirmish.  (In some seriousness, we actually have negotiated — we think — a tentative cease fire with our friends from the old Sports Blogger Live show, which AOL never should have discontinued.)
The Redskins have a problem.
And its name is Clinton Portis.
Multiple sources have advised us that Portis shows little or no respect to coach Jim Zorn, and that the situation bubbled over at least once during the team’s OTA sessions, with Portis telling the coach off in front of other players.
Said one source:  “Portis totally has no regard for [Zorn] and thinks he’s above everyone.”
It’s no surprise; Portis sounded off earlier this year regarding the team’s offensive strategy in the second half of the 2008 season.
And Hall of Famer John Riggins nailed the situation in late January.
He’s already a headache,” Riggins said.  “You mean is he going to get worse?  I don’t know.  I said that at the end of the season and I believe that unless he changes the way he views himself and views his contributions to the team, then I think that that could be problematic for the Redskins.  It’s a bad situation, created probably by the people who run the team, that he’s been allowed to take the course that he has.
“I don’t think there’s any turning back now because obviously to a certain extent Clinton Portis has the team over a barrel from my understanding of the amount of money that he’s owed, guaranteed money that becomes really cost-prohibitive to get rid of him over a [salary] cap issue.  There’s not that many teams that would be interested in Clinton Portis, I don’t think, and so they have a bad situation on their hands.  [That’s] my personal take on it.”
Riggins isn’t the only one who feels that way.
So why has it happened?  As the source mentioned above explained it, “Dan [Snyder] has created this sense of entitlement over the years by confiding in him about team issues and considering him a ‘friend.'”
But, as Riggins explained in January, the team is stuck.  In the “last capped year,” trading or cutting Portis isn’t an option, because the full remaining bonus allocation would hit the cap in 2009.
The other reality is that the Redskins need Portis’ production in the running game.  But they need him to perform in a way that doesn’t disrupt what Zorn is trying to accomplish as he tries to keep his butt in a chair that guys like Mike Shanahan and/or Mike Holmgren might be eyeballing.

41 responses to “Portis Becoming A Major Problem For Zorn

  1. When you have a clown for an owner these things happen. Who in the NFL can respect Snyder, it flows down. Dumb owner lousy team

  2. Zorn’s gonna be gone after this season, at the latest. Make room for Shanny/Cowher/Holmgren.
    What happens to a team that goes over the cap limit anyways?? Are they banned from the league until they resolve the problem, or forced to cut players, or lose draft picks?

  3. LaVar Arrington, part deux, except the adults are gone (Gregg Williams and Joe Gibbs) and the children are running the show.

  4. Considering that either Florio or Wilson wrote this…on PFT…
    …credibility goes out the window for these haters.
    Translation of this article to the non-dramatic folks here: Portis and Zorn are doing perfectly fine, and Flo-Rida is once again trying to create the news.
    Heck…even if this was true…like I said…this site has ZERO credibility when it comes to them bashing the Skins.

  5. Also…I’m all for Portis shutting up and being a company man. But, let’s look at the situation objectively (somebody has to do it on PFT)
    First 8 games:
    – Offense based on Portis and the run game, with Jason Campbell usually only throwing when he had to.
    – Best Turnover Ratio in the league
    – Portis considered the front runner for MVP
    – Ron Jawarski called Campbell a candidate for MVP (don’t know if that’s worth mentioning though, since it’s Jaws).
    – Skins at the top of the NFC East
    – 6-2 Record
    Last 8 games:
    – Offense completely switches to a Pass-First Mentality for reasons Zorn danced around when asked to explain
    – Games are put on Jason Campbell’s shoulders to win
    – Portis partially phased out of the offense
    – Turnover Ratio goes to s_ _t
    – 2-6 Record (Should have been 1-7, but got lucky in one game)
    – Skins out of the playoffs
    The numbers don’t lie.

  6. Portis is a scumbag. he has been overheard making anti semitic comments and also defended Mike Vick. I am not surprised by this at all. All contracts should have clauses in them stating that if aplayer is a detriment to the team and it is factual, ie this assmonkey telling Zorn off and showing no respect in front of the team, then he should be terminated with cause and not given any money at all. If I tellmy boss “f-ck you” I expect to be fired and not given anything. Portis is an oxygen thief.

  7. Portis can do whatever he wants. His Stats are up there with the best in the league. Gibbs understood Clinton, Zorn Doesnt.

  8. Zorn should have gotten up in his grill the moment he started popping off. When you’re dealing with an adolescent you have to go back to junior high. The fight you avoid is the one you keep having until you stop avoiding it.

  9. This is eerily reminiscent of the interactions between Joey Porter and Cam Cameron.

  10. You have to be kidding me? Where did this come from? You’re referencing articles written 6 months ago? Jesus, the level of journalism here has already gotten worse. Florio, if you have it in for the skins that bad why not just create a new site that only talks dedicated to hating on the skins?

  11. Haaa…love the hate!! Ya’ll love to hate us. I think we’re 1st or 2nd on the most valued sports franchise in the country. Either way…if Portis can’t show respect for the coach and the organization…sit his ass. I’m sure Coach Zorn is going to get his opportunities to suspend Portis throughout this upcoming season. There are a couple of decent backs on the wire that have something to prove. Hail you slackers!!

  12. PJW says:
    June 19th, 2009 at 12:27 pm
    What did you expect………
    When did a Clinton not try to run everything?
    Actually, I think Portis is more Bush-league.

  13. PJW says:
    June 19th, 2009 at 12:27 pm
    What did you expect………
    When did a Clinton not try to run everything?
    He stopped when Bush busted.

  14. PJW says:
    June 19th, 2009 at 12:27 pm
    What did you expect………
    When did a Clinton not try to run everything?
    mrmagoo says:
    Actually, I think Portis is more Bush-league.
    When did a Clinton not try to ru(i)n everything?
    …..More Bush appropiate?

  15. mrmagoo says:
    June 19th, 2009 at 12:56 pm
    PJW says:
    Actually, I think Portis is more Bush-league.
    Please…no NASCAR (‘Neck) Lingo here. Some of us have no clue what that means.

  16. Dang! Sure are a lot of haters on this site. I’m trying to think of this from Zorns perspective and if I were him, knowing this is my last year if I’m not successful, then i would bench his ass in a heart beat. They have very capable back-ups. Portis is a good running back but they can win without him. Running backs are a dime a dozen in the league. Its the o-line that matters. If they can play well (which is a big if) it doesn’t matter who is the starting rb.

  17. This is a non-story. C Portis comes to play 100% every game. As long as he puts up the numbers J. Campbell and the Skins will take care of business.

  18. Seriously, how does Florio still have a job? He started false rumors that Laron Landry wanted to be traded (nothing was further from the truth)…then he started rumors that Dan Snyder wanted Favre (give me a break).
    Please go away w/ this crap.

  19. Proman1 says:
    June 19th, 2009 at 12:02 pm
    Who cares? Its the Redskins. Why is this news? Is it a shock to anyone that the team is run my a moron and that the team is unorganized? Thats why they are in the basement of the NFC East every year.
    Not sure I understand how you can say the Skins are in the basement of the NFC East every year when they have made the playoffs two out of the last four years. Additionally, they have won a playoff game unlike that Irving, Texas team. Just saying.

  20. campbell sucks. The o-line sucks. Zorn probably sucks. Portis can do/say whatever he wants he is the whole team’s offense.

  21. I love it when people slap the label “hate” on something whenever a negative report comes out about someone. Florio is reprinting a story. it just so happens to be a negative one about Portis and Dan Snyder, which is well deserved. The Redskins have a terribly run organization and to report that isn’t “hate” it’s truth. You Homers need to go back into the hole you crawled out of.

  22. Mangy66, I got to say, I think we moved away from the run game because it stopped working.
    Portis started the season well but, by mid-season he was pretty badly banged up. The situation was made worse because our back-up was banged up and missed games. So he still ended up carrying the load. The guy plays hurt, which is great, but he’s starting to need to do that on a regular basis, which isn’t.
    Also the performance of offensive line practically fell off a cliff. Samuels was hurt, our left guard never practised during the season because of arthritic knees. Our right guard was playing with a potentially career (and paralysis) threatening neck injury, and Jon Jansen, at RT, who had never been the same after coming back from two season ending injuries, went into decline during the run-in.
    In the second half of the season our run game just got shut down. When that stopped working it became even easier to shut down the passing game. It didn’t help having to play against the Ravens, Steelers and the rest of the Beast but Portis averaged 3.08 yards on 25 carries against the Bengals and 2.76 yards on 29 carries against the 49ers. Two losses where he racked up a lot carries chasing points, rather than meaningless clock eating drives up the middle to close out a win.
    Portis is a good back. He’s no longer has breakaway speed but he’s turned into a good between the tackles runner. However, he is running out of gas. For the past few years he’s got worn down by mid-season. He also thinks he is the best player on the team. Which he probably is and would be fine if it didn’t make him think he had a license to act like a spoilt toddler.

  23. “I think we’re 1st or 2nd on the most valued sports franchise in the country.”
    Good for you. Do you get a dividend check?
    How’s that translating to wins?

  24. Florio you are an idoit…easily the dumbest article i’ve read on PFT in a while.

  25. Mangy66 says:
    June 19th, 2009 at 1:20 pm
    mrmagoo says:
    June 19th, 2009 at 12:56 pm
    PJW says:
    Actually, I think Portis is more Bush-league.
    Please…no NASCAR (’Neck) Lingo here. Some of us have no clue what that means.
    Try again:

  26. One point that we are forgetting is that there is no true leadership in that locker room. When a cockey, arrogant player gets out of line, and causes anomosity between players/coaches/managment, he needs to be held accountable by his team.. Not the coach. If his teamates truly cared about their upcoming season, they would handle this “crybaby” at their level.

  27. joe is right. portis was banged up, which aint no sin but… he still demanded the touches. wtf4?
    now if zorn had paced the idjit maybe they would have only gone 5-3… then 5-3 again. never will know, but it is time for zorny to tell clinton to stfu. that team can probly go 8-8 without portis.
    also, portis so-called funny meetings with the press were retarded. his mike should be forever cut.
    of course, if roger wants to clean up the nfl, a la ookie-types, he should have some PIs tail portis every weekend. they will find the dogfights that i way, i suspect.

  28. We can all agree Portis is a warrior. Because of this, Snyder has enabled him over the years, and this has begun to work against the team’s success since there is no Joe Gibbs as counterbalance. Portis’ lack of knowledge about nearly everything has been apparent for some time.
    Zorn was forced to try to win games by relying on Jason Campbell to make big plays the last half of the season. The skins homers who think Zorn just decided to change a successful approach weren’t watching very carefully last year. sayitaintso pretty much outlined the issues in the post above. Your O line sucked, and the backs weren’t much better. The losses weren’t due to the insane coach changing his offense in the middle of the season, but due to the situation that presented itself. And don’t kid yourselves, the skins were never as good as the first half record anyway. If you don’t believe me, remind me about it in November this year when they are doing really well.

  29. I seriously think this is bull@#@# if this is what Dan is going to do then Mr. Zorn needs to pack his bags and leave . Look i’m a 1958 fan and over the years the coach ran the team not the players ,not the press ,not the owner but the genaral manger oh we dont have one . (problem) .what we have here is a prima donna is running the team because player are not suppose to have the owners EARS .The coach is to have that . Look i want to win i want to beat the s@#* out of Dallas Phlly, and the Giants , but we will never get there with player who feel they are better then there team mates (Portis) my father has always told me you win as a team you die as a team. Look the newpaper can report all the trash they want that’s there job , Dan can do what ever the hell he want . i just know the Lakers have a championship player team ball , so with all the killing in D C Maryland and The VA . people need a break football give us a break from the real world problem , and we have kids with million acting like children . god gave you that talent not your mom ,dad,granddad, or grandmom it was God and he see all . so i will pray for all who reads this , and my TEAM the challenge great the mission you chose to except it .MAN UP . sh$$

  30. Mr NBC must be getting pressure from the suits so now he’s just making things up.
    New TURD Watch Total:
    PFT/NBC – 1

  31. Portis is a running back with the IQ of a bug.
    In 5 years, he’s a memory. Shame that Zorn’s career might have to suffer in the meantime.

  32. People see words written in print and they automatically buy into it. Forget the fact that the name of the piece is “RUMOR MILL.” Apparently, with not much news to go on, Florio decided to drum up old stories. The problem is, this story is a collage of a couple of different stories, all old. And you people buy into it.

  33. He’s pissed off cause they cut Jansen. After Heyer went down last season and was replaced by Jon Jansen CP had four straight games with 125 yards or more. I agree with Portis on the fact that their O Line is a mess and that he’s gonna get two yards a carry and then get blown up by a linebacker or a speed rushing defensive end. He’s probably also pissed at Zorny because he is forced to carry the offensive since they dont have a passing game

  34. Who ever the hater is on the Portis Non-Story here is another angle:
    By David Elfin on June 22, 2009 into Redskins 360
    Subscribe I caught up with Clinton Portis on the driving range at Bethesda Country Club this morning before he teed off in the 22nd annual Make-A-Wish Golf Classic. Portis, dressed in a jaunty brown golf cap, a brown and red “Play Out” T-shirt, brown shorts, red and gray argyle socks and red shoes, said that reports of a rift between him and coach Jim Zorn are wrong.
    “How this story came about, I have no idea,” Portis said. “There’s nothing going on. There’s no beef between me and Coach Zorn. We’re on good terms at this present moment. There’s no problem.”
    Portis, who attended many of the organized team activities that finished on June 11 at Redskin Park, had a well-publicized spat with Zorn after the coach benched the slumping running back at halftime of the Dec. 7 loss at Baltimore. But Portis said that flareup was “a long time ago” and that ProFootball Talk was needlessly trying to make trouble where none exists.
    “I don’t know why people have that in their mind,” Portis said. “Me and Coach [Joe] Gibbs had a great relationship. We talked more than me and Coach Zorn do, but lately me and Coach Zorn been talking, trying to get on the same page. Things been going good. He understand me and I understand him.”
    Quarterback Jason Campbell, on hand to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Portis, agreed that he doesn’t see any clash between coach and star.

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