Bay Of Pigs, Revisited?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be breaking out the old creamsicle uniforms in 2009; that’s been known for several months.
But the team hasn’t identified the specific game that will entail a return visit from the orange-and-yellow maskless Zorro who appeared on the team’s helmets for 20 years.
According to our friends at Pewter Report (who would have to get a new domain name if the Bucs would ever go back to the old duds on a full-time basis), the Bucs are targeting a November 8 visit from the Green Bay Packers.
It’s fitting, we suppose.  Prior to 2001, the Packers and the Bucs resided in the same division, and ESPN’s Chris Berman dubbed their annual home-and-home series the “Bay Of Pigs.”  [Editor’s note:  Actually, it apparently was the late Pete Axthelm who came up with that name.]
Though both teams have had extended periods of non-pig-like play, there’s a chance that the rekindling of the Bay of Pigs will feature one or two teams that are rolling around in their own filth.

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  1. Hmmm. I thought the late Pete Axthelm dubbed it the, “Bay of Pigs”, not Chris Berman. I think Len Berman was on TV back then.

  2. Here’s something from the net that states Berman “ripped off” Axthelm.
    “The Bay of Pigs” – referring to the times when both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers were terrible and played each other. (Actually, late ESPN NFL personality Pete Axthelm coined it, but Berman continued to use it after Axthelm’s death in 1991.)

  3. It was Pete Axthelm who first termed a game a “Windshield Smasher” (when describing a 198-something game between the Jets n Giants) as a game where you leave 4 tickets on the dash in the parking lot at the stadium and come back to find your windshield smashed and 8 more tickets tossed in..
    Axthelm had a truely wondrous wit. RIP Pete, some of us still think of you regularily…

  4. AAAH Pete Axthelm a classic…a man who was colorful and unique without being obnoxious.Ha Hmmmm you hear me Berman!

  5. Actully Chris Berman called it the Battle of the Bays.
    Oakland and San Francisco were the the Battle by the Bay.
    Steve Young still tells of some of his most disasterous games in those old traveling uniforms playing in the snow.
    It is nice to honor old rivals with the throwback uniforms. You knew the Bucaneers would have them back eventually.
    The Lions missed the mark last year by not doing it for an old rival.
    The pregame show will likely show some of the traditional verbal sparing between Warren Sapp and Brett Favre.

  6. By the way Jared Allen 69, In 1981 the Battle of the Bays decided the division as they finished 1st and 2nd.
    Your vikings finished below below .500.
    Perhaps you should check the facts before spouting off.

  7. NFL Gameday was actually worth watching back when it was just Berman, Ax and TJ. That was before ABC bought ESPN. Now it’s just another morning pregame show that’s full of itself.
    Originally they weren’t even allowed to show NFL footage on ESPN, the league wouldn’t license it to them because cable sports wasn’t yet considered legit media. ESPN had something to prove, and was rougher around the edges, but it was much more interesting.
    And in the really early days, ESPN also used to broadcast runway fashion shows in addition to U Conn college basketball games and reruns of college football games that had already been broadcast. There was a certain fearlessness to the sports coverage then, which allowed people like Pete Axthelm to say funny things like “Bay of Pigs” that they’d never do now.

  8. I remember when the Ax named his worst teams, that big green fungus known as the Jets. He was classic.

  9. It was not the uniforms that were so bad… it was that gay ass pirate on the helmets that made them a joke.

  10. I remember it more often being called “The Batlle of the Bays”. And my favorite was the “Snow Bowl” in 1985 when a Steve Young led Buc team didn’t want to have anything to do with the 18″ of snow that fell over the course of the game.

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