Cook Claims No Deal In Place For Favre

The guys at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, responding to our recent blurb regarding a certain gray-headed quarterback and a certain purple-helmeted team, asked agent Bus Cook to address whether Brett Favre is under contract with the Vikings.
And, of course, Bus Cook denied it.
(As they say, “He who denied it, supplied it.”)
No contract” was Cook’s message to Rick Alonzo of the Pioneer Press.
It might matter to us if Cook (or, for that matter, Favre) had any credibility when it comes to the topic of Favre’s coming and goings and leavings and returnings.  Neither man has been a bastion of truth over the past two years, so we believe nothing that either of them has to say on the subject.
All we know is this.  When a source in a position to know the true state of affairs was asked by us about the situation, the source declined to provide any information, adding “I will not deny it either, I will leave it at that.”
Anyone who “gets it” knows what that means.

24 responses to “Cook Claims No Deal In Place For Favre

  1. Bus Cook comments on Father’s day, when he’s been nearly impossible to get a quote out of throughout this Vikings process?
    Now, he quickly responds on Sunday, a Father’s Day Sunday?
    I believe the story. Favre is already a Viking.

  2. He will not be under contract until he can go through a few workouts. No matter how anyone says the arm feels – he has to throw the ball and not feel pain. Pretty basic and still it’s becoming the ‘third shooter on the grassy knowl’ story.
    By the 3rd regular season game we will absolutely know who the Vikings starting QB will be.

  3. As they say, “Teething or Colic?”.
    As they say, “Regular or Organic?”.
    As they say, “Inside o Outside?”.
    You have some BIG decisions to make… as they say.

  4. empty13 is obese, lives with his grandma, maintains a long distance relationship, bounces from job to job, and can’t stick to a diet or get over the past. gtfo

  5. RaistlinMajere says:
    June 21st, 2009 at 5:27 pm
    I see a political career in the future for Brett Favre.
    Senator Favre???
    That would be funny since there’s a guy in Minnesota named Norm Coleman that also refuses to admit it’s over.

  6. My comment form a prior post…
    On the Joe Buck Show last week on HBO, which was terrible, Favre said the Vikings asked him to come to the OTA’s and he declined.
    Why would a team ask a player to attend team activities that will have confidential team information all around them if they were not already under contract? Favre has already signed with the Vikings and will be in camp come August…

  7. The guys at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, responding to our recent blurb regarding a certain gray-headed quarterback and a certain purple-helmeted team…
    a certain purple-helmeted yogurt slinging team…the vikings are a bunch of wieners.

  8. This circus is going to be fun to watch!! It will be interesting to see the Vikings imploding before the season even starts. Enjoy the 8-8….at best.

  9. well if it is true and farve can get back to his old self the vikings will be a real threat in the nfc

  10. To all u haters:
    Better keep rebuilding. Change ur defense or get a new QB… Oh yea you’ve done that. Take ur 2 losses and sit down. We have more talent in AP and Harvin than u have on ur whole team.
    When u get someone for ur QB to throw to, then maybe we will have time for u. Ur defense is old and ur offense is non-exsistent.
    Where to start… Ur the lions. Hope u win a game this year.
    We are the NFC north champs and we will be again. Does matter who our QB is. We beat u fools with Gus, we can beat u with anyone.

  11. Oh yeah, Harvin’s a real threat already. Boy hasn’t played a down yet and you’re already declaring him better than Gregg Jennings. O – K…
    Gotta believe Old Irv Favre is rolling over in his grave right now. To think his son, Brett Lorenzo, would stoop to this level and shame the name of football (a game his father loved and coached him in from birth until adulthood) by wanting to play with such vengeance and spite. Irv absolutely LOVED Green Bay, the fans, the organization, etc. when he was alive and was BLF’s biggest supporter, of course. But to see it come to this, he would not approve. If he was around, Brett would’ve never retired the first time, Irv would not have heard it. Brett would’ve got a licking with the old belt with any nonsense talk like that. Too bad Brett’s mom and siblings, even his wife, couldn’t have gotten through to him before this whole train wreck occurred.
    Oh well, what’s done is done. And it’s a WHOLE LOT of damage. For everything Favre’s done as a Packer, McCarthy and Thompson were so right about being concerned with Favre ruining his legacy. Favre replied with “let me worry about my legacy.” Well, you had better be worried, Mr. Favre, because you will see on 11/1 just how much damage you have done with this whole charade.

  12. Ur gonna drag is father into this… Sad but whatever. As for favre’s wife, she hates Ted’s guts as much as the old man himself. No one can take Favre’s records or rings away, so who cares what the people of Wisconsin think. He will still be in the HOF. Ur “talent” is over rated. How good of a season did Jennings have without the old man throwing to him? On Nov 11, all ur gonna see is an old man get his revenge. We could and would win without him, but it will be so much sweeter watching a purple #4 take it to the pack. By the way u can’t stack the box this year, uh oh. Hope ur 3-4 holds up.

  13. fav-rah says: “For everything Favre’s done as a Packer, McCarthy and Thompson were so right about being concerned with Favre ruining his legacy.”
    Farve wants to play football, a sport he has played all of his adult life. The Viking have good pieces in place and maybe Favre can lead them to the next level. It’s his life, and his “legacy”, maybe unlike some fans he is comfortable with what he accomplished.
    Favre did some great things while he was with the Packers and he does not ride off into the sunset wearing green and yellow, he still has a passion for the game. Both sides benefited from the relationship, some Packers fan just won’t let it go. Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas played for other teams- you are going to have to get over it.

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