Bengals Sign A Seventh-Rounder

And here’s a little something for the folks who are sufficiently disinterested in wasting their valuable time reading stories about low-round picks signing contracts to waste even more valuable time submitting e-mails or comments advising us of this fact.
(Folks, it’s a hell of a lot easier to just scroll.)
The Bengals have announced that defensive tackle Clinton McDonald has agreed to terms.  (Though we’ve yet to confirm this one with the Elias Sports Bureau, McDonald might be the first player in league history named after both a former U.S. president . . . and said former U.S. president’s favorite restaurant.)
McDonald is the fourth Bengals draft pick to sign a deal.  Seven remain unsigned, including an oversized offensive tackle who probably has frequented said former president’s favorite restaurant a time or two.  Today.

6 responses to “Bengals Sign A Seventh-Rounder

  1. Lol? This isn’t the first McDonald to be drafted in the NFL.
    Just off the top of my head – Brandon McDonald, 5th round of the 2007 NFL Draft. Also, the 49ers drafted a McDonald in that very same 2007 draft.

  2. Mike,
    As someone who’s been with you for a few years before you got MEGA big, I think you’re just going to have to ignore some people. A lot of the people coming to the site now don’t know what it’s all about or how it got started. Maybe you need to do a lil history of the site. So some folks can realize this isn’t You aren’t here to provide the cookie cutter news stories.
    The MAIN reason I came here and still come here is to read about things you flat out don’t see anywhere else or you see it way late. I’m glad that your posts haven’t changed much since you’ve hit the big time. Even when I disagree with your banter I still think it’s good for the site. I hope you continue to ignore the “just do this and that” posts and you just do what you do.

  3. GZ,
    I think you missed something…he was saying the first to be named after BOTH a former president AND his favorite restaurant. So, he’s named after Slick Willy AND Slick Willy’s favorite restaurant McDonald’s.

  4. In an unrelated side story, isn’t it interesting that both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have both had their own version of “Fly-gate” while in office?

  5. … And Al Davis startles everyone by sigining the Raider’s new starting wide receiver, Ronald McDonald and OT Grimmace.

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