Endorsement Dollars Piling Up For Stafford

As thousands in Michigan struggle through a horrible local economy, one of the richest men in town will continue to get richer.
With $41.7 million in guaranteed income coming from the Detroit Lions, quarterback Matthew Stafford has become a darling of the sports marketing world — notwithstanding his affiliation with the first NFL team ever to lose 16 games in a single season.
Terry Lefton of SportsBusiness Journal reports that Stafford’s sponsors already include Unilever, Sprint, and various trading-card companies.
With Unilever, Stafford will be touting Axe Hair, which as we once pointed out sounds like the Appalachian version of the bowl cut.
And our recollection of that particular smart-ass remark allows us to correct Lefton’s suggestion (likely planted by Stafford’s marketing agent) that the No. 1 overall pick in the draft is the first pro athlete to ink a deal with Unilever.
Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan already is on the Axe Hair payroll, as mentioned during Carson Daly’s self-described “gay moment” with Ryan in January.
Then again, maybe Ryan’s experience with Daly prompted the third overall pick in the 2008 draft to give the money back to Unilever, and to go back to using Prell.

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