Texans' Adibi Battling For Job

Houston Texans linebacker Xavier Adibi has reportedly been packing on the pounds, in a good way, to boost his chances of winning a starting job at weakside linebacker.
Adibi has bulked up from 220 pounds to 240 pounds as he tries to beat out former starter Zach Diles, who’s recuperating from a broken leg, and veteran addition Cato June, according to Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com.
Before getting hurt last year, Diles started eight games and recorded 66 tackles, one sack, one forced fumble and one interception.
A former Indianapolis Colts starter who was named to the Pro Bowl in 2005, June played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the past few seasons before being cut during the offseason.
“That position group will have a heck of a battle this training camp,” Texans General Manager Rick Smith said. “That’s one I’m looking forward to watching.”
The thinking is that the added weight will help Adibi pack more punch on his tackles and when he’s taking on blocks. Plus, it could help his durability after playing in just seven games last season as a rookie and recording 35 tackles in five starts.
“I was making sure I didn’t put on too much, I didn’t want to get to the 245-250 range,” Adibi said. “This is weight that I need just to get through the regular season playing 17 weeks of the NFL.
“That’s one of my goals, make it through the season 100 percent, not miss any games. This is what I had to do and I feel good. I feel real good.”
Of course, gaining weight typically means losing speed.
The Texans insist that’s not the case with Adibi and aren’t worried about him gaining so much weight during one offseason.
Meanwhile, the Texans have installed rookie Brian Cushing as an immediate starter on the strongside, and DeMeco Ryans is an entrenched standout at middle linebacker.

4 responses to “Texans' Adibi Battling For Job

  1. I guess now we’ll have to live through a million “So and So battling for job” stories until the first week of the season…
    Every single team has about 50 or 60 people “battling for a job”… Of course saying “battling for a job” somewhat diminishes what the men and women in uniform do that are really “battling”. (Haven’t heard Kellen Winslow proclaim to be a soldier in recent years…)

  2. The Texans have a young, but talented defense, and the linebackers this season can really dominate if the stars align. DeMeco Ryans is one of the best in the business, and if Brian Cushing comes in and plays the way people think he will, then they have something. The competition for the third linebacker spot will be good, and will result in great depth.
    I really see the Texans as the AFC’s version of the Cardinals, where you have a team with young talent and just need a few more pieces to break out. With the Colts’ coaching situation and the Titans more than likely to come back down to earth, I see the Texans as the dark horse in the AFC this season.

  3. Adibi used to have an 89 speed or something like that in NCAA’07. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

  4. if the saints or texans had been in the afc west or nfc west, the chargers/cards would have been in a world of hurt. a little bit of good health will take them places this season.

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