Winslow Doesn't Like Being Called "Sarge" (So Call Him "Sarge")

We didn’t realize that Bucs tight end Kellen Winslow is known in some circles as “Sgt. Winslow.”
(The moniker arises from the “I’m a f–king soldier” tirade of his college days at Miami.)
So when “Joe” of got access to Winslow at his recent youth football camp, Winslow made a pointed request of one of the web sites that use the military nickname.
You’re not going to say that no more, right?” Winslow reportedly “barked.”
Winslow repeated the request at least two other times.   “No more of this sergeant stuff, OK?” he said.
And complied.
But, man, what a wasted Jim/Chris Everett-style opportunity.
Then again, notoriety and/or a lawsuit for assault and battery won’t unbreak bones.
Meanwhile, every defensive player who faces Winslow this year undoubtedly will be calling him “Sarge.”

26 responses to “Winslow Doesn't Like Being Called "Sarge" (So Call Him "Sarge")

  1. Wonder what Vox Veritas thinks of ‘Sgt Winslow”?
    Winslow stuck his foot in his mouth with that moronic comment, so he’s just going to have to live with it. Really, he’d be better off just embracing it, because in this day and age, the youtube clip will be around for all to see for years to come.

  2. In the case of Winslow, isn’t calling him Sarge sort of like calling a bald dude “Curly”?

  3. It’s pretty sad when you’re that desperate you write so called “stories” like this.

  4. JaxBuccaneer says:
    June 22nd, 2009 at 9:55 am
    It’s pretty sad when you’re that desperate you write so called “stories” like this.
    JaxBuccaneer does not approve! Close down the site! They aren’t stories you neanderthal, they’re blurbs. To keep fans entertained during a lame spot of the off-season. And I’m very thankful for them because without this site, I might be forced to go watch baseball.

  5. Sarge may have a diahretic mouth but don’t kid yourself Clowny, the best hands on your team now is Robiskie.
    ..and he’s yet to meet Ray.

  6. Still gotta love Jim Rome having enough sack to call Everett “Chris” that one last time. May have gotten knocked on his can, but dude wasn’t (just like most of the NFL) intimidated by Everett. And what does it say of Everett that he came on that show knowing that Rome was calling him that on the air, and still couldn’t keep his cool. Should have just laughed Rome off and rolled with it. Did he really just go on the air with the intent to knock a smaller non-athlete on his can?

  7. Such a tool he’s ruined his fathers name.
    Hard not to root for him to get injured. Nothing worse than a meglomaniac that’s DONE NOTHING.

  8. Unless the military has promoted him to Major or something higher than Sargent, I see no reason to stop addressing him as such. After all, hes the one that claimed to be a “f$*&*#% soldier”.

  9. Winslow is a bad ass tight end. Right? If he can stay healthy he will propel this buccaneer team to at least a .500 record. Not an easy accomplishment considering the schedule.

  10. RIRich,
    I will never understand people like you. As amusing as I find Jim Rome from time to time, that was the most DESERVED beat down anybody ever took. Just because he is a “smaller” “Non-athlete” he has the right to bring a guy on the show, say “Nice to have you on” and then insult him and taunt him? What an immature punk. He acted like a 7th grader insulting a professional athlete and I laugh OUT LOUD ever time I watch Everett kick his butt. If Everett was a “woman” then I guess that means Jim Rome got his but KICKED by a woman.
    BTW, I don’t think Chris Everett deserved having her name used as an insult. She was tougher than Everett and Rome combined.

  11. “Wonder what Vox Veritas thinks of ‘Sgt Winslow”?”
    Overrated windbag. I’d rather have one Jason Witten than 5 Sgt. Winslows.

  12. @ Vox
    Just thought I’d throw it out there…
    I know how offended you get about non-military personnel being called gladiators, er, soldiers.

  13. Just call him “Buck Private”…or since he is a Tight End, call him “Rear Admiral”…or “Butt Pirate”

  14. What a bunch of dip shits you clowns are…a teenager makes a statement and you fools act like he’s a target for criticism for the rest of his life. For your info, I served as a real soldier and say let this silliness slide…but you clowns that never served, LOL, must make yourselves feel better…what a bunch of loons you be…I’ll bet most of you are right wing fruitcakes!

  15. Dbartdog – “what a bunch of loons you be”?
    Taking grammar lessons from Vince Young?

  16. wow this report is completely portraying winslow as a punk. go back and read the original article.. he talks about how nice winslow was in the rest of the interview and how good he was with his kids at camp, so thats why he stopped calling him sarge, because he is developing respect for him. but of course you want to portray him as some jerk… figures.

  17. jersey73 says:
    June 22nd, 2009 at 1:29 pm
    I guess we can call him “Major @sshole”
    Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

  18. See my hand? Choke yourself with it Private Pyle!
    Something to that effect. FMJ

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