$26.3 Million For Starks

As it turns out, Steelers tackle Max Starks traded a one-year guaranteed deal worth $8.45 million and a crack at free agency in the uncapped year for three more years at another $17.85 million.
According to John Clayton of ESPN.com, it’s a four-year, $26.3 million contract.
The deal also includes $10 million in guaranteed money.
Think about that.  Starks was due to make $8.45 million guaranteed this year.  So he sacrificed his shot at free agency in a year without a salary cap for another $1.55 million in guaranteed money?
Sorry, but bad deals don’t get much worse that this one.
The Steelers’ ski-mask maneuver on Starks also creates $3 million in cap space.

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  1. Its really a pretty fair deal for Starks. He isn’t that talented a player. I don’t know who you were talking to Florio but he never got better as the season went. The guy is 27, he is what he is at this point, he isn’t getting better. He was a bottom half of the league LT last year.
    There was not big uncapped year pay day coming for him.

  2. So wait, now the Steelers robbed Starks? A few minutes ago Florio was saying Starks career has been “mostly disappointing” but now he is saying the Steelers robbed Starks by paying him nearly $7 million a year???
    Buy a clue!

  3. I do not think Starks would ge mucht more than 7 mill per in free agency. I think his deal may be slightly lower than he could expect on the open market, but in return for signing he gets a chance at more championships and garunteed stability.

  4. Starks must know that by staying a Steeler he improves his chance of winning more championships compared to most other teams who he would have been picked up by in free agency.
    Good move by the Steelers, as usual.

  5. bad for starks maybe, great for the stillers!!!
    see, when you play for the best franchise in professional sports, and you’re already making millions of dollars, some players would rather sacrifice a couple million for another shot at a super bowl…like Starks & James Harrison

  6. @jpeezy55 . . .
    my point is that he should have taken his $8.45 million guaranteed for 2009 and then hit the market in the uncapped year. why give up that opportunity for only another $1.15 million guaranteed?

  7. Maybe Starks would rather take a $26 million contract with a winning team than be payed $40+ with the Lions.

  8. It doesn’t make any sense for Starks to take the deal, unless his knee or back is acting up this offseason.
    He played well down the stretch last season for the Steelers. I would even say he played better than any of the other O-Line on the team.
    Colon still doesn’t know what a snap count is, Hartwig was an improvement over the revolving door known as Mahan but wasn’t anything special. Kemo did well run blocking early in the season but was inconsistent. Simmons was sub par and Stapleton is just a backup that is serviceable.
    The Steelers recent O-Line draft picks Hills and Urbik are not going to challenge Starks at LT either. Hills would get owned at LT and Urbik can play guard and maybe RT, but I doubt he’ll be able to play LT (At least not anytime soon).
    It makes zero sense with all that leverage for Starks to take the deal.

  9. Yeah but now he can hold out 2 years from now and play the gimme a new contract game.

  10. I hear what you’re saying but it was the Steeler’s turn to wear the ski mask. I think Max’s agent was probably smart enought to know that nobedy else was going to pay him what he got from the Steelers. If he kept trying to play Walter Jones he was going to end up not getting tagged next year and what kind of offers was he really going to get? This was a bird in the hand and they were smart to take it.

  11. r-r-r-r-rip off!! For the Squeelers.
    Except to the Shittsburgh bandwagon apologists who say that classless organization can do no wrong…

  12. Geez, Starks should co-author a book on “the art of the deal” with Jeff Backus.
    Me thinks the Lions will finally draft a $50 million left tackle to protect their $70 million quarterback.

  13. Why is it a bad deal if a player feels comfortable playing for that amount. If you are happy where you are not going elsewhere for more money isn’t a bad thing. I would definatly take a little less money to go to work and be happy than be miserable all day.

  14. Who else is going to pay him that kind of money next year? He’s simply not good, so instead of getting paid a nice chunk for one year, playing poorly, and making $2 million next year. So instead, he decided to get a decent amount of money for 4 seasons (unless he’s cut).

  15. On one hand people complain about athletes being greedy selfish primadonas….then somebody signs a contract for less money than he could have earned on the open market to stay with his team and people question his intelligence and accuse the team of taking advantage of him. Anyone that has ever heard Starks speak knows that he isn’t an idiot.
    Maybe….just maybe, he is happy where he is and realizes he’s set for life after football no matter what. I seriously doubt that Max Starks is a guy that is throwing his ample earnings at cars and strippers.

  16. Starks definitely could have gotten a better deal in FA.
    Stacey Andrews, a RT who had a pretty bad knee injury, got a 6 year $40 Mil deal from the Eagles.
    That should have been the floor for Starks.

  17. Actually, the Steelers have more leverage than anyone is giving them credit for I believe.
    This team has come off of 2 recent Super Bowl wins, and still has a relatively young team that can bring in a few more if they play well. Who wouldn’t want to play for them? All they had to do was tell Starks that O-line was in their free agency plans next year, and if he doesn’t get on board now, they’d be happy to find someone better who will.
    Good teams don’t have to do blockbuster deals. The Pats and Steelers can take several million off for the privilege of playing for them. Its the teams like the Lions and Rams that need to pay big money for players right now.

  18. Starks knows who he is. He’s a perfunctory scrubini and away from the stillers he’s an exposed scrubini so it’s probably a smart deal on his part. The other NFL GMs have functioning eyeballs and access to film so I’m not sure what monster contract Florio thinks was the on the horizon for this bum.

  19. Hey Zygi… I bet his wonderlic score is higher than yours.
    Starks just signed a contract worth TWENTY SIX MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS. With TEN MILLION guaranteed. He could have scored a zero on his wonderlic, but at least the man has TWO superbowl rings and he’s playing for a team that provides him with a chance for more.
    You can shake your head in disbelief that Stark’s didn’t test free agency. I shake my head in disbelief that anyone who works for a living can fault this deal. Talk about “fantasy football”. Starks can laugh all the way to the bank, while being driven there in his Bently, while still playing for the defending superbowl champs.
    Get a life.

  20. Valid points are noone else was going to pay him that much and he is a good left tackle. It’s a good deal for him and the Steelers unless he gets hurt, which is another reason he took the deal. One thing counts in the NFL; WINNING and the Steelers won the big prize with Starks at LT. Look at how the O-line (except that penalty on WIllie C) played during the winning drive. What else do you want?

  21. BaltimoreSports says:
    June 23rd, 2009 at 2:27 pm
    r-r-r-r-rip off!! For the Squeelers.
    Except to the Shittsburgh bandwagon apologists who say that classless organization can do no wrong…
    Nothing screams “I’m a dumbass!” like saying that those that disagree with you are ‘apologists’. BaltimoreSpurts, that is a public service announcement for everyone else. Your commitment to showing everyone what a dumbass you are is to be commended for it’s mind-numbing consistency in every post you make. I will not do you the disservice of limiting you to one go-to, though completely played out, turn of phrase.

  22. Max Starks is a highly intelligent individual for those questioning him. His Wonderlic was actually a 35, which is high by any standard.
    Starks is smart enough to know staying with the Steelers and getting guarateed money now is better than playing this year with no future guarantee and risking an injury and forfeiting future money.

  23. Looks like we are going to need to bust out some learning aides to explain why it was a bad deal to the steeler fans…. instead of dollars use “cans of beers” and the use of hand puppets seems to hold their attention long enough to teach them things.

  24. Anybody who thinks Starks was likely to get more than $6M/year from any team that wasn’t desparate for a LT hasn’t watched Max Starks block lately. This is a very good deal for him, more than he’s likely to be worth.

  25. this site has just contradicted itself. i realize florio doesn’t write all the stories, but just earlier today it was reported that Starks was lucky to get that franchise tag/tender he was getting; the article even went so far to say he wouldn’t get that in free agency.
    the way i see this, is the Steelers are overpaying a guy who underperforms. Of course Starks will take this – without this he’ll be a FA next year making a lot less money.

  26. Question? If a guy jumps off a bridge, are you gonna jump too? My meaning….if an idiot (for example the Nate Clements contract) gives a player a bad contract, doesnt mean the smart people have to do the same. People, there are 32 teams, but only a handful of these guys understand the game. Dont get mad at the Steelers because they dont compensate ignorance with money. Go Steelers!!!!

  27. When people take less money to play for the Patriots it’s a tribute to their great organization.
    Max Starks takes less money to play for the Steelers, and he’s a dumbass.
    Let’s take a peek at the last five years…

  28. This is a nice deal for the Steelers. Starks is an adequate LT who will provide adequate coverage for Big Ben. Remember, Steelers don’t need the BEST LT in the game. Ben is going to maneuver around the pocket even when he is 36…..that’s how he plays. Mostly, this frees up 3 mil. in cap space to get Heath Miller signed prior to the season. Nice work, Kevin Colbert!

  29. Good deal for both . He seen the NFL Def MVP take a cap friendly contract . And i think that pressures others to do the same . Max is smart and he knows money doesnt make you happy when you go to the Lions . How many high priced players would play for less to play for the Steelers ? More than you may think . Mike stop hating ok ? lol I understand its slow right now and you need to create some buzz to keep the site going . But why question perfection ? 6 trophies says they know what they are doing .

  30. this is yet another example of why the steelers are (along with the patriots) the best run franchise in the NFL. i hate them, but they know what they’re doing.

  31. I don’t know, it’s not such a bad deal for Starks. He isn’t exactly pro-bowl material.
    He is increasing his guaranteed money by 18%. The $8.45 for this year, while guaranteed, is his salary for this year. Whatever he makes in salary this year under the new deal must be added to the equation. It is highly unlikely he will be cut and lose this year’s salary. So, overall, it’s a little bit better position for him.
    As far as Stealer fans crowing about their greatness; don’t get too full of yourselves. You beat NOBODY to win it last year, and ripped off the Seahawks with the help of the officials in the worst debacle of a Super Bowl the time before that . Nobody is nearly as impressed with the Stealers as the Stealer fans, and rightly so.
    As it turns out, Steelers tackle Max Starks traded a one-year guaranteed deal worth $8.45 million and a crack at free agency in the uncapped year for three more years at another $17.85 million.
    According to John Clayton of ESPN.com, it’s a four-year, $26.3 million contract.

  32. i bet starks didn’t want to learn another system next year, after spending so many seasons just to be kinda sorta okay in pittsburgh. the truth is, unless the Steelers o-line can get the running game back on track, starks won’t be seeing those 3rd and 4th years of this contract.

  33. Watch game tape of Starks in action in SB 43 versus Marvel Smith in SB 40. I did not see any dropoff. He was the only good OLman on that terrible line. The worst OL to be part of a SB winner EVER.
    As I said before, Steelers were stupid to tag him back to back years. But considering they already guaranteed him 8.5M, getting him for only 10M guaranteed for a total of 26M over 4 years is not a bad deal for the Steelers.
    Would he get more than 26M on the free market, probably not. But that is assuming he was not tagged in the first place.
    Then again, if horrible guards like Chris Kemeatu can get a 20M offer over 4 years from the Jets, who knows.

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