Dolphins: Vontae Davis Wasn't Arrested

In the wake of reports that Miami Dolphins first-round cornerback Vontae Davis was arrested June 9 in Champaign, Ill., for driving without a valid license and unnecessary vehicular noise, a team official is denying that Davis was even in Illinois at the time of the alleged traffic stop.
In an e-mail to us, Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene wrote that Davis was actually in South Florida and participated in the Dolphins’ Organized Team Activity on the same day that he was allegedly arrested.
“I spoke to Vontae, and he told me he was in South Florida all day on June 9, the day the incident supposedly occurred,” Greene wrote.  “In addition, we had a scheduled OTA that morning that Vontae attended, and he also attended a rookie life-skill session that afternoon.
“Finally, we also know he was in the building at 7:00 a.m. the next morning.  So, in addition to Vontae’s own word that he wasn’t in Champaign, it’s almost physically impossible for him to have been there at the time the incident allegedly took place.”
According to the Daily Illini report, Davis was pulled over at 6:47 p.m. and issued a notice to appear.
Citing a police report, Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is also reporting that Davis was arrested for the aforementioned charges.
Per the Sun-Sentinel, Davis was pulled over as part of a “Terry stop,” where police officers deem there is sufficient suspicious activity to execute a traffic stop. He reportedly wasn’t booked by police officers.
According to the Sun-Sentinel, Davis is scheduled to pay a small fine and there won’t be a warrant issued for his arrest.
Meanwhile, David Neal of the Miami Herald writes that the newspaper’s request to see the police report was denied by the Champaign Police Department records office, which raises another question.
Why would that department show the report to the Sun-Sentinel and the Daily Illini and not provide that information to the Herald?
Especially since it’s a matter of public record.
It’s also confusing that two different news organizations would write that Davis was cited in Illinois. Could someone else have been driving Davis’ car and/or using his identification?
UPDATE: The Sun-Sentinel has updated its original report after reaching Davis.
Although the arrest report reportedly lists a Vontae Ottis Davis from 920 Emerson Street in Washington, D.C., as the individual cited, Davis is denying he was arrested and insists he was attending an OTA on June 9 and June 10.
Davis said that he hasn’t been in Champaign since February.
“It’s a crazy thing,” Davis said. “When I heard about it, it hit me: ‘Oh, God.’ It was something I couldn’t prepare for. It just came out of nowhere.”
Davis theorized that someone might be impersonating him since his wallet was stolen before he left school to enter the NFL Draft.
“That’s the only thing I can think of,” Davis said.  “But that shouldn’t be able to work if the police know that person doesn’t look like me.”

16 responses to “Dolphins: Vontae Davis Wasn't Arrested

  1. I love that this “arrest” may not have even taken place at all. Hysterical and standard.

  2. This whole thing is rather confusing. If Vontae was in South Florida, and the Dolphins have record of this, can’t someone realize that the Vontae Davis cited was not the same Vontae?
    Or perhaps one of Vontae’s buds is making the most of being one of Vontae’s buds. By stealing his identity. Which Vontae was in South Florida and which Vontae was in Illinois? And which Vontae will be playing for the Miami Dolphins in September?

  3. According to Davis, his wallet was stolen before he left school to turn pro. He canceled all his credit cards, but theorized it’s possible someone who looks similar to him was still using his driver’s license as identification.
    “That’s the only thing I can think of,” Davis said. “But that shouldn’t be able to work if the police know that person doesn’t look like me.”
    Champaign police spokesperson Rene Dunn did not immediately return several messages left on her voice mail.

  4. Especially odd because the Herald and Sun-Sentinel now have information and article sharing agreements.

  5. “It’s also confusing that two different news organizations would write that Davis was cited in Illinois. Could someone else have been driving Davis’ car and/or using his identification?”
    One possiblity……
    Or there could be two people in the world named Vontae Davis and the beat reporter saw the name on a police report and decided to run with the story with out check to see if in fact it was the football one, and not some random guy.

  6. so much for all the “vontae is a thug”, “he’s just like his brother”, “i knew it, it was a matter of time” etc etc comments we saw earlier today in another post…
    the worst part is, the most offensive ones won’t even come back to admit they’re wrong, talk about ball-less individuals

  7. Sounds like a case of mistaken identity, with a dash of D.W.B. There;s no way he could have been there and it’s hard for me to believe that Illinois police wouldn’t know what Vonte looks like, considering he was their most famous player for years.

  8. This is just a LOL@ All of those people who had Darius Butler rated over Vontae Davis, and then leaped without looking at an erroneous arrest report to justify their stance.
    Can’t wait for the NFL season though. 🙂

  9. First of all, even if it was Vontae Davis the pro football player, he was not arrested. So put the darn meter back to 27.
    Second, even if he was arrested, it was for fricking invalid driver’s license (hmmm, false id???) and noise. Not worth a single point or a resent.

  10. Hey wait a minute, maybe the Dolphins drafted the wrong guy. If he didn’t have his driver’s license, how do they know. Maybe he used his Costco card………my bad.

  11. Put the meter back to where it was. There’s a chance of cracking the all-time high.

  12. “But that shouldn’t be able to work if the police know that person doesn’t look like me.”
    Unfortunately for Vontae, those particular police are still using the “but you can’t tell them apart” defense.

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