Jets Will Be Wearing A Practice Patch, Too

Last week, the New York Giants announced that a Timex patch will appear on its practice jerseys, if for no reason other than to remind players to check their watches so that they show up at least five minutes early for meetings and practices.
And now the Jets are following suit.
Per the Associated Press, the Jets’ practice jerseys will include a patch bearing the name of Atlantic Health, a New Jersey-based health care provider that has purchased the naming rights to the team’s practice facility.
We’ll close the day by dropping in (again) our PFTV segment that addresses the question of whether this new revenue stream will result in ads showing up on game uniforms.


6 responses to “Jets Will Be Wearing A Practice Patch, Too

  1. The big question on everyone’s mind these days:
    Will PFTV migrate to NBC? Will you still “work” with Joe Brocato?

  2. Here is my question: Would this be a violation for the athlete that may have a endorsement contract with Nike let’s say and then the team goes out and has Addidas plastered all over the athlete’s uniform?

  3. Why can’t we just fully migrate into the realm of soccer and nascar and start plastering ads all over the REAL jerseys. I’m sick of the line flirting.
    And am I the only one that thinks a logical step for the Bengals is a sponsership from Paul Wall and “Grillz”?

  4. Yes, logos. Welcome to the downfall of the NFL. When teams are allowed to sell space on game jerseys, you will see the end coming. Why? Because while logos on game jerseys will be valuable advertising, a logo on a Superbowl winning team, or even a team with a winning record (as opposed to say, the Lions) will be much more valuable. So how far are we then, from the NFL taking “extra” revenue to assure that the corporate sponsors have a winning, or even superbowl winning, team? WHen there is no sponsorship, we know that it is also a lot less likely that a company is trying to buy a title. With sponsorship, that will inject the question, and also the opportunity. BAD idea. Logos on the bottom of the screen would be bad enough, as it interferes with the enjoyment of the game. Logos on the team jerseys will threaten any appearance of fairness out there.
    Not to mention many teams will make out a lot better than others in this deal. A team like my Patriots will command much more money in such a deal than would a perennial loser like the Lions. We need equity, not for the rich to get richer and the poor to continue struggling. The draft assures that the bad teams will be likely to be bad for some time, as their money is tied up in unproven players. This would be another burden we make them bear.

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