Jim Brown Rips Tiger, Jordan

As it turns out, Browns receiver Donte’ Stallworth isn’t the only recent target of Hall of Fame running back (and Browns executive) Jim Brown’s ire.
Brown also has taken aim recently at Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.
In a Tuesday night appearance on HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, Brown addresses the efforts (or lack thereof) of Woods and Jordan to engage in social activism.
This cat is a mamajama; he is a killer,” Brown says of Woods, according to Neil Best of Newsday.  “He’ll run over you, he’ll kick your ass.  But as an individual for social change or any of that kind of [stuff], terrible.  Terrible.”
Brown specifically pointed to Woods’ silence after the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman said last year that the best strategy for Woods opponents would be to “lynch” him.
As to both men, Brown said, “I know they both know better, OK?  And I know they both can do better without hurting themselves.”
But why single out Woods and Jordan?  Other than Brown, we’re having trouble thinking of many/any athletes of any race or creed or ethnicity in the past generation who have risked compromising their careers in the name of promoting social progress.  (Feel free to refresh our recollection in the comments.)
Indeed, most athletes have opted to tread cautiously when it comes to things that potentially could undermine their earning power.
On one hand, it’s prudent.  On the other hand, we agree with Brown — we think that things can be said and actions can be taken without hurting an athlete’s on-field or off-field interests.

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  1. Jim Brown is the biggest big mouth of them all….Ill keep Tiger the way he is, as opposed to a loudmouth like him!

  2. Long time reader, first time commenter.
    The only name that comes to mind: John Rocker.
    For the wrong reasons.

  3. because hey are black, rich and famous does not obligate them to do thing they might not want to do or are not comfortable doing…Jim Brown chose to be a n activist more power to him but that does not mean there is anything wrong with Jordan and Tiger wanting to live a low key life outside their select fields

  4. The problem is, when Jim Brown says it, it doesn’t sound like good advice, it sounds like he’s a crotchety old man.
    Moreover, he should not be calling out these guys in public. Meet face-to-face with Tiger or MJ and talk to them about it man-to-man.
    Jim Brown is great at pointing out inconvenient truths, but he sucks at doing it without sounding like a total jerk.

  5. Maurice Clarett was a pretty big catyalyst for social change… hey, wasn’t he a protoge of Jim Brown?

  6. I don’t know why people assume that because someone is good in a sport they automatically have to be some type of activist. Tiger has his charity. He donates his money and time. Why the hell does he need to do more. He can do absolutely nothing if that’s his prerogative.
    It’s funny how people think that their agenda needs to be held by all others. Especially because of the color of their skin. Jim Brown needs to STFU.

  7. Whether or not you like Jim Brown is not the issue. What he’s saying is 100% correct. Speaking as an African-American man who’s mentored young kids in NYC and urban Philadelphia for years, I know the power of a positive role model, particularly male ones.
    Both of these players have led by the example of their athletic greatness and work ethic, but there’s no question they could have – and can still do – much more.
    That said, this is not a football story at all. This was posted for PFT blog hits, nothing else. (And I’m as guilty as anyone else for clicking on it.)

  8. I think social progress is black men who can go about having successful careers without having to deal with race. I think what Tiger has done in revolutionizing the game of golf and doing so with dignity and class has done more for social progress than Jim Brown could ever dream of doing…

  9. To me Jim Brown is in the same category of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, race pimping attention whore.

  10. Isn’t this the same guy that was backing Maurice Clarett? Look what that did for him. He’s just bitter becasue MJ and Tiger are making theirs and he never did. He was a great player and he needs to let his play speak for him, not his mouth. It seems to be only discreditting his image the more he opens it.

  11. Tiger hasn’t changed our social climate?? Hey Brown- Nobody has changed our social climate more with the arena Tiger plays in. Keep making it about color Jim and we can keep dragging this on. Maybe you should watch the way Tiger acts and treats his family and take a lesson yourself. Tiger is a stud and he has changed the way millions of people think without acting like you. I’m of tired of Jim Brown.

  12. Wasn’t there just a article on this very site about Larry Foote working for social change in Detroit?

  13. Jim’s got a right to his opinion – but what he’s missing is what he and firgures like him accomplished – you can now be the most successful individual in your sport and the fact that you’re black isn’t even part of people’s judgement on whether they like you or not. Wood’s reaction to Tilghman’s comments was actually very merciful – he could have crushed her career and ruined her, but didn’t – that’s a good role model. Woods and Jordan both give back via charity and philanthropy – that is the only vehicle that can help change today. We are beyond the days of Ali and Brown – hell we have a black President. Jim Brown spent years wanting people to not see race, and now that they don’t, he’s pissed that more athletes don’t scream about being black. Turn the page Jim.

  14. Why is Brown looking at athletes for social change? I thought that the election of Obama would be enough to bring about social change. What an African American as President of the United States is good enough Jim?

  15. Some of the athletes that fought for change:
    Muhammed Ali
    Curt Flood
    Kareem and all the others that boycotted the 1968 Olympics
    Tommie Smith
    John Carlos
    Harry Edwards

  16. “Other than Brown, we’re having trouble thinking of many/any athletes of any race or creed or ethnicity in the past generation who have risked compromising their careers in the name of promoting social progress. (Feel free to refresh our recollection in the comments.)”
    As chucknorris mentioned above – Muhammad Ali.
    Plus…isnt Brown a wife beater? He needs to shut the hell up. Oh, unless hes going to continue to throw hilarious lines like “mamajama” out there….

  17. why do we always focus on washed up or retired NFL players? for once can the media focus on actual current football news? this is not football news florio…please get over your obsession with Jim Brown and the wacky things his early dementia mind comes up with, and more importantly your obsession with reporting on non-football issues

  18. This is good juxtoposition to the article regarding Foote in Detroit…
    Some athletes and celebs will feel compelled to help make a difference, whether with money or just being a role model. Some don’t as they are not comfortable with it.
    Let’s be appreciative of those that have become stars in sports, or whatever, that share their experiences, knowledge, and in most cases money to help those less fortunate.
    Calling out those that don’t doesn’t accomplish anything.

  19. The point that it seems to be missing from the comments is that these two individuals have a microphone bigger than most, and that they keep it on mute rather than having something meaningful to say. Whenever a Black Athlete gets in trouble and Florio posts the item, there are more than a handful of very thinly veiled racists statements. Most of these guys that get in trouble have no father figure growing up so they mimic those that they watch either within their communities, or on television. Maybe if more responsible Black Athletes would contribute some time back to the communities that raised them, and point out to these kids that it takes hard work, dedication and making the right choices to succeed in life they would have less problems in life. And if they stress the fact that they have a better chance of being a doctor, lawyer, engineer, than a Professional Athlete that may resonate with them as well……

  20. There is a minority in the white house. In today’s world, if the color of your skin is “holding you back” then you can only blame yourself. People succeeding in spite of their socioeconomic background has became fairly common (with regards to past generations).
    I’m not saying its fair, because there are always going to be the priviliged type and the type that had to work very hard to get where they are, but at this point its about as level of a playing field as you are going to get as far as race goes.
    At some point you have to help yourself, and stop expecting help from others.

  21. Scientific says:
    June 23rd, 2009 at 1:16 pm
    Whether or not you like Jim Brown is not the issue. What he’s saying is 100% correct. Speaking as an African-American man who’s mentored young kids in NYC and urban Philadelphia for years, I know the power of a positive role model, particularly male ones.
    Both of these players have led by the example of their athletic greatness and work ethic, but there’s no question they could have – and can still do – much more.
    just because they aren’t doing things the way Jim Brown wants them done, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing anything socially. Before Tiger became a superstar and proved he was worth the hype he had growing up, he wasn’t accepted by the African American community, but once he wasn’t a failure, they latched on. Maybe this is why Tiger married a white woman and doesn’t feel the way Jim Brown does. Tiger also grew up with a positive male role model in his life, having a great relationship with his dad. If it’s something he didn’t miss growing up, he’s not going to feel the need to help others who do miss it.
    I’m white, and grew up in a 98% black neighborhood without a father, so I’m in the same line of work as you. I don’t understand why Black people need to call out other Blacks as not being “Black enough” or “doing enough for the Black community”. All it does is propagate the notion that our skin color difference really is a reason to keep separate as races. My niece is equally black and white, but the same African Americans who /love/worship?/claim Barack Obama as black, are the same people who reject her for her “whiteness.’ That my friends, is hypocrasy, but I’m sure someone will shoot a response back telling me it’s the white man’s fault that black people can’t even love their own.

  22. Jim Brown Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson perpetuate racism, and they like it that way. They make a living off the backs of the very people they claim to speak for. Beats getting an honest job I guess.
    I grew up in the 50’s and was taught to be color blind. Seems more and more, a person’s color is a first consideration so the proper set of standards (bonus points) can be awarded based on gender and race.

  23. Jim Brown (sometimes) thinks Jim Brown isn’t black enough black enough to live in today’s world either…

  24. As an upstanding citizen and someone who contributes heavily to charity, Tiger does more for minorities than many of the race baiters criticizing him.

  25. Sorry Jim, Republicans also buy shoes and golf clubs.
    (as I think Jordan once pointed out).
    I know discrimination of various sorts is still an issue (just ask the gays) but for many people the issue of race just isn’t the big deal it once was and the quick to hysteria Clarett supporting types don’t help with this progress.

  26. While I agree with brown on fatherhood, woods and jordan appear to be more positive role models… And businessmen.
    Jordan was asked a long time ago why he was not an activist.mm and he replied “because republicans buy shoes too.”
    And I remember the black power display in mexico city. Shameful isn’t a strong enough word for it.

  27. Jim Brown is a legendary figure in my mind. BUT I wish he would just do his thing and leave other people alone. OK, I understand how strongly he feels about racism. If I was an African American, which I am not, I would feel the same way and feel compelled to do something about it. I respect anyone for following their hearts.
    Leave others alone Jim and mind your own business!!!

  28. It’s because Jim Brown puts his own convictions above endorsement deals, while Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan (among others) do not.
    There is only one Jim Brown.

  29. IMO Jim Brown is the RACIST!
    If all he does is try to find fault in this great country of ours, where by the way the two most powerfull athletes of this time (Tiger & MJ) are at least part black, I feel sorry for him. Maybe there really isn’t anything wrong with America. Except maybe the people that keep saying there is.

  30. I am confused – what social change would Mr. Brown want. I think he – and Bill Cosby have both argued for black fathers being more accountable and responsible [I do not think this is a black issue – fathers in general need to be accountable and responsible and part of their children’s lives}
    Tiger has set a good example in this area as far as we know, and Jordan appears to have played a significant role in the lives of his children through his marriage and marital difficulties.
    Again, what specifically would Jim Brown want them to do – the “war” is over – yes the world is full of injustices – but are these racially driven in some way that would benefit from Tiger and MJ taking a more active role?

  31. tiger woods sponsors 6 different charities aimed at bettering family life and youth movements for inner city children. You can lead by example, actions speak louder than words. You’re gonna rip TIGER WOODS of all people?? that guy is the ideal father and husband, and has ALWAYS stayed out of trouble. There are a lot more poeple to point the finger at before you go pointing at Tiger, Jim.
    loved the one-two punch you laid out on the alien in Mars Attacks…you practice that move on your wife before the audition?

  32. I like Jim Brown.
    I’d say Darrell Green is another great positive role model.

  33. How would Jim Brown feel if Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan started up a public awareness campaign to stop black athletes from beating their wives? Would Jim like that, or would it hit (pun intended) a little too close to home?
    I love you Jim, but please STFU.

  34. Maybe Jim Brown could get involved in ‘social activism’ like women’s rights.
    Or doesn’t that count…

  35. Cheeky Watson:
    Some men, it seems, spend their lives fighting. Not necessarily in a physical sense, although violence and the threat of it is no stranger to Cheeky Watson.
    But in a mental sense, Watson has been battling against the odds, against the authorities for much of his 54 years. This man of South Africa has been at odds with differing ruling bodies within this country for so long. The Apartheid Government, the current South African Rugby Union, past Springbok coaches: doesn’t Watson become weary at a never ending list of battles? After all, even Napoleon got fatigued by constant campaigns. So can he imagine a day when he won’t have a battle to fight?
    He shifts his (not inconsiderable) frame in the chair and smiles. “I look forward to that day, I honestly do” he tells me. “Sometimes you get tired of fighting. There is a time when you want just to relax and reflect. Frankly, I would like to walk away from all the fighting and sit back. Has all this wearied or enhanced me ? It has wearied me, there is no doubt. But I have become very disappointed in the integrity and character of many people that are leading South African rugby. I won’t name names but they know who they are.
    “What you expect these people to do is lead like rugby players normally play the game: hard and tough without compromise, but in a fair and honest way. I don’t see that from them, though. It is very sad that South African rugby is riddled with treachery, lies and skulduggery. What we need is for more top class ex-rugby players to be involved in the administration of the game. They are the ones that understand how the game should be administered.”
    Perhaps it was divine fate that Cheeky Watson grew up in an era of such huge conflict within his own country. The son of Daniel John Watson, a devout Christian, he was one of four brothers, Gavin (the eldest), Ronnie, Valence and Cheeky (the youngest). Their parents taught them firm Christian values and Cheeky went to a government school, Graeme College HS for Boys at Grahamstown. It was founded in 1873 and was established as a high class, un-denominational school.
    “The thing that was drummed down our throats was, love the Lord above all else and your neighbour, as yourself. We were taught that you cannot do one without the other. So we were taught not to see colour from the cradle. The first language we spoke was Xhosa and then we learned English.”
    Watson’s father was a lay preacher and a farmer. But because of his beliefs, he struggled, never being offered a land back loan that was reserved for the conservative whites. Watson Senior fought against that prejudice and the youngest of his four sons quietly watched his struggles. It set his mind for the rest of his life.
    “During World War 2, there was quite a bit of anti-Jewish sentiment in South Africa and my father also fought against that.”
    But above all, Watson Senior (and later, junior) detested everything about the apartheid system. That was why, says Cheeky, his father brought up his kids to believe in fairness and all four brothers grasped the same values. They perceived an evil and rejected it, in all its forms.
    He went to the Army for his national service and found his philosophy completely alien in that ultra conservative, formulaic environment. They could never answer him, as he puts it, why the black brothers and sisters with whom he’d played games like marbles whilst growing up on the farm, should now be separated from him. The Army seldom strays into the realms of philosophy; few in its service have the mental capacity to do so. But his unanswered, politically indelicate questions forged a chasm between the two that could never heal.
    “The indoctrination at the time was unbelievable” he remembers. “I look at the media today that enjoys such freedom yet a large part of this freedom they abuse. They upheld the apartheid Government by covering up everything about it. More than that, they supported it. Therefore, is it any surprise that in a lot of circles you find that among the people who have been involved in the apartheid struggle, there is a tremendous suspicion of the media.”
    Like most young white South African boys, Cheeky Watson soon took to rugby football and was very good at it, as his own son Luke has turned out to be. But Watson Senior enraged the apartheid rulers and the conservative South African rugby officials of his time by rejecting any suggestion of representing the famous Springboks, a sporting institution he saw as the epitome of the white racist government. It earned him enemies all over his country.
    Instead, together with his brother Valence, he went off and played for Kwa-ru, a rugby team from the Kwazakhele Township. Furthermore, he affiliated himself with the ANC in the late 1970s, a decision that brought him into focus as a so-called ‘enemy of the state’.
    The consequences soon followed. The opprobrium, the revulsion among his fellow whites was widespread; there was, he says, a tremendous amount of internal pressure. There were thoughts of going into exile and taking the fight outside the country. “My kids were threatened, I was threatened. My wife, Tracey, was threatened and our car tyres slashed.”
    Watson continued to play rugby alongside his beloved black brothers, defying the threats. In the 1970s, he refused the chance to represent the Springboks’ against the French, preferring to coach a black township team. The loathing continued for a decade and more; in 1986, his business and later his house were burned down by white vigilantes and he was shot at. “We were arrested, questioned and detained many times. There was this constant, in-bred thing that your life was on the line. It was certainly a pressurised type of lifestyle; you watched your rear view mirror all the time.”
    But when South Africa was freed from what calls “that tyranny”, his whole family rejoiced. Happily, his father lived long enough to see it. “His feeling was one of absolute elation, a sense of?Thank God it is over’. We always felt it would end but thought it would finish a lot sooner.”
    That would have happened, he maintains to this day, if international sporting teams, most of them from one key sport, rugby union, had not continued to deal with the devil. “I think of the 1980 British & Irish Lions who came here, none of whom, the captain Bill Beaumont included, ever showed any interest in the reality of what was going on in this country. Beaumont’s attitude was, he didn’t want anything to do with us.
    “Only one player wanted to find out the truth and that was Tony Ward of Ireland. His actions gave us a lot of hope. He said, ‘Show me what’s happening’ and we took him to the Townships.
    “The other Lions who just weren’t interested ? I believe they have a lot of blood on their hands. They are just as guilty as the people that oppressed this country. And I have equally little respect for those who came on those rebel tours. We found out afterwards that teams like the Cavaliers came just for money. Blood money.”
    But his battles continue. He could not bring himself to support the Springboks at either the 1995 or 2007 Rugby World Cups when they won the trophy because he felt they represented something with which he couldn’t identify, a largely exclusive white majority side. He maintains his fears were confirmed by Chester Williams’ book in the light of the ‘95 tournament.
    He had equally little taste for the Jake White regime at the last World Cup. He has, of course, campaigned for the removal of the Springbok emblem because, he maintains, South Africa needs a more unifying emblem.
    Watson’s whole raison d’etre is that some guys just don’t get it with transformation. SA Rugby President Oregan Hoskins tried to shoot down his critics recently by querying “Aren’t I black enough” ?
    Watson demolishes such an approach with a withering blast. “It’s not about being black enough; it’s nothing to do with that. It is about what is in the heart of a man. There is this discussion about ‘are you black enough or white enough’. It’s not about the colour of your skin but the condition of your heart. People know what you stand for, what your values are. They know whether you are a puppet on a string being controlled by others in the background.
    “There has been so much emphasis on reconciliation that transformation was overlooked in most areas of society in this country. That is why you are still having a fight over transformation in sports teams, in the economy, in land distribution etc. We still face an uphill battle.”
    He refuses to countenance the view that Mandela, a great freedom fighter, was not of the same quality when assessed as a politician. “If transformation had really been addressed vigorously, then you could have had blood shed in this country. Mandela had to step straight out of prison into a leadership role. In my book, he scores 10 out of 10, he did a wonderful job.
    “The tragedy was, he was kept in prison for so long and all those years were lost. That is why I say there is tremendous anger among the non-racial rugby fraternity towards the pace of transformation that is taking place.

  36. A great way to achieve social change is for people like Jim Brown to stop crying racism. America overwhelmingly voted a black, a LIBERAL black at that, to be President of the United States. Enough is enough with the racism schtick. It’s become nothing more than a way to achieve social injustice against non-blacks and a way to silence dissent.

  37. Doesn’t he think that the only way to ever really stop racism is to stop celebrating every step that is made. We have a black president and in every other aspect of the government, a black person has won the super bowl as head coach. If people constantly hear “how does it feel to be the first black man to do this and that,” there is always going to be racism. Tiger and Jordan are doing the right thing by not going out of there way to be an activist.

  38. “The point that it seems to be missing from the comments is that these two individuals have a microphone bigger than most, and that they keep it on mute rather than having something meaningful to say. ”
    So what? It’s incredibly presumptuous to make the contention not only that Tiger (and others) should be “an agent of social change”, but also that he happens to agree with the standard political dogma. Who says he agrees with the views of the people who want him to advocate certain things?
    He’s said many times that he considers himself to be multiracial, having a widely varied background. Maybe his “statement” is that he celebrates ALL his heritage, and that he’s comfortable in his own skin? Isn’t it a victory that a guy like Tiger, with his background, can just be himself? That he doesn’t have to be a token or symbol, to be paraded around by one side or the other?
    In other words, leave the guy alone.

  39. Scientific says:
    June 23rd, 2009 at 1:16 pm
    Whether or not you like Jim Brown is not the issue. What he’s saying is 100% correct. Speaking as an African-American man who’s mentored young kids in NYC and urban Philadelphia for years, I know the power of a positive role model, particularly male ones.
    Both of these players have led by the example of their athletic greatness and work ethic, but there’s no question they could have – and can still do – much more.
    That said, this is not a football story at all. This was posted for PFT blog hits, nothing else. (And I’m as guilty as anyone else for clicking on it.)
    Scientific and Jim brown, get a life, if it was tiger’s responsiblity to enter the social realm of society, he would have gotten into politics. People like Jim brown just want to keep the racial stigma going, he makes me sick, and that kills me because he went to syracuse, where he got a first rate education, which apparently he decided to flush down the toilet!!!!!

  40. Maybe Tiger and Jordan don’t want to come off like Brown – a never go away blowhard. In between breaking ex-wives windshields, allegedly, and cashing a paycheck from the Browns by doing little more than spouting off occasionally, what does Jim Brown do except bitch about what other people don’t do?

  41. I don’t recall JB coming out against violence against women. Perhaps he could direct some of his energy there. How about some of that social change Jim?

  42. Some people lead by example, others lead by being vocal. Both are important, since some people respond better to one as opposed to the other. There is no “absolute right” way to lead.
    Too bad Jim Brown isn’t more tolerant on the various methods on which people choose to lead.

  43. The fact that Jim Brown still uses the term “Mama Jamma” shows you that in his mind it’s 1960 and there is still a huge racial divide. You gotta love Jim Brown, but he’s pretty opinionated now a days. I wonder how long Eric Mangini will allow him to keep talking to the media while he’s working for the Browns.

  44. I hate golf so I’m no Tiger fan but he said he knew the woman so he knew that she didn’t mean it in that way. It’s up to Tiger to decide if that comment bothered him no one else on earth can decide that for him.
    Even if an athelete could care less about social change so what, if I’m real good at putting a ball through a hoop that doesn’t mean I’m obligated to bring about social change or that I would know what the hell I’m doing when it comes to the matter.

  45. I agree young black men need role models. Obama isn’t doing anything for them. They consider him a puppet. Some see the half white and don’t think he’s black.
    As for knocks on Tiger Woods…I guess the Tiger Woods Foundation does nothing for social change, huh? Helping underprivileged kids in the community reach their goals isn’t doing a d*mn thing for social change, huh?
    Jordan…I guess making donations to the Boys & Girls Clubs, CharitaBulls, Special Olympics, and helping at-risk youth isn’t qualified for social change, huh?
    These guys have always given back to their respective communities in their own ways. But, why even acknowledge ignorance? That’s something I was raised on. By acknowledging ignorance you give them an edge. These guys are rich and are role models. Woods did the best thing by not acknowledging her than by chastising her. Chastising her would have given that lady the power and shown the world that no matter how big you get you’re still a product of the color of your skin. Which sickens me. Woods and Obama are both of mixed heritage and they are still by all accounts considered black!!!!! HOW IS THAT NOT RACISM?THEY’RE BEING JUDGED BY THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.

  46. Jim Brown is a racist, not an activist for social change.
    He should be giving the following advice:
    1. Get a job
    2. Don’t father any children unless you are married
    3. Get the chip off your shoulder and assimilate to the American way off life
    4. Stay away from drugs
    5. Get off of welfare
    6. ………..

  47. Maybe he should be out beatin up girls, giving up his career early to be a moviestar and then go around helping gang members. Or maybe they could just say thank you for the support they received to allow them to be here today. They both acknowledge history or racism and the civil rights struggle. Where they differ is where most of society differs in that We as people are responsible for ourselves. Maybe just Maybe they believe their success shows ANYONE that today you can do anything you want in this world. SHUT YOUR MOUTH, GO TO WORK, and Succeed beyond your wildest dreams. To say these titans of sports and industry don’t give back is a JOKE! Go back to counseling oj, take the beanie off and realize the world is colorblind for those who chose to see it that way!

  48. If we (everyone who has posted here) all get together and pull really, really hard, we may, just may, be able to pull Brown’s head out of his ass!

  49. Jim Brown does realize Tiger is about 97 different ethnicities, right? Are these catalysts for social change for just black folks, or everyone? It certainly seems he’s only interested in social change for certain groups…I’m just sayin’.

  50. for all the good Jim Brown tries to do with world
    he sure does seem to like to shine the light on
    himself an awful lot.
    maybe its my imagination.

  51. Despite all his laudable work in recent years trying to reform gang members and curb inner-city violence, Brown has always seemed threatening to some Americans. He has only bolstered that image with recurring displays of anger, especially against women. Brown was fined $500 and briefly jailed for beating up a male golf partner in 1978, and he has faced assault charges against women five times over the last four decades; in the first four cases the charges were either dropped or he was acquitted after his female accusers decided not to testify against him.
    Though a jury acquitted Brown on the more serious charge of making a terrorist threat against his wife—Monique told the 911 operator that Jim had threatened to kill her, a claim she later retracted—it convicted him of vandalism, and Los Angeles Superior Court judge Dale Fischer fined him $1,800 and sentenced him to three years’ probation, a year of domestic-violence counseling and his choice of 40 hours on a work crew or 400 hours of community service. When Brown refused to accept the counseling, Fischer imposed the jail sentence. Brown appealed—arguing that he had not committed an act of domestic violence and that Fischer had been biased against him—and lost.
    Sports Illustrated 4/15/2002

  52. Jim Brown is right. Today’s “modern” athlete is only concerned about endorsements and the possibility of moving into the broadcast booth after their career is over. They don’t take usually take a stand on any social issue for fear of alienating fans and losing endorsements or future employment. While some athletes do have charities and foundations, those charities and foundations are usually recommended by their accountants and financial planners, because they are great for tax write-offs.
    In a larger sense, the modern athlete is really just a reflection of society, as the majority of society would rather watch tv and play with their Ipods, then work for social change. Maybe we should learn not to expect anything heroic from our sports heroes when they are not on the playing field.

  53. Look, Jim Brown, great running back or not – has a history of opening his mouth and saying stupid shit for attention.
    Now, considering he is 85475498 years old and nobody gives a shit about him any more – unless he says stupid shit about other more current famous people.

  54. Basically, Jim Brown’s comments should be correctly read as the Jordan and Tiger do not want to engage in LIBERAL activism.

  55. Can Jim Brown please shut up now? I’m still the greatest RB…blah, blah, blah. I played less games….blah, blah, blah. If he played against todays athletes in the NFL he would get blown up. You were great 40 years ago. Good for you! No one cares what you think now so STFU!


  57. Hey Jim- GET OVER IT! just because Tiger and MJ are athletes that share the same skin color as you, does not mean they share the same thoughts about your ideas of “social change”. I wonder how Jim Brown would feel if Tiger and MJ “spoke up”, but instead of sounding like Jim Brown, they sounded like J.C. Watts?

  58. Someone should suggest to Brown that Mangini is making the black players run extra laps at practice … then sit back and watch the fun.

  59. You should read Million Dollar Slaves. It’s Michael and Tiger because those are the two iconic black players in their sports. Those two men are in unique places to make an impact.

  60. Tiger and MJ are not the problem. Ignorant people like Jim Brown are the problem. If everybody will quit making a big deal about other peoples stupidity and think more about their own words and actions the world would be a lot better off. Should she have said that about tiger? NO! Should he have responded? NO! What is wrong with these two sports figures being class acts? Lowering themselfs to someone else’s level doesnt make them activist, it makes them ignorant. You know I have seen I a lot of change in the racial tensions and it seems to be less and less with the young generations but then you have these old tired people that just cant let things go like Jim Brown. If you want to do something for “your people” as I am sure you see it, then lead by example as Tiger and MJ do!!! Most of us see us all as our people. No matter the color of your skin we are all people and all creatures of habit and products of our enviroments, so keep up the good work Tiger and MJ. You guys are the True HERO’S the True leaders! Dont let Jim Brown drag down to his level!

  61. im all for equality but im tired of the race card being tossed around with such reckless abandon. People need thicker skin and taker things for what they are and not what they want them to appear to be.

  62. What Jim Brown needs to realize is that not everyone is the same personality type as he.
    Jim is an outspoken person, and a self-proclaimed diplomat of rights & equality. No one asked him to do that.
    But on the same token not everyone is of the personality type to be aggressive & outspoken. Some people just don’t want to rock the boat. Others don’t see a problem with things or perhaps they weren’t offended. Jim needs to worry about himself though. As has been said, if he was genuinely concerned to fix the situation, he’d contact these people privately & hammer it out.
    Calling stuff out in public like that is only him pulling a Al Sharpton – getting your name out in the paper.
    If he didn’t come out and say this, his name wouldn’t be in print this week. he couldn’t have that, now could he? Be a man and contact the people directly – give them a chance to rectify your problem by telling them privately first. THEN, if they don’t do anything and you’re not appeased by their reasoning, then call them out in public.
    Jim just showed no respect to MJ or Tiger, IMO.

  63. do these names ring a bell?
    Muhammad Ali, Curt Flood, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Johnny Sample, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Bilile Jean King, Joe Namath, Arthur Ashe…do i need to go on?

  64. and by the way, his name is ELDRICK, NOT TIGER, and he is NO ATHLETE;
    golf is a GAME not a sport, principally because it almost totally negates athletic ability when a true sport promotes it;
    and anyone who invents a fantasyland where a fantasy race resides should really be nicknamed “Tigger” and relegated to the 100 Acre Wood, not championed as some form of “progress”;
    money cannot hide such self-hatred you don’t speak up for yourself whne someone wants to lynch you–oh i’m sorry, they were just joking, right?
    then why isn’t all the “strange fruit” laughing?

  65. Did you guys not see Spiderman??? With great power comes great responsibility…..bottom line I don’t blame them for not speaking but was Jordan really gonna be cut if he spoke his mind? Hell Jordan could have at least made them sell the damn shoe cheaper.

  66. As a 28 year old white man, I see people. jim brown sees black people and everyone else.
    maybe jim brown should stop yelling at millonaire athletes, and start looking at the actual probloms plauging the black community.

  67. this isnt the first time he has said it. He said this to an si.com interview in the past
    “Brown: I don’t compare myself with anyone. Let me tell you about someone I do admire. Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots has contributed more to the work I surround myself with than any black athlete in modern times – financially, intellectually, every way. He’s been in the prisons with me. He’s met gang members in my home; he’s met gang members in Cleveland [where Belichick coached the Browns form 1991 to ’95]. He’s put up money. He’s opened up areas of education for us very quietly and very strongly. Imagine what would happen if Michael Jordan did the same thing.
    Now if you’re talking about comparing someone to me on the field, you take Emmitt Smith of Dallas. I saw him play hurt, and I saw the championship heart he had. But that was on the field. My life has never been on the field. It has always been [about what I’ve done] on multiple levels off it.
    SI: What about Tiger?
    Brown: Tiger’s involved in a mission that his father set for him, and he’s doing a great job of it. As an individual, through his golf, he’s demonstrating some great things. But that’s it. He’s focused on golf.”

  68. Dekan i was just about to quote Uncle Ben!..Michael Jordan contributes to the community in a different way than Jim Brown he donated all his salary from his comeback year in 2001 with the wizards to 9/11 victims he also raised a lot of money for katrina victims and helped to rebuild a boys and girls club..im sure he does a lot of things behind the scenes..so jb should do his research b4 talking bad about Mike!

  69. The problem I’ve seen is we don’t wanna be helped. Prominant black figures have helped black people all the time. Oprah and Tyler Perry both have huge companies that hire black people but what do you see. You see a mixture of races working for them. Why? Because we don’t take advantage of it. I work everyday to bring black business owners to at-risk kids to show them that we can make it. I host career fairs and they don’t take advantage of it. Its sucks to see but these same kids still go back to the hood and kill each other.

  70. Jim Brown speaks the truth, if you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything. Look at our minority communities and tell me if it wouldn’t help if professional athletes most of whom came from these communities gave back to these communities, but more then anything all black men most take control of their children and stop having our children look up to athletes. The most important role models in black homes need to be mommy and daddy and until that happens our youth will continue to wind up in the streets or in jail.

  71. dreameagle says:
    June 23rd, 2009 at 4:31 pm
    do these names ring a bell?
    Muhammad Ali, Curt Flood, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Johnny Sample, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Bilile Jean King, Joe Namath, Arthur Ashe…do i need to go on?
    Actually Dreameagle, you do need to go on and keep adding names…in particular somebody young people have been alive to see play their respective sport. Young people either don’t know who those people are or they don’t really care because they never saw them play. The people you mentioned are either dead, near death, or irrelevant to modern society. I think that’s Jim Brown’s point to an extent. There are no modern voices because as Michael Jordan once said “Republicans buy shoes too.”
    Afterall, Brown organized many of the names you mentioned (as well as others like Bill Russell) when he was the leading minority voice in sports years ago.

  72. What Jim forgets is he was a black athlete when black athketes were still taboo in his time.
    Who has ever criticised Tiger or MJ for being black in a public setting?
    In retrospect, black athletes are doing quite well these days, but being reminded of being a black athlete and not doing anything socially is the wrong way to go about it.

  73. First of all, Jim is right, if more AA athletes was too get involved in their respective communities, the AA community would not have to depend on corporate america continued policy of pimping the resources. The reason why mainstream america loves Tiger and MJ is because their incompentance to speak out on issue concerning the AA community. Both have been dis in the AA community because of their stance. Ali is still the poster child in the community for AA athletes taking a stand. Obama made it to the white house through money of wall street, the system was forced to put Obama in the white house simply because of the overwhelming threat of terrorism. Just like South Africa did with Mandela, the USA is doing with Obama. Coporate America will use any skin color to promote it’s agenda. People need to wake up and smell the coffee. It doesn’t matter who is in the white house coporate america still run the show and status quo remains in tact.

  74. Someone needs to tell Jim Brown it’s not 1964 anymore. Its 2009 and we just elected a black president. What social change are Tiger and Jordan going do to?

  75. I’m not saying anything you guys haven’t already said. Jim Brown is a horse’s-@ss and a wife-beater, and he needs to STFU !!! Either he’s a complete idiot, or he will say ANYTHING for attention, even if it means making a total @ss of himself. Either way he’s tarnished his legacy big-time.

  76. Millions respect Jordan and Woods. The number of people who think Jim Brown isn’t a tool is probably somewhere in the single digits.

  77. dean2512 says:
    June 23rd, 2009 at 2:48 pm
    Jim Brown is a racist, not an activist for social change.
    He should be giving the following advice:
    1. Get a job
    2. Don’t father any children unless you are married
    3. Get the chip off your shoulder and assimilate to the American way off life
    4. Stay away from drugs
    5. Get off of welfare

  78. A lot are comparing Obama as President as to how far we have come as a people. Descriptive terms have been used. If we truly have moved on from racial tensions, then why do you feel the need to try to “explain” to other people that we have a “black” president. We have “a” president. Do you check the mirror everyday to reassure the color you were when you went to bed? You sicken me. This isn’t about race. Jim Brown is not credible by his actions and words, not his skin color. He is not credible because he is a hipocrate. That comes in all colors.

  79. jim brown has done lots of great things in his efforts to bring on social change. tiger and jordan have (seemingly unintentionally) done the same through their example. what jim brown should be doing is teeing off on the musicians and athletes that promote a “hip hop culture” that continues to hold down much of the impressionable african american youth.

  80. Jim Brown should be going after people like himself instead of the good guys! How about Ron Artest, Michael Vick, Pacman Jones, OJ simpson these are the problems that you need to be addressing not Tiger or MJ. I guess you dont go after the people that make mistakes like yourself.
    Here are some facts for you. Seems to frequent to be just out to get him
    Hickok Belt 1964
    Pro Football Hall of Fame 1971
    Vandalism smashed up the windows of his wife’s 1994 Honda Accord with a shovel (15-Jun-1999)
    Death Threats allegedly threatened to snap Monique’s neck, acquitted (15-Jun-1999)
    Domestic Violence charges dropped, 1986
    Assault charges dropped, 1985
    Rape charges dropped, 1985
    Sexual Battery charges dropped, 1985
    Battery allegedly choked a golf partner, 1978
    Assault allegedly beat up a man after a traffic accident, acquitted (1969)
    Assault allegedly threw his fiancee off a balcony, charges dropped (1968)
    Resisting Arrest 1968
    Assault accused of raping an 18-year-old, found innocent, 1965
    Battery accused of raping an 18-year-old, found innocent, 1965

  81. “any athletes of any race or creed or ethnicity in the past generation who have risked compromising their careers in the name of promoting social progress?”
    while it was through action rather than words, Pat Tillman springs to mind.

  82. I really wish Tiger could be more like Jim Brown. He should throw his wife off a balcony, rape some chicks, and basically abandon his kids until they are full grown. That ‘s what a REAL role model would do. Come on Tiger get with it, punch a women.
    Then when your career is over you can set up a bullshit foundation that takes money from rich white people who are made to feel guilty and then distribute the funds to your friends and fellow convicts so they don’t have to work a real job.
    When Jim Brown starts to live his own life perfectly and starts to put up his OWN money for his causes, then I will start to listen to him. Until then he is nothing more than a blowhard agitator whose best days were over 40 years ago. Go away.

  83. I am such a fan of Jim Brown! Man he’s the greatest when it comes to NFL. A legend like him can speak how he feels when it comes to other athletes, I mean to me he is all about giving back and offering opportunities. So what’s wrong with encouraging other celebs to do the same? Personally, I think we need more Jim Brown’s, not to mention, he ‘s in a huge poker tournament in the Atlantis Bahamas this September! Might I say that’s a huge deal. Great Job Jim Brown!

  84. I am such a Jim Brown fan and he has the right to speak out about other athletes giving back to their communities. I personally believe that he is all about offering opportunities and uplifting others, and besides he’s looked up to as a Father of NFL, which means many athletes value is word. Jim Brown is such a success in both NFL and society that he has been invited to play in a nationally televised series of poker in the Atlantis Bahamas this September! That’s what you call a success story and I totally support him.

  85. Tiger Wood’s foundation helps children of all races. That is what equality is all about. He is a perfect role model for all races. He doesn’t make his life about race. None of us should. Jim Brown apparently wants to keep racism alive. It’s time he joined the 21 st century!

  86. Jim Brown’s comments are such treasured nuggets of wisdom that anyone who doesn’t take them as gospel is obviously unworthy of his respect. Unfortunately for Mr. Jim Brown, is respect is worthless because no one cares what he thinks unless it’s about athletic performance.

  87. I’ve always been a big fan of Jim Brown, BUT… I totally disagree with him on this because:
    #1. Tiger Woods is NOT Black, NOR does he EVER ‘identify himself as black. He is 50% Asian, 25% American Indian and 25% Black? So?
    #2. Even for the young people who actually are Black and “believe” that Tiger is, Tiger’s class, ability and professional manner does just as much, and maybe even more to inspire and change the atitudes of young people (not just Black kids) than all of the “rhetoric uttered by angry Black men. Remember, young people spend more time in front of the TV or Internet than they do reading some article or column in a newspaper.
    #3. Why does someone who’s outstanding at anything need to be a “social activist” to help people from their own ethnic heritage. There is not room or time to list all of the ways that Tiger and Michael Jordan contribute to our nation’s youth. They consistently demonstrate an example of being “truly decent HUMAN beings (not just Black) and contribute their time and their money to help a wide range of our nation’s young people… again, not just “black.” That type of contribution does more to promote inter-racial harmony than all the oratory blabbering of the phony activists we hear about today.
    #4. As of 2009, major barriers of social injustice have fallen. The TRUE icons like Parks, Robinson, King and Ali have taken their stands and no one can ever fill their shoes, or surpass their achievements. All that are left are the “phony, plastic, poverty pimps like Jackson, Sharpton and Glover. Perhaps Tiger and Mr. Jordan feel they can do more “in their own way” and maybe do not want to be associated with the “phony activists we see today that only represent their own selfish interests.
    #5. What is needed today is NOT “polarization” focusing on one race or another, what is always needed is more focus on people judged on the content of their “character” not on the color of their skin.
    By the way… we have a black president. So, I’m Sorry Mr. Brown… you got tackled on this play.

  88. Dear Jim Brown,
    Hi. It’s not the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s. It’s 2009. We have an African American President. Please stop. We’ve made progress to…um…the ultimate job. Let it go and stop trying to push high profile athletes into the position you and Ali had way back in the day. We appreciate all that you did. And Ali did. And Jackie did. Time has moved on, just like most of us. Obama is proof that the world has moved on. Jim, you should too. Also, thanks for toting the water of your new network Florio. J-O-K-E.

  89. To “flookflorio:”
    Please clean up your own back yard, then. White people are tired, really tired of hearing this. We elected a black president. Let…it…go.
    And clean up your own problems without subjecting us to them.

  90. Jim Brown is an icon. Bill Russell is an icon (and probably the greatest basketball player ever if you know your history). The comments that Jim Brown made regarding Tiger & Jordan were not inappropriate or racist (despite his personal failings in his marriage). Both Russell & Brown used their celebrity status to help affect change and help those in positions worse than their own. That is admirable. Making a ton of cash and not doing a commensurate amount to aid those less fortunate is a large part of what all celebrities do now. That doesn’t help this nation be a better place. It simply espouses the same greed and “me first” mentality that helped us dig our current economic hole. People are what matter and it sure would be nice to see Jordan & Tiger doing more with what they have been blessed with to help all of those who are less fortunate regardless of their color.
    To whom much is given, much is required.

  91. What a blowhard Jim Brown is! How can these
    guys still be singing that old tired song, when this country has elected a Black President?!
    Tiger Woods has done more for the young African-American by leading by example, than a Jim Brown has EVER done. He is articulate, intelligent, family oriented, career driven, hard working, you name it, all the qualities that should be possessed by a man of ANY color. Jim is just trying to hang on to a bygone time that legitimized his hateful thinking,

  92. Why do so many people keep saying we have a black president?He is half WHITE.Since when did half black and half white = black?

  93. What a lot of people of this site or not aware of or don’t want to be aware of is that electing a Black president doesn’t end or will ever end racism. Just taking the position proves that. Also, Jim Brown isn’t asking Tiger or Jordan to fight racism; that is what white people always juxtapose to whenever a subject about athletes like the two of them being challenged to do more for their community. That is an extremely simplistic view of what Jim Brown, Bill Russell, and their group of civil rights fighters have stood for.
    The companies that Tiger and Michael get endorsement deals from, like Nike, make a lot of their revenue from the Black community. However, in the past, Nike and others have procured very little of their services that they pay for from Black-owned businesses. This type of activism is what Tiger and Michael have been called upon to assist with in the past, and they have fail miserably. In the ’90s, when Jordan made his infamous “Republicans wear tennis shoes” statement when asked to support Harvey Gantt, during his senatorial campaign against uber-racist Jesse Helms, he was rightly criticized, since his assistance could have helped the citizens, Black and white, of North Carolina move past a long needed disgusting past. However, what made Jordan the disgusting hypocrite in the matter was when he turned around a few years later and supported Democrat Bill Bradley in his failed presidential bid, even though I was supporting Senator Bradley also. In Tiger’s case, he has never been shy to be a commercial activist when it suited Nike and their pocketbook. Case in point is his August Golf Course commercial he shamefully made, as if they would have ever kept him off that course.
    Jim Brown has been a crusader and continues to be. It is a shame that none of today athletes have social consciousness as a part of their DNA and that most of the readers of these sports blogs are ignorant to what Brown, Russell, Ali, etc., have stood for all of their lives. To the person who thought that the Black Power salute was disgraceful at the 1968 Olympics, I say what was disgraceful was how it was expected that those young men and women were expected to go to Mexico City and carry the banner of the USA and come home and be treated like second-class citizens. Jesse Owens went to Berlin and embarrassed Hitler but had to come home and race horses to make a living. Anyone who cannot understand why Jim Brown is disappointed that people with power won’t use that power to help others “learn how to fish”, not “give them a fish”, is socially inept and incompetent.

  94. I am glad they don’t. Famous people, especially in Hollywood, continue to cram their personal agenda down our throats. I don’t give a shit what Susan Sarandon thinks but she is so egotistical that she believes everyone in thew world ought to agree with her. C***

  95. Jim Brown is a woman beating racist. if he wants to make the workd a better place he should go to some sort of anger management class and then when he’s done with that he should take himself, jesse and al and go jump in the friggin lake. people like this do absolutely nothing to help the “black community” they supposedly care about. all they do is infantize an entire race and its comepletely sickening. last time I checked, if you’re an athlete your job is to play a particular sport, not to be a social engineer.

  96. Jim Browns Past!!
    Vandalism smashed up the windows of his wife’s 1994 Honda Accord with a shovel (15-Jun-1999)
    Death Threats allegedly threatened to snap Monique’s neck, acquitted (15-Jun-1999)
    Domestic Violence charges dropped, 1986
    Assault charges dropped, 1985
    Rape charges dropped, 1985
    Sexual Battery charges dropped, 1985
    Battery allegedly choked a golf partner, 1978
    Assault allegedly beat up a man after a traffic accident, acquitted (1969)
    Assault allegedly threw his fiancee off a balcony, charges dropped (1968)
    Resisting Arrest 1968
    Assault accused of raping an 18-year-old, found innocent, 1965
    Battery accused of raping an 18-year-old, found innocent, 1965
    OK so we all know Jim Brown is a screw up out of the spot light. But he has been a major contributing factor in social change in this country and todays athletes Im sure are appreciative of his sacrificies. But his goal at the time was “CHANGE”. His goal was to cause change so that younger generations of African American athletes wouldnt have to fight the same battle that he did. And todays athlete doesnt have to. Jim Brown still see’s social change as a battle of race. Where as Tiger has been able to have an influence without seeing the change as black and white, but rather by influencing the lives of all races.
    And as far as Tiger’s charity contributions.. Tiger has probably done more in the past 13 years than Jim Brown has in a lifetime.
    1.The Tiger Woods Foundation-has reached an estimated 10 million young people through character development, career exploration and grant making programs. Programs developed and supported by the Tiger Woods Foundation all share a similar mission of empowering young people to dream big and set specific goals to achieve their dreams.
    2.The Tiger Woods Learning Center -a youth-education facility and curriculum created by the Tiger Woods Foundation. Launched in February, 2006, the Tiger Woods Learning Center is an innovative 14-acre, after school campus designed to inspire career exploration. Serving members in grades 4 through 12, classes include forensic science, robotics, engineering, aerospace, video production and home design. The center cost about $25 million to establish.
    3.Annual Tiger Woods Block Party-The Block Party is held to express gratitude to the Orange County community for supporting the Tiger Woods Learning Center and its students. The Block Party has raised more than $2 million for the Orange County youth attending the Tiger Woods Learning Center.
    4.Tiger Jams-annual charity concerts to benefit The Boys and Girls Clubs of America
    5.Hosting multiple charity tournaments every year like the AT&T.
    6.And lastly… he and Jordan made the Giving Back Top 30 in multiple years. The survey lists celebrities who have made the largest donations to charity according to public records.
    So please Jim, tell me again how it is that Tiger hasnt done enough for social change??????????

  97. You asked for any black athletes in the past generation who had a social conscience: Norm Van Lear, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and John Carlos, off the top of my head. There definitely are more. The problem is you in the media give so little play to black athletes doing good things and so much play to those who do bad things. Also, operating camps where children can learn skills, social interaction, form bonds with others they might not have come into contact with and not just within their community is definitely positive social action whether Jim Brown or yourselves recognize it. Jim Brown may be good at what he does but the other current and former athletes are good at what they do. Don’t try to make Jim Brown your barometer of social consciousness for any athlete. His vision is too narrow.

  98. Just the other day my wife and I were commenting about how much we like Tiger Woods considering he was a black man!!!
    I am of course joking. While no one is truely color blind, the majority of Americans don’t really give a darn what color someones skin is. Until we forgive and forget the past, we cannot move on.
    Yes there are some people in this country that cannot learn to treat people of color as equals, but there are also some who can’t stop using their color as an excuse.

  99. Scientific says:
    June 23, 2009 1:16 PM
    Whether or not you like Jim Brown is not the issue. What he’s saying is 100% correct. Speaking as an African-American man who’s mentored young kids in NYC and urban Philadelphia for years, I know the power of a positive role model, particularly male ones.
    You commitment is highly admirable but it is yours alone…
    Neither you or JB – who is starting to mumble like he drunk – have any right to challenge anyone else to do anything…
    Live your live and let other live theirs…

  100. Old School says:
    June 23, 2009 1:47 PM
    Jim Brown Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson perpetuate racism, and they like it that way. They make a living off the backs of the very people they claim to speak for. Beats getting an honest job I guess.
    Nicely said….I believe the most appropriate term is parasite…

  101. Jim has to understand that that is “his” personality not everyone elses. That’s like me telling Jim Brown he needs to speak out against domestic abuse…..he never comments on it, but has been accused of it often. Tiger knew the lady that made the statement and knew that wasn’t her style – end of story. Does he ask Jesse Jackson to use his clout to speak out again ‘adultery’? I just think Jim should lead by “example” and help everyone he can.

  102. packerhater28 says: July 10, 2009 8:22 PM
    Why do so many people keep saying we have a black president?He is half WHITE.Since when did half black and half white = black?
    Do you think this half white President would have been elected even ten years ago? I don’t. I think the point people are trying to make is that it isn’t the 60’s anymore. The point is that someone who ISN’T white occupies the most powerful seat in the world.
    I agree that it’s time for people to stop blaming others for their inability to get their $hit together. In the modern world, racism is well on its way to under control, and the only thing stopping these “poor, unfortunate” ghetto children is their own victim complex.

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