Win Or Lose, Samir's Claim Could Limit His Future NFL Prospects

We pointed out on Monday, via a joint effort with Tom Curran of, that former Rams executive Samir Suleiman (who might or might not be related to the Octomom) has filed a grievance with the league regarding the Browns’ failure to hire him for the job that ultimately went to Dawn Aponte, the team’s new Vice President of Football Administration.
Suleiman’s claim, as we understand it, is that the team promised him a job, and then reneged.  A February 28 item from Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer hints at in-house dispute that might have unfolded:  “The Browns were poised to add Samir Suleiman in an unspecified front office capacity until owner Randy Lerner slammed on the brakes, according to two sources.”
It’s possible, then, that coach Eric Mangini and/or G.M. George Kokinis “hired” Suleiman — and that owner Randy Lerner vetoed the move.
Regardless of whether this gives rise to any liability on the part of the Browns, the fact that Suleiman has pursued this claim could makes it very difficult for Suleiman to get another job in the NFL.
His decision to proceed could be viewed by other teams as reflecting poor judgment, and his history doesn’t help him in this regard.
In 2005, Suleiman left a voice message for Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, who attributed to a source the concern that Suleiman was stabbing coach Mike Martz in the back.  Said Suleiman, who presumably knew his words were being preserved for others to hear:  “Tell your source I’m not a back-stabber, I’m a f–king throat-slasher, and he’ll know the difference before it’s all said and done.”
Then there’s the May 2008 report that Suleiman was being considered for a job with the Raiders.  We subsequently reported that Suleiman was not under consideration for any such position, and that the team hadn’t even spoken to him about a job.
A source with knowledge of the incident told us on Monday that, at or about the time that the public link to the Raiders appeared, Suleiman was hoping to get his name into the mix for future employment under the thinking that, the more his name is mentioned in connection with some jobs, the more his name will come up as a potential candidate for other jobs.
Now, his name is coming up in a capacity that possibly won’t make him a desirable candidate for employment in the NFL.
But, hey, there’s always the UFL.

8 responses to “Win Or Lose, Samir's Claim Could Limit His Future NFL Prospects

  1. If true – and I doubt that it is, considering Mangini knew Aponte from his days with the Jets and was probably a lock – IF true, this reflects a sloppiness in the Browns front office that is discouraging. Even if Lerner heard about the “throat-slasher” episode from a fellow owner late in the process and pulled the plug, Kokinis and Mangini should also have heard about it and seen a big red flag.
    THAT SAID…I think this is crap. For jobs like this, no one’s “promised” the job orally. You’re just hired. And considering that Aponte was hired months ago, what’s with the angst now? (What’s that? The other gigs you thought you might have lined up around the NFL fell through and now you’re out of pocket? Gotcha…)

  2. So in Suileman’s last job he “stabbed” his former coach in the back?
    He should know better than to seek a job with the Browns. Randy Lerner would never hire anyone like that.

  3. throat slasher… word of talk like that gets around.
    think it all you like. dont say it, dumbass.

  4. The record clearly speaks against this guy and proves the Browns made the right decision.
    Still think he “should” file a lawsuit, as you so aptly recommended in a prior post, Florio?

  5. what a toolshed.
    who legally goes after an employer who verbally offered & reneged on a job months ago? what basis does his case even have? and it doesn’t take a genius to realize the obvious observation you made mike, about making oneself radioactive in hiring circles.
    this guy’s stupidity will earn him unemployment.

    Didn’t your mommy ever tell you if you got nothing nice to say shut the F up?
    Go back to the Burg and go huff some gas…

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