Andre Smith Gets Lost

Earlier this week, Andre Smith was driving his car.
Though he presumably was wearing a shirt, he apparently didn’t have a map.
You see, Smith had agreed to help out with the Midwest Lineman’s Camp at Illinois Wesleyan.  In Bloomington.
The only problem?  There’s more than one Bloomington.
Correctly concluding he was lost, Smith sought directions at a gas station.
“I said, ‘How far is Bloomington?’” Smith told the Bloomington (Ill.) Pantagraph.  “They said, ‘Which Bloomington?’  I went, ‘Ahhh, don’t tell me that.’”
At the time, Smith was actually closer to Bloomington, Indiana.
He arrived in the right Bloomington at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 23.  For a camp that started on the morning of Monday, June 22.
Hopefully, Smith won’t agree to participate in a camp in Springfield.

24 responses to “Andre Smith Gets Lost

  1. first round pick and about to be a professional NFL athlete and the guy cant buy a garmin or a tom tom?

  2. Andre Smith or Akili Smith? Either way I’m sure the Bengals led by their fearless leader Mike Brown won’t produce a winner.

  3. What did Smith score on his wonderlic test? Or did he skip it when he left the combine early?
    I can see him skipping this question because it was too tough to figure out.
    Illinois Wesleyan is located in:
    A. Bloomington, Illinois
    B. Bloomington, Indiana
    C. Bloomington, Minnesota
    D. There is no state named Illinois

  4. I can see it now:
    I right 45 looker razor bingo……..
    Uh….Carson… that to the left or the right?
    Its too the right!!!!
    Uh alright man you shouldn’t scream at me so loud the defense can hear you…..

  5. its a good thing he wasnt drafted by the Panthers North and South Carolina might just kill this man.

  6. Haha I’m sure this tool is just using this as an excuse. He has no drive or work ethic at all. Why didn’t he call his agent(s) for directions?

  7. At least he will fit right in with the organization that drafted him…….. Or maybe he’s too dumb to do something to put himself in jail…………Of course he should be jailed for being so stupid…………
    Got a love the graduation rate and group out of Bama.

  8. What did this buffoon score on the Wonderlic Test, a 1 or a 2?? Oh wait, he left the combine altogether so he wouldn’t have taken it. Leave it to the Bungles to be the ones to draft him.

  9. florio, smith ask a guy for directions and the guy he asked reported to u the story about it. plz anything to make a post.

  10. Where are all the Bungle supporters? Turd collectors doing what they do.

  11. Did I say on the ‘Appalachian Trail?’
    My bad… I meant ‘Argentinian Tail.’

  12. I find it very ironic and downright hilarious that the people here insulting his intelligence don’t know how to spell. It’s the “Wunderlich” test.

  13. Really? This is what we’re talking about? Who cares?!?!?! People get lost all the time – but he is the idiot? And Gary – how does this have anything to do with being in jail? I think it’s time to get over the Bengals jail jokes seeing as none of the Bengals are shooting themselves or killing people (or dogs for that matter). Florio seems to be getting over those jokes (finally) so I think it’s time for the rest of you too. Florio – I’m a huge fan of your site, but even as a Bengals fan, I find this post lame.

  14. I’m sure he does have a Garmin. He probably typed in Bloomington, and it generated the largest Bloomington available – the one in Indiana.

  15. screamingidiot says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 2:06 am
    Where are all the Bungle supporters? Turd collectors doing what they do.
    Isn’t this like the pot calling the kettle “black”?
    What better definition of a “turd collector” than a board troll posting insults aimed at a generic group of fans.

  16. thaxon says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 8:46 am
    I find it very ironic and downright hilarious that the people here insulting his intelligence don’t know how to spell. It’s the “Wunderlich” test.
    Do a little research before typing something stupid.
    And if you were trying to be funny or sarcastic, epic fail.

  17. I’m really starting to like this Andre Smith, even if he’s adding another chapter to the “men won’t stop and ask for directions” joke book.
    And stop picking on his physique! Just because the man is built like the Evil Grimace from McDonaldland.

  18. Andre Smith scored a 17 on the Wonderlic. Not great but good enough to play RT in the NFL.
    It’s a really good thing that Anthony Collins can play RT if Andre Smith needs a season to get it all together.

  19. Even as a Patriots fan I automatically look askance at anyone Saban endorses, BB connection be damned.

  20. I used Google Maps to give Andre Smith directions to Bengals Training Camp in “Georgetown, Ky” and not Georgetown in DC, South Carolina or in Guyana…..
    He’ll be good to go for Bengals camp or I’ll pay Florio to drop him off while he’s on tour with The Wiggles.

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