Cedric Benson Ready To Carry The Bengals

There has been plenty of talk lately about the Bengals’ passing game.
Unlike last year, quarterback Carson Palmer is healthy.  Unlike last year, receiver Chad Ochocino is happy to be in Cincinnati.  Unlike last year, Laveranues Coles will be the starter across from Ochocino — and Coles is an upgrade in our view over T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
But the running game has improved, too.
After Rudi Johnson was released, the Bengals struggled to find a workhorse.  When they decided to give Cedric Benson a second chance in the NFL, they got their man.
Benson rushed for 747 yards in 12 games, which projects to 996 yards over 16 games.
Not bad, considering that the passing attack led by Ryan Fitzpatrick likely wasn’t pushing the strong safeties away from the line of scrimmage.
This year, Benson wants to do more.
“No doubt, I’m ready to carry this team on my back,” Benson told Carlos Holmes of the Dayton Daily News.  “I’m due, hungry for it, miss it, and excited.  It’s good to be on a team that wants you.  It’s a great opportunity for me and I am definitely going to seize every moment.
“I plan to take full advantage of those opportunities and see where it takes us.  I’m about whatever it takes to get the job done.  I think I am in the best situation that I can be in and it has to happen for me here.”
Running backs coach Jim Anderson likes what he has seen in Benson’s first offseason with the team.
“Cedric brings energy,” Anderson told Holmes.  “He’s a guy that’s out to prove that he is a quality player in this league, and that he can perform and really achieve.  That’s what we want to do as a team.
“Whatever we have asked Cedric to do, he’s willing to do it.  When he’s on the football field he’s all business.  He’s like a sponge.  When he is not getting a physical rep he’s getting a mental rep.  That’s an outstanding trait for a guy playing in the NFL.”
And it’s an amazing development for a guy who went from fourth overall pick in 2005 to waiver wire in 2008.  In the end, a running back who was a first-round bust looks to be ready to fulfill his potential with a team other than the one that drafted him.
It’s fitting, we suppose, that the Bears were the team to get burned on this one.  After all, Chicago got the benefit of a mid-career surge from Thomas Jones, the seventh overall pick in 2000 who was dumped by the Cardinals after only three years.

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  1. It’s fitting, we suppose, that the Bears were the team to get burned on this one. After all, Chicago got the benefit of a mid-career surge from Thomas Jones, the seventh overall pick in 2000 who was dumped by the Cardinals after only three years.
    Fitting!?! Spoken like a true lawyer, Florio! Personally, I think its criminal when a player is paid millions of dollars in guaranteed money and doesn’t take the job seriously (definately Benson’s case) until he’s nearly out of the league. Benson is the poster child for a rookie salary cap! But what do I know; I’m no lawyer!

  2. 1.Steelers
    2.Cincinnati – It will happen this year. Here’s your AFC Sleeper team. Possible AFC Championship appearance.

  3. A better stat would be that he managed over 600 yards in the last 8 games which projects to a 1200 yard season. That was on the worst Offence in the NFL. The Bengals O-Line is healthy, they will have a real FB, Palmer and Ocho are healthy and Benson should know the playbook now. Could be a breakout year for Benson.

  4. Coles is an update from Houshmanzadeh? That explains why you don’t like Mangini.You are a Jets homer. Coles couldn’t carry Houshmanzadehs jock strap and everybody knows it.

  5. I always thought that this guy could do something.. I hope he does. I the posts i’ve read about his time with the bears … state that the players simply didn’t like him. I know that for the most part he brought it on himself…. but i think that given the horrid passing game and the fact that there was always 8 in the box didn’t help his ego or his team mates.
    CedBen has a chance here. I hope he doesn’t blow it.

  6. Remember, Thomas Jones was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before the Bears. At the Bucs, he did so well, he was the top running back free agent, and the Bears gave him a lot of money. Benson on the other hand, was wanted by nobody except the Bengals.

  7. I don’t miss the CedBen pre-season hype. My favorite was 2004’s “I plan to be a 2000 yard back” quote.
    Bad news Cinci fans. CedBen just got paid seven figures to run into the backs of his linemen…and then fall down.

  8. Here is my take on Cedric’s time in Chicago:
    He arrived in Chicago and didnt take his job as seriously as he should have and said some things that pissed off the veteren players. That was on Benson. He messed up. The rest of the story was the fault of the Bears’ veteren players. They overreacted to the behavior of an immature kid in a horrible way. They treated him like garbage in the lockerroom and actually attempted to physically injure him in practice. The Bears vets doomed any chance that he had of going through the typical maturation process in Chicago and turning into a productive player for the Bears. Benson may not have handled his early career well, but it was the Bears players that ultimately burned the bridge.

  9. I’m not sure Coles is an upgrade over Housh. Housh was the best receiver the Bengals had. If anything he’s a slight downgrade. He and Chad share a prima donna mentality as well. They talk better than they play.

  10. “Coles couldn’t carry Houshmanzadehs jock strap and everybody knows it.”
    He couldn’t catch it either. haha

  11. Dear Bengals,
    Benson will take your money then run somewhere else. He only plays when he’s got something to prove or someone’s job to take. Enjoy!
    -Da Bears

  12. Benson does have something to prove. He is young enough that if he performs well, he will receive a huge payday. His current contract is affordable and for only two years.
    With Carson at QB, this offense will be clicking all over the field.

  13. @Football
    You hit the nail on the head. Benson made a lot of mistakes coming in as a rookie. He had the mentality that he was the #4 overall pick so he should start. The other main cause for his failure though was Thomas Jones.
    You read stories all the time of RB’s like Fred Taylor who help the rookie RB mature his game and do what’s best for the team. Unlike Thomas Jones who was pitting the O-Line and the rest of the offense against Benson. It was a messed up situation in Chicago and I think they knew that as long as Thomas Jones was there, Benson had no shot at being successful, which is why they got rid of him. But after that point, it was on Benson to seize the opportunity and take the starting RB job, which he didn’t.
    He does seem to be doing and saying the right things in Cincy though.

  14. What is fitting is that Benson was a 1st round bust in the long line of Bears first round busts at running back. Is Forte the guy to finally break the curse?

  15. Football says:
    “The rest of the story was the fault of the Bears’ veteren players. They overreacted to the behavior of an immature kid in a horrible way. They treated him like garbage in the lockerroom and actually attempted to physically injure him in practice”
    pretty serious stuff. do you have any inside info that this went on? i read that he was unpopular, but not to that level.

  16. actually Thomas Jones was trade to Tampa Bay where he showed promise of resurrecting his careeer. Then in the cloak of the night as a free agent he signed with the bears without giving the Bucs a chance to match.

  17. WOW…A bunch of uninformed football fans who love the whitty 1 liners about “Coles couldnt carry TJ’s jock” Well lets take a look Coles currently has more catches, more yards, more TD’s more catches over 20 yards more catches over 40 yards more TD’s and more 1st downs….He is 3 months younger then TJ is faster then TJ and can runt he same routes as TJ plus the down field routes as well…So I ask you….ARE YOU SURE COLES IS A DOWNGRADE??? Lets keep looking at this……who were Coles QB’s during his career???? A weak armed Pennington, and Patrick Ramey and other WEAK ARMED HIGH SCHOOL QB’s who really cant throw downfield accurately enough to exploit his talents….Well now COLES FINALLY GETS A REAL QB! 1 That can make all the throws fellas not SOME of the throws….Him and Carson are getting along well and Coles isnt here to be the spokesman he wants to make plays and win games……We replaced TJ with a faster guy who runs ALL ROUTES and is known to be 1 HELL OF A BLOCKER in the run game……
    Folks get educated……

  18. There is no question that Laveranues Coles is an upgrade over T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
    T.J. had been riding on Chad Ochocinco’s coat tails since their college days. Always having the benefit of Chad taking the double team. Now T.J. is going to get double teamed in Seattle and will struggle, I guarantee he will NOT break 1000 yards this year.
    Coles on the other hand was in New York and Washington where they shuffled around the QB too much but he still had great seasons. Now he has a healthy Carson Palmer and the benefit of Chad and Chris Henry to take the pressure off of him. Coles will have a good year with the Bengals.
    As far as Cedric Benson goes…
    He is still a bum until he proves he can carry the workload.

  19. “Dear Bengals,
    Benson will take your money then run somewhere else. He only plays when he’s got something to prove or someone’s job to take. Enjoy!
    -Da Bears ”
    Thats the problem too many fans are stuck on the past and believe that many of our young football players cant change cant mature because you see a small % that dont! Benson is maturing into the player he should be….A physical back runnin hard and catchin the ball out of the backfield and making plays…Him and Carson get along great!!! You know why???? They both know they need each other…..When he puts up numbers I want to see Bears fans come back and give the man some props….Get over your bitterness of the experience and wish well for the man…You have a great RB in Forte

  20. Memo to Housh lovers:
    The only thing Housh does without Chad is catch 2 yard passes. If I wanted a two yard pass catcher, give me Warren Sapp – more swagger, fewer letters to fit on the jersey.

  21. @realitypolice
    Jay Glazer reported that players were trying to hurt Benson: http://oldposts.profootballtalk.com/2008/06/11/bears-defense-wasnt-fond-of-cedric-benson/
    “Hell, one year they tried to hurt him to make sure that Thomas Jones was going to be the starter. That’s how bad it was with that team,” Glazer told Patrick.
    When Patrick asked if he got the information from a Bears player, Glazer responded “No, it wasn’t a Bears defensive player. It was about ten of them.”
    Benson might not have had the right attitude but the Bears Vets instigated by Thomas Jones definitely created an environment for him to fail.

  22. Cedric runs like a blind mule. He can only pick up yardage when there are huge holes. He excels at running into the back of his own blockers. The holes at UT are about 5 times larger than they are in the NFL.

  23. Benson averaged 64 yards a game last season…yeah the Bears got burned. The year before that he averaged 2 arrests per off season. Nobody misses him in Chicago and I wouldn’t slap the AFC rushing crown on him just yet.

  24. Teams didn’t jump to sign CedBen when he became available. He needs to prove he’s relevant before he can carry a team.

  25. Florio, you are so incredibly dumb. Housh is a far better wide-out then Coles. They don’t even compare. And to say Benson is “not bad” is incredibly stupid. While 900+ yards seems like a decent year, he also carries the ball a whole lot and averages around 2.5 yards per carry. To think that he is anything other then a bust is ridiculous. He was the same way at Texas. He ran over all the crappy teams, then when it mattered, he rushes for 32 carries and 64 yards vs Oklahoma. Damn it Florio!

  26. For Bungles fans that like to bet it all on it being Bear Veteran players that made him pout and be a bad RB guess again. Here are some facts.
    On draft day after being picked 4th over all when interviewed he was crying and instead of saying how happy he was to be picked he was bemoaning how hard the draft process was on him and how teams were cruel interviewing him. Poor Benson!
    Then he held out of training camp for a huge period of time to get him that money. Then when he did eventually show up he came in yapping like he had been there the whole time and was an old timer.
    During the SB he hurt his knee and refused to reenter the game.
    Lastly he got drunk driving not once but twice. If it has an engine CedBen will get drunk and drive it.
    Bungles you just got yourself another turd with an awful 3.5 AVG.
    He prob could blow a higher Breathalyzer than get Yards per Rush Avg. this year.
    Silly Bungles.
    GO PACK!

  27. jwill007
    Hate to burst the kool-aid induced bubble, but CedBen already proved himself. He got paid.
    Best of luck with the rest of it.

    YOu are passionate about Benson’s past WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT HIS FUTURE! 1 team wants to live in the past and WE choose to live in the present and plan for the future…..WE ALL WILL SEE just what he does and while we have so many here HATIN talkin WHAT HE WONT DO then make sure you return to say “I guess I was wrong when he proves everybody wrong”
    We see the Packers in week 2 WE WILL SEE IF ThAT 3-4 IS READY! Seems to me hald of your defense is TICKED and your best DE is unhappy….THATS JUST WHAT WE WANT!
    Cant wait to see what Chi fans have to say when he has about 750 at the break….Also the 64 yards a game is avergage as he wasnt a starter til week 8 or 9……
    Benson gets to run over CHi this year, the pack this year and he will go over 100 this year on Pitt too….Those are my predictions if Im wrong I will be here to man up….Cause Im real about my team and can admit when Im wrong unlike so many others…..THAT is WHAT YOU CALL A HOMER! LOL

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