Iowa High School Coach Dies From Gunshot Wound

Iowa high school football coach Ed Thomas has died of the gunshot wound to the head that he suffered this morning, according to and the Waterloo Courier.
A former NFL High School Coach of the Year, Thomas coached Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Aaron Kampman, Denver Broncos center Casey Wiegmann, Jacksonville Jaguars center Brad Meester and Detroit Lions defensive lineman Jared DeVries.
According to school officials and law enforcement authorities, Thomas was shot in the school’s weight room and was airlifted to a hospital in Waterloo where he died. 
No motive has been disclosed at this point about why a man described as a “young individual” shot Thomas, a high school football legend who won 292 career games in nearly three decades of coaching.
The suspect is in custody, but his identity hasn’t been disclosed yet.

31 responses to “Iowa High School Coach Dies From Gunshot Wound

  1. Sad story. From what I have read Mr. Thomas lived football. The A-P program is one of the top programs in the state of Iowa. I’m sure nobody remembers but about a year ago a Tornado destroyed most of Parkersburg, including the high school and the home of Ed Thomas. Instead of taking care of his home after the Tornado, he went straight to the high school and started helping in the clean up. He was well respected in the community. According to the reports he was running a lifting program at the time, so many students saw the incident occur.

  2. What an absolute shame! There are some sick individuals in this world.
    He sounded like a great man in the community. Prayers go out to his family and community.

  3. Thoughts and prayers to the family and community.
    I certainly hope justice comes down hard and cold on the individual who perpetrated this horrible, senseless murder.

  4. Here is a guy……Doing what he loved. I’m sure many a young man benefited from his guidance and tutelage……What an utter sensless tragedy……Sad day indeed…….

  5. @ZNorseman: Sorta like how you’re so willing to “cash in on tragedy” by trying to score political points with an asinine comment?

  6. damn first the tornado, now this. feel terrible for the people of that community. R.I.P.

  7. ZN0rseman: Kinda like you using this tragedy to spout your pro-gun agenda, eh?
    This isn’t about being pro or anti gun, this is about a sick individual killing another human being. If it wasn’t a gun, it would have been a knife or something else.
    Terrible tragedy, prayers to his family.

  8. That’s terrible. I hope it wasn’t some little punk who was pissed cuz he wasn’t getting playing time.
    Not that I know more than anyone else, but I’d put money on that being exactly the case.

  9. RIP
    Exactly my sentiments
    My condolences to the family, friends, students, and the rest of the community…he sounds like he was an upstanding citizen.

  10. ZNorseman You might be the worst poster I’ve seen on here and thats saying a lot. Not just today, but everytime you post.

  11. A former student and football player is accused of killing Aplington-Parkersburg football coach Ed Thomas at the school’s weight room this morning.
    Mark D. Becker, 24, is charged with first-degree murder. He is being held at the Butler County Jail in Allison.

  12. There must be some reason a young man shoots an older man at point-blank range. It doesn’t sound random.

  13. Shooter was Mark D. Becker, 24, a former student and football player at the school. Charged with first-degree murder.

  14. ZN0rseman says: I’m the worlds biggest tool!
    Take your gun rights garbage to Rush Limbaugh’s blog.

  15. More about Mark D Becker per Des Moines Register:
    A review of online court records discloses that Mark Daryl Becker, 24, had been arrested Sunday by Parkersburg police on a felony charge of eluding. The court file relating to the charges against Becker wasn’t immediately available to reporters, according to the Butler County Clerk of Courts office.
    That charge was one of four filed against Becker by police on Sunday including charges of speeding, reckless driving and failure to obey a stop sign.
    Online court records also disclose that Becker pleaded guilty to charges of assault causing injury, possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal mischief in the fourth degree in Black Hawk County in January and February. His toughest sentence was a four-day jail term with the remaining 86 days suspended on the assault charge. He also was charged with underage possession of alcohol in August 2004 and pleaded guilty to that charge a month later.

  16. You’re right guys, this isn’t the time and place for a comment like mine. It was just my first thought, and I put it out there without thinking through the timing of it. My apologies.
    It’s just a sad day for me, for Parkersburg and the state of Iowa. 🙁

  17. Very likely there is much more to this story.
    They had to have known each other, since the shooter (Becker) was a former player on the school’s team where the coach worked.

  18. “Here is a guy……Doing what he loved. I’m sure many a young man benefited from his guidance and tutelage”
    Let’s not make any assumptions right now.
    there will undoubtely be much more to this story, as the shooter formerly played football under the coach who he shot.

  19. Another victim of the right wing’s obsession with having guns for “sport.” Having an Uzi for self-prtoection isn’t a constitutional right, it’s a poor excuse for the right-wing’s obsession with guns and the lust for blood, man or animal. This story shows why guns need to be banned in this country. Of course, since many minorities are killing each other in the streets with guns, Republicans will never want to ban them. It is a shame that this coach had to die so the gun nuts in this country can feel free to mow down helpless birds and deer with their submachine guns for self-amusement. Hopefully, now that the tyrant Jesus freak Bush is gone, and we have a brilliant man as President, we can get moving down the path to ban guns forever and save countless lives.

  20. DJSlyBri as others told ZNorseman above, this is not the time or the place to lobby politically. Our prayers should be with the family, friends and community.

  21. DJSlyBri and ZNorseman STFU and get lost. no one cares about your political garbage.
    RIP coach. 🙁

  22. “there will undoubtly be much more to this story as the shooter formerly played football under the coach he shot”………Read that….you idiot…….He’s 24 year’s old…What did the coach chew him out 8 or so years ago?….And what, he still hasn’t gotten over it…….give me a break…Whatever transpired, no matter how much he rode the kid….It simply doesn’t justify a man being shot dead………Assume my ass…..

  23. ZNorseman says:
    “You’re right guys, this isn’t the time and place for a comment like mine. It was just my first thought, and I put it out there without thinking through the timing of it. My apologies.”
    Thanks for being a man about it and apologizing. Class move.

  24. Oh yes, lets ban guns. That’s sure to get the bad guys to give them up. Get real. A handgun ban would only disarm law abiding citizens. Go jump in the lake, clueless tool.

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