Mike Brown Lands With Chiefs

On the same day that they agreed to terms with rookie Colin Brown (a development that nearly provoked an Abbott-and-Costello-style IM exchange between yours truly and Rosenthal over who would be writing this specific blurb), the Chiefs have agreed to terms with veteran safety Mike Brown.
According to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star, the former Bear will be officially joining the Chiefs.
Brown was a second-round pick in the 2000 draft, and he spent the first nine seasons of his career in Chicago, qualifying for the Pro Bowl in 2005.
Per Teicher, Brown is expected to challenge either Jarrad Page or Bernard Pollard for a starting job.
As Teicher also points out, durability is an issue for Brown.  Though he started every game in 2008, he appeared in only one game in 2007 and only six in 2006, missing the team’s first Super Bowl run in more than two decades.
Brown also was limited to 12 games in 2005 and two in 2004. 
For the first four seasons of his career, Brown was an iron man, appearing in all 65 games, including the postseason.
Earlier this month, Brown visited the Cleveland Browns, a development that prompted some Cincinnati fans to think (hope) that the Bengals were trading their owner.

12 responses to “Mike Brown Lands With Chiefs

  1. Big move for Pioli and the Chiefs…if Brown can stay healty, of course.
    I’m beginning to think KC might be a dark horse to win what should be a mediocre AFC West.

  2. Good for him. I wish the bears would have found a way to keep him but I understand it was time for them to move in a different direction for stability. If brown stays healthy, he will make some great plays for KC, it’s a his nature, he is always around the ball and is a true leader, something a rebuilding team needs.

  3. Chiefs are getting a gamer here…if he is healthy. I was sad to see him not get resigned. When he is healthy he is one of the best

  4. Really smart move by the Chiefs. I remember hearing when Mike Brown went down I believe in 2007 or 2008 that he Bears started giving up almost 50 yards more per game on the ground.
    Mike Brown is really talented, but he just can’t stay healthy. Definitely worth the risk though.
    As for trading the Bengals owner Mike Brown, if only.

  5. KC has made some great moves getting younger while picking up valuable vets to lead.
    Could give SD a run, hopefully we don’t get another .500 playoff team with teams NE staying home.

  6. I’m thinking the same thine. The other dark horse are my Rams! Big year from Stephen Jackson, BOOK IT!

  7. If he is healthy then the Chiefs got a great player.
    He was the leader of the Bears defense.
    Even Urlacher admits that.

  8. Best of luck Mike! If you’re reading this…thanks for your contributions during your career in Chicago.
    Here’s to hoping that you can continue to play injury-free at a high level…

  9. @ chasehunterj
    Yea you injury Tom Brady and you deserve to retire a chief. Only highlight the chiefs had last year.

  10. If he can get past the big IF of him staying healthy, he’ll be the enforcer that secondary hasn’t had in a while. When healthy, he routinely punished anybody with the football while in Chicago.
    I hope he can stay healthy and contribute some quality seasons to Kansas City.

  11. Hopefully he’ll start, but if not, at least maybe through osmosis Bernard Pollard will learn how to wrap his arms around the man with the ball at least once before he gets run out of the league.
    I watch a lot of NFL football, the Chiefs in particular, and in my opinion, Bernard Pollard is one of the two or three most overrated players in all of football.
    Mike Brown (when healthy) makes plays.

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