Northcutt Out In Jacksonville?

The remaking of the Jaguars’ receiving corps apparently continues.
According to a league source, veteran wideout Dennis Northcutt is telling teammates that he has been given permission to shop his services via trade.
If/when he goes, he’ll join Jerry Porter, Reggie Williams, and Matt Jones as wideouts who were on the team in 2008, and who won’t be in 2009.
Northcutt is under contract through 2011.  Per NFLPA records, he’ll earn a base salary of $2.45 million this year, $2.95 million in 2010, and $3.95 million in the final year of the deal.
The Jaguars used three of their nine draft picks on wideouts:  Mike Thomas in round four, Jarett Dillard in round five, and Tiquan Underwood in round seven.
They also signed veteran Torry Holt, and Troy Williamson could finally be figuring out how to grasp a flying football with one or both of his hands, instead of letting it bounce off his helmet.

16 responses to “Northcutt Out In Jacksonville?

  1. Bad to worse. Holt is done and Williamson? Really?
    This is good news for a Colts fan.

  2. Vic Ketchman has said that the young guys have stood out during OTA’s. When the pads go on it could change, but it looks like the Jaguars have learned their lesson on first round recievers and pricey free agents.

  3. I doubt Troy Williamson has learned to catch the football. I’ve been hearing that for years. It’s not something that you just “get” five years into an NFL career.
    Besides, a big part of his problem is the dude is plain old afraid of getting hit. People thought the problem was his eyes, so they were corrected. Turns out it was his ears. He hears footsteps and gets in the fetal position before the football arrives.

  4. i guess this will give the egirls another receiver option since they have no true # 1

  5. i guess this will give the egirls another receiver option since they have no true # 1 wide out

  6. TealDeal says: The drop in the NE divisional playoff game still haunts me.
    Oh, the 11 point touchdown drop? Jaguars weren’t winning that game if he caught the ball. Don’t kid yourself.

  7. Troy Williamson????? Bwaahhaahaaahaaahaaahaahaaa!! Now that is funny! Granted, he’d still be the #1 WR on the Vikings.

  8. Nice scoop Florio. What did Northcutt or his teammates say when you asked him?

  9. Northcutt was brought in to be slot receiver and no true #1 was there for him to serve in that role. The Jags are gaga about the three new WRs for different reasons. If Tiquan can continue to play like he has been once the pads are on, he could be the steal of the draft. A little surprised the Jags would part with Northcutt at this time, but it’s not like teams have to really scheme to shut him down. They don’t need his return abilities with some of the other guys on the roster. If the Jags can get value for him, they should.

  10. notice the complete lack of a link to confirm this story? must be nice to have a site that you can start any little rumor you want and never have to verify it. Any excuse for a negative Jaguar story, right Florio? well at least he didn’t mention the tarp thing like he usually does.

  11. I think that Mike Walker is conspicuously absent from this blurb. He is the reason they don’t need Northcutt. You can hope the rookies pan out but so few late round receivers make an impact, especially early. Can’t think of anyone outside of Colston in New Orleans. Williamson may be enjoying his last summer as an NFL player. He might want to call Charles Rogers and see what’s up…

  12. I *would* say that the Browns should take him back since they are thin at WR’s with any real experience… BUT no thanks because Northcutt earned the name “Dropcutt” while he was in Cleveland and the Browns have already replaced him with another WR that can drop every other pass thrown his way…

  13. Northcutt stretched the field but he needed to stretch his hands
    (too many BIG drops at Cleveland ‘n later in Jax)
    He/Williamson are too similar….Holt’ll be good addition.
    QB *makes* the receivers tho…..nobody’ll excel in Jax-
    Garrard is pretty much a “slant” type thrower—–T.O.
    might have…runs that route well.

  14. The reason the Jags are OK with Northcutt moving on is Jarrett Dillard. They see him as their new slot receiver. (Gene Smith said as much) If you can replace an average/moderte talent journeyman with a fresh young guy and cut a little salary space – why not?
    Mike Walker is safe. Williamson still has to earn his spot against the rookies in camp in August.

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