Dominik Claims Bucs Have Spent Nearly $60 Million In Cap Space

In his recent radio appearance on WQYK in Tampa, Buccaneers G.M. Mark Dominik made a stunning claim regarding the team’s offseason spending in 2009.
“We started free agency with over $80 million in cap room,” Dominik said.  “And we’ve spent almost $60 million.”
Um, really?
For starters, the notion that the Bucs had $80 million in 2009 cap space far exceeds all estimates and reports of their actual spending room.
The suggestion that the team has spent $60 million this year seems flat-out incredible.
As in not credible.
As in not true.
But if they spent $60 million in 2009 cap space, who have they spent it on?
Also, if our math is correct, the Bucs now have $20 million in cap space left.  As of May 15, we reported that they had $37 million in cap room.
So how have they spent $17 million in roughly six weeks?
According to the team’s transaction page, they haven’t done much.  Specifically, the Bucs have inked a fourth-round pick, a fifth-round pick, and two seventh-round picks.
But even if Dominik’s accounting somehow is accurate, there’s still that $20 million to spend.  With 2010 poised to proceed without a salary cap, there’s no benefit to be derived from carrying money over.
In January, former G.M. Bruce Allen vowed publicly that the team would spend it all.
Then again, maybe that’s one of the reasons he got fired.

10 responses to “Dominik Claims Bucs Have Spent Nearly $60 Million In Cap Space

  1. He’s gotta be including the salary cap hits for cutting Brooks, Dunn, June, Hilliard and Galloway to even get close to that figure. Which is, in fact, BS

  2. As a Bucs fan and season ticket holder, I just can’t get myself to care about stories like this.
    We’re having discussions about accounting, now? What’s next, we’re delve into how many plastic cups the concession stands are using? If Suzy in the ticket office is using too much sick time?

  3. Did you ever bother to check your numbers on the Bucs cap figures?
    It’s yours that seem out of whack with what has gone on.
    $10 million on Antonio Bryant
    $3 million for Crowell
    $3.75 million for McCown
    $2 million for Leftwich
    $2 million for Nugent
    $3 million for Penn
    $3 million for Ward (at least)
    $5 million for Clayton (at least)
    over $5million on Winslow
    Then you have guys like Phillips, Campbell, Stroughter, Stevens, Arrington, Sims, Moore, Lee, Biggers, Koutouvides, Fulton, Clark, Allen and others Some of which will have mutli million dollar contracts).
    Then there is the cap hit they took for the 5 guys over 30.
    $60 million is easily covered by quantity and some quality (Bryant, Ward, Winslow)

  4. I think I might have figured this one out.
    I’m guessing that the NFL started counting ridiculous theatrics against the salary cap, so the stupid cannon that the Bucs fire when they score a touchdown counts against the cap.
    Based on realistic expectations, I’d guess that each cannon blast costs $1 million and the Bucs have correctly estimated how many they’ll need for 2009-2010.

  5. what stupid comments Florio – you don’t have access to their books and as a poster above pointed our your math is awful – stop acting like you know more about their finances then they do just because you have a website.

  6. Dom’s a dum-dum and as such should keep his mouth shut about things he does not understand. He was good at being the “Turk” for the BUCS.
    He is genius for having parlayed that into the GM job, but it was not his genius so much as the Glazers bozoness that it occurred.

  7. “Based on his comments, I’d guess that Burritto got blasted by the “stupid cannon”.

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