Haynesworth: I Could Have Made More Money In Tampa Bay

Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth broke the bank during free agency with a seven-year contract with a maximum value of $100 million that includes $41 million in guaranteed money, but he claims he could have made even more money if he had signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
During an interview with Adam Schein and Jim Miller of Sirius NFL Radio, Haynesworth revealed that the Buccaneers offered more money than the Redskins.
“No, I could’ve made more money with Tampa Bay if I had really wanted to,” Haynesworth said when asked if money was the top determining factor in his decision. “They offered me a whole lot more, and even with their tax situation, it could have been 20 percent more.”
Man, that’s a lot of clams.
Based on Haynesworth’s claim and if it had been structured over seven years, he could have garnered a contract from the Buccaneers worth a total of $120 million.
So, why did Haynesworth ultimately choose the Redskins?
“You look at Washington, they’ve got a lot of the pieces together,” Haynesworth said.  “They’re right there.  They’re in a huge market.  It’s one of the largest markets in the world.  You’ve just got a large, huge media outlet and it can be life beyond football.  Going to Tampa, I mean, great city.
“Looking at it from the offseason standpoint, I love the water.  I love to be out in the sun.  It’s just awesome, but it would’ve been like another Nashville.  Tampa doesn’t have that big market and they don’t have a huge fan base like the Washington Redskins do, so I think it was just a choice just to look at it that way.”
Haynesworth said that the New York Giants made a significant offer, but it was much less than the Redskins and the Buccaneers’ respective offers.  He also said that the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos displayed some interest, too.
“There were a lot of teams that wanted me,” Haynesworth said.
So far, Haynesworth is loving it in Washington and he’s happy to have exited Nashville.
“I’m doing quite well,” Haynesworth said.  “I think it’s a good fit for me.  It’s almost like I was getting too big for Nashville.  It’s like say you’re in kindergarten or first grade in the same elementary school and you’re this young kid at six years old and you do something like misbehaving.  You get to the fourth or fifth grade and you grow out of that, and you still have those same teachers that still view you the same.
“That’s kind of how I felt in Nashville.  No matter what I did, they always wanted to refer to me the same way as when I came into the league at 20 years old.  In D.C., I have a clean slate.  I can go out, have fun, play the game and try to build this legacy I’m working on.”
Plus, Haynesworth said he’s glad that a deal wasn’t worked out for him to stay with the Titans.  He claimed that they dragged their feet during negotiations.
“I’m kind of glad that we didn’t work something out because it was really time for me to go,” he said. “It was time for me to start from zero elsewhere.”
Haynesworth also discussed the Titans’ tampering claims, denying there were any irregularities about his middle-of-the-night deal with the Redskins.
“They want to get something out of it,” Haynesworth said of the Titans. “They want to get a draft pick. Now, they feel like they lost me, so they feel like they want to get a draft pick. . . .
“The Redskins called at 12:15.  The Giants called right after that.  Actually, Tampa was the first team to call.  Then, Atlanta called and the Denver Broncos called after that.”
Haynesworth said that by nearly 2:00 a.m. EST the Redskins had made a formal offer to him.

47 responses to “Haynesworth: I Could Have Made More Money In Tampa Bay

  1. Report: Brett Farve itches nose simaltaneously with someone saying vikings, so favre must be signing with Minnesota

  2. So which is it Florio?
    Are the Bucs unwilling to spend money, or did they attempt to sign the biggest FA this year with a record contract?

  3. Great market, yes. But that team isn’t going anywhere in that division. The east remains a beast.

  4. I call BS… no way this guy turns down another $20,000,000.00. The Redskins will rue the day they signed this guy… no defensive lineman is worth the kind of money they paid him.

  5. of course he’s saying all the right things, but why would he pass up the chance to face stomp a cowboy twice a year? Let’s be honest.

  6. I don’t think he meant that the Bucs offered him $120M. He means that he would have pocketed about $20M more during the life of the contract if he chose to play for a team in Florida because of the lower state income tax than Washington DC/Virginia.

  7. Title correction: “I could have duped Tampa Bay more.”
    As discombobulated as the Bucs may seem, They seem to have found luck in missing out on this jackass. He is worried more about the curtails than the team. Jim Bates let out a long sigh of relief in dodging this loser Vol.

  8. Bullshit.. the Raiders could have offered a penny more than Washington and he would have went there. And thanks Albert, we’re glad you appreciated the opportunity of playing in the NFL. Fisher could have dumped you after you stomped on Gurode’s head and your career would have been over. And he just spits in the face of Fisher and the rest of the Titans throughout the entire interview.

  9. Actually Nelson, It wasn’t that the Bucs offered $20 million more, but Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, so he would have kept $20 million more. Of course that is if he plays out the full contract. That being said, it sounds like a whole lot of tampering to me.

  10. Translation: ” Yeah, I was a real pain in the ass, and Coach Fisher & my teamates were getting fed up with my BS…I’m a “ME” kinda a diva, and I was tired of being made to be a team player, so now I get to be all I can be- which is a full time pain in the ass diva on a star studded choke-a-potamous laced team.”…..what a B/Autch~

  11. 1. I’m still glad the Bucs didn’t sign him. At best, he’ll be a stud for a year or two. At worst, he’s ALREADY eating doughnuts and will be a total non-factor bust for the Skins.
    2. “Life after football”?!?! Who the hell does he think he is? Jason Taylor? Tiki? There’s a reason John Madden called interior linemen the “Big Uglies”: They’re big and ugly! What does he think he’ll do after football? Run for president? Star on “Big Brother”?

  12. It’s nice to know that when he’s not stomping on the heads of offensive linemen, that he’s still got his humble qualities.
    “They want to get something out of it,” Haynesworth said of the Titans. “They want to get a draft pick. Now, they feel like they lost me, so they feel like they want to get a draft pick. . . .
    Get over yourself.

  13. Haynesworth’s deal will come back to haunt the skins. He ain’t worth it.
    Haynesworth’s self-aggrandizing, immature character and his past displays of sadistic behavior indicate a severe personality disorder.
    I predict he soon finds himself in the Stallworth/Vick predicament.

  14. He chose the 9th market against a better offer from the 13th market in the country in a no income tax state with better weather’.
    Life after football, yeah because former buccaneers like Warren Sapp, John Lynch, Shawn King, Tony Dungy and John Gruden weren’t able to find a job after their careers.
    This guy is an idiot.

  15. He came to D.C. because we’re the Redskins beeeaaatches!! Welcome to the promise land Big Al, where the money is plenty and we’ll never get mad at ya’ for stompin’ a Cowgirl. Hail!

  16. Anybody that would sign Haynesworth for anything near what he got in Washington is stupid because they are paying full time money for a player that only plays 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd down plays on defense only. Of course he makes a good impact but he does not make an impact with a worth of anything near 7 year $100 million/ $41 million guaranteed.

  17. Good riddance! After the face stomping incident, when everyone wanted to see him banned and prosecuted, the Titans and the fans stood behind him. The fans always cheered for him, always supported him… and this is how he repays everyone? If I’m a Redskin fan and I read this article I’d be sick right about now.

  18. Well I am sure Clinton Portis is happy to know he isn’t the only douche on the Skins roster that has diarrhea of the mouth. As a Skins fan I thought I would have to wait till training camp started to start regretting this FA move. Christmas come early?

  19. Yeah nflguy, he’ll get a chance to be pwnd by that Cowboy twice a year. That’s why he assaulted him in the first place, because Gurode was dominating him.
    sounds to me like this guy is already retired and not interested in working all that hard. Yet another in the long list of ‘name’ players taking ‘The Danny’s’ money before he retires.

  20. So yeah, this guys sounds like he’s in it to win a title. When he said “they have all the pieces” I was sure he was going to refer to pieces in the sense of the makings of a championship team. Not Haynesworth though; he meant the pieces that will allow him to put himself at the center of all attention. He could care less about the pieces needed to win, not that Tampa has an abundance of those right now either, but Haynesworth is all abuot Haynesworth. To his credit he at least admits it.

  21. It’s almost like I was getting too big for Nashville….You are good but you arent that good man.

  22. Haynesworth and Florio are lovers. And Shaun King is the most useless turd to ever hold a football.

  23. Considering the contract he signed, the Titans will be getting some draft picks– compensatory picks though.

  24. MrNatural says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 10:32 pm
    Haynesworth’s deal will come back to haunt the skins. He ain’t worth it.
    Haynesworth’s self-aggrandizing, immature character and his past displays of sadistic behavior indicate a severe personality disorder.
    I predict he soon finds himself in the Stallworth/Vick predicament.
    Soon? He nearly killed a guy with a car and a big portion of his contract is going to the family of the guy he parallyzed…

  25. This guy has been a douche going back to his high school days,when he committed to play for Memphis,then at the 11th hour switched his commit to Tennessee.

  26. Yeah, well, while TB was offering more money, the economic downturn has hit Kiri.

  27. He only played good in contract years he was nt worth the money he wanted. Good luck Redskins with your season we ll send a postcard to haynesworthless from the superbowl

  28. Unless he intends to involve himself in criminal activity there is no reason to live in DC over Tampa.
    DC is a big, violent town full of criminals inside and out of the Senate. LOL.
    Dumb move ‘Skins. Tampa, you got lucky.

  29. Yea Vinny in Jacksonville The Nation’s Capital and most powerful and arguably most culturally diverse city in our country has NOTHING to do and there’s no reason to live there at all. No culture, no history, no nnight life, nothing to do outside of football, no powerful famous people for a Pro Athlete to hang out with. Go look up the numbers on tourism to both cities and get back to us on what is one of the two most visited cities in our country by Americans or foreigners. That’s certainly because there’s nothing to do.
    Sorry but you’re a pretty dim bulb if you can’t see the pages long list of things as a City that D.C has that Tampa doesn’t. There’s only one thing that Tampa has D.C doesn’t….surf/Floridian beach life. Tampa is a vacation spot by comparison, not a place to live and flourish after football the way he could in Washington or the Metro area which is the start of a Giant megalopolis that includes Baltimore, Philly, New York and half a dozen other smaller cities. If you’re not a beach person then WTF does Tampa have that almost every other city in the country doesn’t?

  30. “There were a lot of teams that wanted me . . . It’s almost like I was getting too big for Nashville.”
    Albert Haynesworth is kind of a big deal. He has many leather-bound books, and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.

  31. Seems like a lot of people are still angry that he signed such a big contract. Market value, fellas. Get over it. We all know athletes are “overpaid”, but that is the way our society values entertainment at this point in time.

  32. cmon wilson, he said 20mm more with the tax situation, florida doesnt have state income tax so it would be a decent amount less than 120mm to be 20% more after counting in taxes

  33. How does one go about sorting through 5 100million dollar offers in one hour and 45 mins? Especially at 2am? Isn’t the choice to turn down $20 million something you’d sleep on? Maybe try to talk to the coaches or some of the other players? If he just accepts offers without considering them, why does he even need an agent?

  34. Sorry but you’re a pretty dim bulb if you can’t see the pages long list of things as a City that D.C has that Tampa doesn’t.
    Don’t forget: getting rolled, drive-by shootings, coke-snorting mayors, etc.

  35. Congrats Skins, you win the superbowl of free agency. It’s sad when the best part of your season is the off-season. What a joke, now that he is paid he won’t do anything past week seven.

  36. good luck with that Washington – hope you get all the turd you paid for

  37. Mean D “is the most useless turd to ever to post on PFT; he’s all weepy today because he was lovers with Michael Jackson.”

  38. Fat Al, welcome to the NFC East. Except for the twice departed T.O., you won’t find too many NFC East players boasting about their individual legacy or star power. However, what you will find are offensive linemen that will be out to kick your fat ass whenever you line up. I suggest the “Days without an arrest meter” be changed to “Days before Fat Albert misses a game”.
    Now that he got his money, DC a huge market… I guess when you compare it to TAMPA. But, it seems he could have made an extrra $20 million work for him. Albert must be a very stoopid man. Doesn’t he know that if he played well in Tampa, say make the Pro-Bowl, defensive player of the year, etc., advertisers from all over would be beating down his door.
    $20 million dollars less…the real reason is he knows he can go to DC and become fat and complacent…well, just complacent…he’s already got fat covered!

  39. THIS JUST IN….Haynesworth is now “The most interesting man in the world”. He now drinks Dos Equis. Wait…Albert is now the most interesting man in DC and he prefers Cristal (with a straw)!

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