Lions Ink Center Raiola To Four-Year Extension

The Lions announced Thursday that they have extended center Dominic Raiola’s contract through 2013.
Probably most famous for flipping Detroit fans the bird last season and hinting he wanted to fight them,  Raiola started 100 straight games before a fractured thumb knocked him out four games in 2009.
Raiola, 30, was part of Matt Millen’s original draft class in Detroit.  (See, it wasn’t all bad!)
Raiola has become a locker room leader for the Lions and was due $3.4 million in 2009 under the terms of his old contract.  Details about the extension are not yet available.

10 responses to “Lions Ink Center Raiola To Four-Year Extension

  1. “Raiola, 30, was part of Matt Millen’s original draft class in Detroit. (See, it wasn’t all bad!)”
    Raiola sucks. Just because they’ve kept him around doesn’t mean he’s any good.

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  3. No. It was all bad.
    Raiola gets blown backwards off the line as consistently as Jeff Backus gets beat outside.

  4. well to improve the lions, i wouldnt start by replacing raiola. think defense.
    the lions DID score 268 points last year, almost 17 a game. not good but could be worse.
    they allowed 517, or over 32 a game. horribly bad. and falling behind fast all the time tends to cut down on offensive playcalling options.

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