Lions' Owner Won't Order Lions To Start Stafford

There isn’t going to be a mandate from above to immediately start rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford, according to Lions owner William Clay Ford Sr.
Per Tom Kowalski of, Ford Sr. insists that he’s not going to pull rank on the new coaching staff when it comes to Stafford’s playing time and other football matters.
The Lions signed the top overall pick prior to the NFL draft to a contract that includes $41.7 million in guaranteed money.  Stafford is competing with veteran Daunte Culpepper and has reportedly performed well during practice sessions.
“I do not, contrary to public opinion, interfere with the football side of it,” Ford told beat writers.  “I mean, if so-and-so plays lousy, I’ll say, ‘I think he’s a bum.’  But, no, I’ve never said, ‘Play this guy or that guy’ or ‘Don’t play him.’
“No, these guys know more about the game than I do by 10 miles.  I’m not going to try to second-guess them.  Now, if it goes wrong, we’ll talk about it.”
Perhaps Ford Sr. should have informed Rod Marinelli and Matt Millen a few times that they had too many “bums” on the roster during last season’s winless campaign.

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  1. Ford Sr. gave Millen a contract extension! The only reason Millen was fired was because Ford Jr. spoke out in public and put pressure on his dad.
    Unfortunately, Ford Sr. has never really cared about putting together a winning team. What’s he wants is a team that is competitive enough to sell tickets, and beyond that … he wants to spend as little as possible.
    The best possible situation would be if Mike Ilitch bought the Lions! Illitch likes to see his teams compete for championships.

  2. “I do not, contrary to public opinion, interfere with the football side of it,” Ford told beat writers. ”I mean, if so-and-so plays lousy, I’ll say ‘I think he’s a bum.’ But, no, I’ve never said, ‘Play this guy or that guy’ or “Don’t play him.’
    Yeah, right.

  3. by admission ford knows not e nough about football!!!! this is why they arent a winning franchise… better have a passion for your team if your trying to be a winner!!!!! not just turn a profit!!!!!this isnt a hot dog stand to us loyal fans mr. ford!!!!!! we deserve a winning team and this wont happen as long as the fords own us………mr davidson was passionate for the pistons !!!! the players and fans respond to this…..the team also wins championships and competes in the playoffs every year because they arent just playing for money,,,,,they are playing for the fans and the owner………

  4. ford directed some of those high picks that didnt get it done (admittedly with that cast of castoffs surroundig them). and more than once he directed that his picks get in games.
    of course by the same token… mariucci clung to garcia at qb that one year when garcia couldnt throw the ball at all. and harrington could.
    watching the fans boo garcia and call for disgraced joey to go in against cincy (the 11-5 cincy) was a trip. then harrington threw a long td to mr. collarbone. priceless.

  5. I’m not a Lions fan but…… I would like to see them competitive again. Throw the “bums” off that team and DON’T throw Stafford to the wolves!

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