Seahawks Fullback Owen Schmitt Arrested

After a false alarm, it appears the near-record-setting performance by the “Days Without An Arrest Meter” has come to an end.
Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Black Diamond, Washington on Saturday.  (Unless it was someone who was just using Schmitt’s ID.  And then that someone released a statement through the team.)
“I sincerely apologize to the team, the NFL, the fans and my family and friends for my actions and my poor judgment,” Schmitt said.  “I fully understand the seriousness of this matter, and I am disappointed in myself. I am committed to earning back the trust of everyone affected.”
Schmitt’s blood-alcohol content was listed as .151 and .161.  The legal limit in Washington is .08.  His arraignment is scheduled for July 8.
Some background about Schmitt:  He was drafted in the fifth round last year out of West Virginia, but mostly played special teams because of Leonard Weaver.  Justin Griffith was signed this offseason to compete for snaps, although Schmitt is believed to be the favorite to start.

33 responses to “Seahawks Fullback Owen Schmitt Arrested

  1. At this point in the offseason, I suppose we should expect a flurry of arrests in the coming weeks.

  2. I remember seeing Schmidt on the sidelines in college frustrated after a bad play, pounding his helmet into his forehead until it broke. Here’s hoping he’s a happy drunk.

  3. I think him cracking helmets with his own forehead might have something to do with this, probably killed all his brain cells. How, after the Stallworth incident and the fact that a couple days ago Goodell once again told everybody to NOT drink and drive, do you still drink and drive? What a dunce, they should just suspend him.

  4. I hear Florio was inconsolable. The question now is whether or not this WV alum will get the Vontae Davis “thug” treatment from PFT.

  5. In West Va blowing .151 and .161 just means you didn’t have much to drink for breakfast. They should have got him later in the evening and then he would really put a number up to be proud of. He’s a WVA guy so he gets a pass.

  6. Yet another WVU Mountaineer makes good…..
    And by good, I mean, resets the Arrest Meter!

  7. He’ll be fine. I don’t think the Commish has taken a stance on behavior detrimental to the NFL yet. Oh, wait, he will need to have the spokesman bring out the old “I didn’t get the memo” statement.

  8. Uh Oh…Gregg didn’t get the memo that does NOT talk about any arrests or anything else bad about WV grads. Gregg, you will be sorry!!!!

  9. Just another West Virginia player in legal trouble. Chris Henry and Pacman are proud of you, Owen.

  10. Don’t you want to add how you campaigned for him to be a 1st round pick to his “background”?

  11. Not even 30 days. What a dumb ass not only for possible endangering innocent people but for messing up any chance of breaking the record Florio!

  12. Uh oh, something’s gone wrong with a former West Vriginia guy. Must be Rich Rod’s fault.

  13. .161?? Throw the book at this bum. Now, for everyone who is wondering, if a regular person got caught driving double the legal limit they would do time, have to do time in the work release program, pay all sorts of fines, and probably have to go to some alcoholic abuse program. Let’s see how many hours of saying, “I’m Sorry” he has to do to get himself off the hook. WVU is a bad bunch, eh Florio?

  14. Owen Schmitt was a hell of a football player at West Virginia. I was really hoping that the Eagles took him in the draft last year.

  15. The “Runaway Beertruck” was finally stopped by the cops — if only they played for Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl:

    And who can forget this post-game interview…very touching to seen a grown man cry:

    Who wants to bet Owen is Florio’s illegitimate son? (And who wants to bet Florio would claim him as such even if he’s not?)

  16. Florio, you should have a second part of the turd watch. Have a section for the colleges these turds attended.

  17. Johnny Boy: I imagine it’s the same way for the thousands of people who continue to drink and drive despite death after death. People have addictions, poor judgment and are irresponsible. Unfortunately, no number of deaths, warnings or PSAs can change that.

  18. This guy is screwed. Anyone remember the memo that goodell sent out? No tolerence was the key words used I believe. WVU? Gimme a break, all colleges have guys that make mistakes. Some just more publiciZed than others.

  19. Is it really necessary to point out that the legal limit in Washington is .08? Is there a state in the country that has a legal limit that is either higher or lower than that?

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