Texans' Slaton Switches Agents

Houston Texans running back Steve Slaton has switched agents, according to a league source.
And we’ve confirmed through NFL Players Association records that Slaton is now represented by Harold Lewis of National Sports Agency in St. Louis.
The former West Virginia star was previously represented by Ethan Lock and Eric Metz.
Slaton is playing under a four-year, $2.37 million rookie contract that he signed in 2008, a deal that included a $664,500 signing bonus.
As a rookie, Slaton rushed for 1,282 yards and nine touchdowns. He averaged an impressive 4.8 yards per carry.

15 responses to “Texans' Slaton Switches Agents

  1. Steve Slaton is a beast. I’m not sure why everyone was so surprised by the year he had. He’s very underrated.

  2. if he goes off this year, he’ll be holding out and asking for a new contract next offseason bank on it…

  3. I’m thinking Rick Smith is getting pounded by these agents. Is he in over his head? He is certainly cocky from what I hear because he’s “the youngest GM in the league”. Slaton probably wanted a new deal this year and his previous agents probably tried to talk him out of it. Note to Texans players: try winning something first, then ask for more money. This selfishness is going to really hurt them this year trying to make the playoffs for the first time. There is definitely a player/management riff going on. Ryans, Robinson, Daniels, now this (probably).

  4. @Texans777
    I wouldn’t read too much into it, really. Every team has players that want new deals or extensions or think they’ve outplayed their contract. If anything, I believe the Texans get less of it than most anyone else (this coming from an outside perspective)

  5. Here is an idea to just throw out there. Why not just set up something akin to arbitration? Just as these athletes believe they have outplayed their contract and want more money, the players that under perform their contract shall be subject to a lesser salary for the following year. It doesn’t seem like contracts are valid anymore anyway, so this way, let there be winners and losers. It would be somewhat difficult to control, and a lot of things would have to be taken into consideration, ie, not playing due to injury, a coach being a shithead and not giving players playing time to just squash their salaries, but an objective outsider might make some very valid findings. I never hear of any athletes saying, geez, I had a horrible year, maybe I should make less money this year since I really didn’t do enough to earn what I made last year. And I really don’t want to hear about football players having non-guaranteed contracts, and athletes trying to get what they can for outperforming their present contracts. That is a subject for another discussion. This would just be an ongoing type deal, starting in 2010.

  6. Wonder if Florio will have the BALLS to say something negative about a WV grad switching agents…Wonder if Florio will have the BALL to speculate about a WV grad holding out or asking to restructure a rookie contract. My guess…he lacks the integrity to say anything negative about an alumnus of WV.

  7. He averaged an impressive 4.8 yards per carry and won a fantasy football championship for me. That statement will immediately get me negative ratings, but who cares. I LOVE ME SOME STEVE SLATON!

  8. Why would Slaton want more money? Isn’t he suppose to be a poor man’s Reggie Bush… Or was it Reggie Bush is a poor man’s Steve Slaton?

  9. If slaton is looking to cash in next year the agent he had was pretty good. The one he switched to doesnt seem to have that many high profile clients. I think he has Bart Scott. metz has been working with the NFL for awile and Im sure he knows alot of people in the NFL who are in the right spots.

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