T.O. Feels Scapegoated For Romo's Leadership Woes

Terrell Owens and the Cowboys are seemingly on a mission to continue discussing their divorce.  And we are on a mission to continue reporting it, because there isn’t much going on in the NFL right now.
On Thursday, Owens took his turn addressing the issue.  (Maybe he’s trying to distract us from the video where he didn’t talk.)
“[Romo] was the quarterback of the team.  I think everybody realized that.  That was a concept to adopt that leadership role and carry that out.  Obviously, they saw that didn’t happen.  So, for whatever reason, I’ll be the scapegoat.  I’m not here.  Now, it’s his team.  You know, and I wish him well.”
The statement is classic Owens.  He wishes Romo well, makes himself the victim, and subtly questions whether Romo was an effective leader for the team.
Speaking at his youth football camp in the Dallas area, Owens still seems confused about where his relationship with Romo went wrong.
“I don’t know what happened,” Owens said.  “Obviously, somebody is lying somewhere.  I don’t know what happened.  All I know is that I’m not here.”

31 responses to “T.O. Feels Scapegoated For Romo's Leadership Woes

  1. Doesn’t he ever go away? He’s like a booger clinging to your finger-and less desireable!!

  2. Read between the lines Rosenthal. TO wants to be the QB in Buffalo. I am sad that Rodney Harrison isn’t going to be around to give him a cheap shot hit. At least not a physical cheap shot.

  3. It’s always the same crap with this guy, same in San Fran, same in Philly and same in Dallass. In a couple of years we’ll see the same thing with the Bills.
    The NFL will be a better place once this toad is gone.

  4. “The statement is classic Owens. He wishes Romo well, makes himself the victim, and subtly questions whether Romo was an effective leader for the team.”
    You are a tool. Romo is a joke. The media loves to hate T.O., but not as much as they hate doing ACTUAL JOURNALISM.
    Please write a story about football. Thanks.

  5. The idea that you have to remove T.O. so that Romo can be the leader just goes to show how much some people know about leadership. Just because T.O. is gone doesn’t mean that Romo will now have the most influence with his team mates just because he plays QB. If he can’t garner enough respect from his teammates by his preparation and work ethic than he isn’t going to be the leader of that team no matter what. What are they gonna do if DeMarcus Ware ends up being the real leader of the team. Will the Cowboys get rid of him too?

  6. he wont shut up ever!!! i dont mind it so much now in the offseason but you know all the networks(except NBC) will be asking him this question until he bashes someone

  7. What a great example to set for the youths. Any parent who sends their kid to his camp should have their head examined.

  8. OMG! He refused to mention Romo by name!!
    Quick, somebody contact Tony Romo for his reaction.
    LOL. What a joke.

  9. What A Douche, That’s my quarterback(insert tears here) All I can say is Enjoy the long winters in Buffalo, It’s a perfect fit for T.O, Asshole to Shithole!!!

  10. “All I know is that I’m not here”. Fantastic. I will log that in the NFL Dictionary of Nonsensical Quotes right between, “It is what it is”, “Go out and give 110%” and “It aint over till it’s over.”

  11. will this guy EVER take ANY responsibility???
    I mean….how many teams/years/QB’s???
    T.O……….look in the mirror ‘n say ONE word….

  12. dude get over it. you should be happy, you went from Americas Team to North Americas team, remember?

  13. Good job again TO! Another QB under the bus – and one who even seemed to actually LIKE you! (and I think you even liked/loved him)
    What a dork.

  14. “And we are on a mission to continue reporting it because there isn’t much going on in the NFL.”
    Not because just mentioning just the name TO generates you huge revenue? Weird.

  15. TO is human toxic waste.
    Pity, because no matter how much you detest him, his talent is on a level very few have ever obtained. However, being the most egomaniacal queef in the NFL, makes him insufferable.
    BTW, TheBozforPres, that was funny stuff.
    You should add to your NFL Dictionary of the nonsensical…
    “Nobody can beat us when we play like we play when we play!” – compliments of Denny Green.

  16. Getting rid of TO was about getting younger. The Cowboys were one of the youngest teams in the NFL with TO and they got a lot younger when TO was cut. Time for Crayton, Austin and Hurd to step up or step out.

  17. This is the same genius who stated, “I just went from America’s Team to North America’s Team!” when he was signed by Buffalo, Uh… hey stupid! Texas is part of the United States and the United States is in North America! where the Hell did you think you were when you were in Dallas?

  18. dumbass balldropper wanted to call all the plays… i dont see how that is romo’s fault.
    now not putting the balldropper in his place… romo sure should have done that.

  19. The show just never ends with this guy. Can’t wait til he retires already (please no one give this guy a broadcast mic).

  20. even as an eagles fan, ive always defended TO because he produced on the field. but this is now 3 teams and 3 different quarterbacks. each time he got released, i thought “this is it. he’ll change for the better and stop throwing people under the bus.” but it’s amazing how he just doesn’t learn. and he never will unless owners and GMs realize he is a cancer. some of the drama was instigated and manipulated by ESPN but he’s not worth it anymore.

  21. “Getting rid of TO was about getting younger.”
    Weird, because y’all still have Flozell Adams and the rest of your O-line, which I believe is the oldest in the NFL?

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