Big Talk From T.J.

Before the 2009 free-agency cycle, we really hadn’t paid much attention to former Bengals receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
But after he went on ESPN’s SportsCenter on the eve of the spending spree and gushed about playing with Vikings running back Adrian Peterson not long after telling ESPN The Magazine that Houshmandzadeh planned to sign with whoever offered him the most money, we’ve been curious to see whether this career-long No. 2 wideout can become a No. 1 performer in Seattle’s offense.
If confidence were the sole factor, then Jerry Rice would be wise to worry about his all-time records.
In the current issue of Sporting News, Houshmandzadeh shared some observations regarding his new team — and his old one — with Dennis Dillon.
“I just want to let everyone know that Matt Hasselbeck and I will be leading the Seahawks to the playoffs this season,” Houshmandzadeh proclaims.  “And we’ll be going to the Pro Bowl as a tandem.  We’re both going to have top five seasons:  He’ll have a top five quarterback season, and I’ll have a top five receiving season.  I’ll put up stats I’ve never had before yardswise because they’re allowing me to be a complete receiver.”
Top five receiving season?  As Chad Ochocinco would say, “Child please.”
Even if Houshmandzadeh somehow accomplishes that goal, he serves no purpose by publicly declaring it now.  Because it’ll only make him look foolish if he doesn’t deliver on his vow.
Then again, we’re not surprised by evidence suggesting T.J. doesn’t get it.  Consider his explanation regarding life in Seattle:  “It’s so different from Cincinnati, where I played for eight years.  When you’d go out there, there were always people stopping you to take your picture or get your autograph.  In Seattle, you can just go about your business.  There are so many millionaires out there that they couldn’t care less who you are.”
Maybe the truth is that no one in Seattle is inclined to gush over Houshmandzadeh based on what he did as Ochocinco’s second fiddle, and that they want to see whether T.J. can get it done with the Seahawks.
Or maybe they’re simply no longer impressed by big-name receivers who seem to disappear once they suit up for the Seahawks.

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  1. At least TJ should stay healthy, which is more than can be said for Deion Branch.

  2. I will be the first one to say this on here but he will do NOTHING this year. He went from a team that might be pretty good this year to a team that will go nowhere. The reason nobody knows him in seattle is because nobody cares about him. He is overpaid and will probably have the worst season of his career this year. Sorry seahawks fans you got ripped on this one.

  3. Holmgren wouldn’t allow all that jive talkin BS.
    The Seahawks will soon crack the whip and get this stupid behavior stopped.

  4. Uh I guess Ochocinco wasn’t the only horses-assed-delusional-man-child coming out of Oregon that year…

  5. i loved tj as a 2 in cincy, but i don’t think he’ll be able to break double coverage as a 1 in seattle. wish you all the luck though teej.

  6. people are afraid of embarassing themselves in public cause no one knows how to pronounce his name?

  7. A receiver bitching about the fans loving him in the town he played for? You’ve got to be kidding! As a 3rd row Cincy season ticket holder his act was getting just as old as Chad’s did. He was a cry-baby. It showed on the field and on the sidelines, he just didn’t sound off with the cameras on him. I don’t know how many refs he alienated when he would throw a temper tantrum when a call or a play wouldn’t go his way. Here’s a news flash TJ: the refs are not going to change their call just because you mouth-off to them. As a matter of fact, they will probably continue to not give you the benefit of the doubt because your being an ass.

  8. Go figure …. TJ running his mouth. I figured it was only a matter of time before he ran his mouth about Cincy. God forbid, you had fans in Cincy who actually liked you. Our bad for wasting your precious-millionaire-important person time.
    Good riddance TJ, we’ve more than replaced you …

  9. Florio, you make it so obvious when you have a beef with someone. What, still mad he picked the Seahawks over your precious Eagirls?
    I’m sure glad YOU said he won’t be a top five receiver because you’re so knowledgeable when it comes to Football. It makes perfect sense that your a blogger and not a player or coach. Oh Florio “The Great and All Knowing”, could you please tell me who will be a top five receiver and while your at it, who will win the Super Bowl?

  10. He doesnt like when people ask for his autograph because he probably has trouble spelling that crazy last name

  11. Geez sorry we cared T.J. Wow what a jerk. If it wasn’t for us (Fans) Douchmandzadeh you wouldnt have gotten your big payday. This guy is happy to be out of Ocho’s shadow and thats great, but the talking will end one day and he will actually have to suit up and play in a game.
    I agree that there is no point on putting yourself out there saying how great you and Hasselback are going to do, you are setting yourself up to look like a jackass. Yeah people in Seattle may have more money and go about there business, but Cincy still is a working class town who for some crazy reason still worships there team and there godlike players despite there many shortcomings.

  12. Yes, as a player I would certainly prefer to play for a team whose fans don’t really care about the players. How dare those Cincinnati fans be excited by one of their favorite players!

  13. TJ was the cancer with the bengals, always thinking he knows it all. he will be a top 5 FA bust this year. He only wanted the cash, got it, and will probably get injured this year. He is a hypocrite.
    Good luck stretching the field TJ. You couldn’t even stretch your leg muscles without pulling a hamstring.

  14. Ripping Cincy and Bengals fans is ridiculously stupid. I guess he doesn’t need them anymore, he’s got a new girl now. Moron.
    I’d posit that if Hasselbeck doesn’t get him to shut up it’ll be a disfunctional QB-WR tandem from the start. Coach Mora should hit the mute button too..

  15. Interesting examination of TJ, one that’s pretty dismissive. Sites like this live for athletes to speak out like this and then never hesitate to hammer them.
    What he said is pretty light stuff, and the two towns are vastly different. So what, he predicted things? The Seahawks should be happy they have someone who plays with enthusiasm and is fired up about the season.
    Florio writes “Maybe the truth is that no one in Seattle in inclined to gush over Cincinnati based on what he did as Ochocinco’s second fiddle…” And the truth might be that after last season its hard for those people to gush at all.
    #1 reason Florio is a blogger and not a real reporter- too much bias interjected into every story.

  16. The problem is Houshmandzadeh does not have the skill set to be a number 1 receiver. He runs great routes and plays tough which made him great in the slot but he NOT fast and is not big enough to go up and pluck the ball out of the air.
    You need phenomenal speed or size to be a #1 and TJ just does not have either.
    Not saying he will have a bad year but without anyone to take the heat off of him in Seattle, I doubt he will break 1,000 yards this year. I say look for him to have 800-900 yards and a lot of catches.

  17. He did lead the league in receptions a couple of years ago so top 5 is not out of the question. He won’t have Palmer tossing it though and he is not a guy that can get a lot of separation downfield.

  18. As a 29 year Bengal fan and Im only 35(thats right started a 6 yrs old) lol this guy WAS 1 of my favorite Bengal players…His 1st 3 years he was very INCONSiSTENT always injured from hamstring(2003 season), Heel problems(2005 2 games) and more missed games…He blew up when Peter Warrick got hurt and he got his chance to start in 2004….Then people want to talk about TJ like he is better then Coles???? Laughable….STATS DONT LIE!
    Anyway……His comments were sometimes questionable as well and his blow ups on the field didnt help to the younger players….however he just never got in trouble with the law and that was a positive…Why players have to ISH on the team that MADE THEM WHO HE IS…just doesnt sit well with me…..He DEFINITELY doesnt have downfield speed and Cincy didnt draw up many plays cause he couldnt get it done CONSISTENLT with down field deep routes…THUS THE REASON COLES BLOWS HIM AWAY IN THAT CATEGORY! Do your research football fans….LOL
    I think TJ is jealous to an extent and speaking out cause he is surprised his old team is getting some pub about what we have done in the draft and the additions in free agency….Well we will see what his team does and discuss at the end of the season….

  19. So let me see if I have this right. You guys are bashing T.J. because:
    1. He signed a big free agent contract to be the #1 receiver on a new team, and now he’s predicting that he’s going to be successful in tandem with his new QB. GASP! I guess he should have said in the interview that he’s a bad fit; he’ll drop a lot of balls and have the worst season in his carrier. Shesh…
    2. T.J. pointed out that there was a DIFFERENCE between the two cities. Trust me I’ve been to both, and there is a BIG difference between the two. Can someone please point out where T.J. said he didn’t like Cincy or its fans?
    You guys are rediculous.

  20. DJ Hackett, Nate Burleson, and Bobby Engram have all good seasons with Hasselbeck in SEA and none of them are the WR that Who’s your Mama is.
    donjuan51385 says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 8:19 am
    I will be the first one to say this on here but he will do NOTHING this year. He went from a team that might be pretty good this year to a team that will go nowhere. The reason nobody knows him in seattle is because nobody cares about him. He is overpaid and will probably have the worst season of his career this year. Sorry seahawks fans you got ripped on this one
    Congratulations on being the first to make a bad prediction. But hey, you were first, I guess that’s all that counts.

  21. TJ is the next Deion Branch. Also he reminds me of the “Easter Island” bad guy in that Get Smart movie.

  22. Bob_Nelson says – “Holmgren wouldn’t allow all that jive talkin BS.”
    Where have you been Bob_Nelson – living under the “DUMBA$$” rock? In case you missed the news flash from sometime last year – Mighty Mike is no longer making the decisions for the Seahawks.
    Here’s a link from the Seattle Times dated sometime in December 2008 talking about Holmgren’s departure at the end of last season:

  23. Peepshow:
    He didn’t say he didn’t like Cincy fans, but he pretty much says we were an inconvienence toward him during his time. Thats pretty shitty thing to say, cause if it wasn’t for us he would be driving a ups truck like the rest of us. Its wrong, and as bad as Chad has been latley one thing he would never do is bash the fans in Cincy. Housh lost alot of respect from me. I wish I could say that I wish him well but now I’m not so sure.

  24. It definitely won’t be hard for him to make the playoffs and make it to the ProBowl. The NFC West is the worst division in the NFL. So going going 9-7 will probably win the division. (Arizona got hot at the best time) Matthew is a Pro Bowl Quarterback. And with the “great chemistry” between TJ and Hass, and not many other Red Zone targets, he’ll probably lead the team in TD’s.
    This is a different team this year without Holmgren around. Holmgren’s west coast offense was pretty outdated. As the game changed, Holmgren’s play calling didn’t. That’s a big reason the offense tanked so quickly last season. Things are different. The offense will be more well rounded, with the support of a MUCH better D this season. If Housh, AND Hass can stay healthy, He’ll probably have a big season. But those are some BIG If’s…

  25. LOL as a hawks fan i have to agree trash talking doesn’t work out well for us hawks two examples hasselbeck in the playoffs “we want the ball and we’re gonna score” that worked out well. Lofa tatupu predicted 5 shut outs for the 2008 season, 4-12 is all that needs be said.
    I like TJ and his fire in an interview on the radio he was talking about the hawks getting no national games his quote was “don’t flex us in (to the nationally televised games) when we start ripping threw teams like wet paper bags” i think its great.
    Oh and one thing most season ticket holders for the hawks actually live in the suburbs around seattle thats why no one downtown recognizes ya. We still got the loudest stadium in the league thanks to qwest field and the 12th man.

  26. Since TJ has left he has made some behind the bush comments about the Bengals……Lets be honest here…Instead of bowing out he would make comments like “I cant wait” and other stuff and goin on NFL Network talking about “Chad REALLY wants out” All that is BS….and wasnt needed and THAT is what most fans talk about when they mention he has been running his mouth..STAY CLASSY thats all we are trying to say…The franchise helped put food on your table for 8 years and gave you a 14 mill contract in which he made all his money….I expected more class and less soft subliminal comments about how is happy to be gone or cant wait…etc…..Now to me on paper our WR’s look better then theirs our RB’s will be better and currently defensive ranks are better as well……I will take a healthy Palmer over Hasselback anyday…..and they BOTH have faught injuries….before someone goes there…

  27. That D won’t rank better for long. With Aaron Curry and the addition of Ken Lucas, all with a new D Coordinator, Seattle’s D should be a BIG turnaround from last season.

  28. Since when do you have to have a number 1 receiver to be successful? Uhh, Steelers anybody?
    The Seahawks have 3 #2 receivers, and as a whole, they make a pretty good wide receiving corps.
    However, the things he said about Cincy are way off base, although his statistical predictions cannot be refuted when guys like Eddie Royal and Antonio Bryant can have breakout seasons.

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