Jurevicius Sues The Browns

As a kid, Joe Jurevicius grew up rooting for the Browns.
As an adult, Jurevicius got a chance to play for them.
And now the arc is complete.  He’s suing the team for giving him a staph infection.
According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Jurevicius has filed a civil lawsuit in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.  The defendants are the Browns, the Cleveland Clinic, former team physician Dr. Anthony Miniaci, and current team physician Dr. Richard Figler.
Jurevicius, per Cabot, claims that the defendants committed negligence and fraud, resulting in the staph infection that possibly has ended his football career.
Specifically, the complaint contends that the Browns and their doctors failed to warn Jurevicius that sterile techniques were not at all times used at the team’s training facility, that therapy devices used by multiple players were not properly maintained and/or cleaned, and that “community equipment” and “frequently used surfaces” were not properly cleaned.
(And you guys thought Costanza was simply being a douche when he blew the whistle on the guy who didn’t wipe the sweat off the weight machines.)
Jurevicius alleges that his January 2008 arthroscopic knee procedure resulted in seven additional surgeries to eradicate the infection.
The Browns cut him in March, in lieu of paying a roster bonus.  He has since not signed with a new team.
It’s possible that the Collective Bargaining Agreement supersedes the claims against the Browns.  We’re in the process of trying to figure that one out.
Either way, it’s the first time that a Browns player has resorted to the legal system after contracting a staph infection.  Given the team’s problems with staph infections date back to 2003, we’re surprised no one else has sued.
And the reality is that, with each additional case of staph, the next case presents the player with more viable legal claims, because neither the team nor its physicians were able to correct the problem despite ample evidence of its existence.
UPDATE:  As to those of you who are pointing out that Costanza took up the cause of the unwiped weight machines only to blackmail the guy who was going to report George for peeing in the shower, please keep in mind that it’s all pipes.


34 responses to “Jurevicius Sues The Browns

  1. woooooo wooooo woooooo wait a minute
    someone actually grew up rooting for the browns?!?!?!?! what a magoo

  2. I’m glad that Jurevicius is taking action. I’m not in a position to assess whether the claims have merit, but it definitely needs to be explored by a party no longer beholden to the Browns.

  3. I am a browns fan but I hope he wins. Something has to be done to clean that sh thole up and the best way to get it done is hit em in the pocketbook.

  4. Actually, it was Elaine that blew the whistle on the guy who didn’t wipe the sweat off the machine after using it.

  5. Jurevicius has been a class act his whole career. Things must have been really bad for him to step up and make this sort of claim. It must suck to realize the team you cheered on as a kid killed your dream.

  6. Occasionally lawyers have a useful role, besides target practice. Too many players have gotten sick for Cleveland to claim “we didn’t know”.

  7. Last season, promising rookie WR Josh Morgan of the 49ers got a staph infection in training camp which set back his and the 49ers season considerably. He was on track to be a starter by week 4 at that point, after the infection he lost a considerable amount of weight and didn’t end up starting until late in the season.
    This season, the 49ers put together a whole brand spankin new weight room. They understand that filthy weight rooms not only suck for the players, but they suck for the organization.

  8. Is Joe really the first former Brown to sue the organization for hindering his career?
    Considering the product they’ve put on the field the last ten years I’m surprised there haven’t been more.

  9. Streaming Michael Jackson…? Yeah, the Browns should lure him out of retirement…they could use a good reciever. “Hee-heeee!”

  10. Didn’t Kellen Winslow complain about the same thing last year? Then the Browns suspended himfor a game or so because of speaking out against the team. I guess he was onto something.

  11. LOL I gotta give you mad props Florio that third sentence of this post made me burst out laughing in my office that’s probably the funniest thing I’ve ever read on this site keep up the good work.

  12. texline says:
    June 26th, 2009 at 12:22 pm
    I am a browns fan but I hope he wins. Something has to be done to clean that sh thole up and the best way to get it done is hit em in the pocketbook.
    Are you talking about the teams facility or the city?

  13. I thought from previous postings most of the people commenting would be all for “tort reform” and against frivelous lawsuits…. I wonder what the reaction would have been if it was Kellen Winslow suing instead of Jurevicius?

  14. The Browns (and Cleveland in general) need another kick to the crotch like they need another kick to the crotch.
    It’s starting to resemble an episode of Ow My Balls.

  15. Ok first off… All the haters. I hear all about the staff comments on this board lets clear some things up:
    ALL NFL TEAMS have this problem.. you ask.. Why do we only hear about it from Cleveland.. Well the last group of Idiots that ran the TEAM.. (Savage,who is now a radio commentator for a college football team.. enough said) and the coach (still unemployed) let the players and coaches flap the gums about all there problems.. The rest of the NFL keeps there MOUTHS SHUT!!
    Only the Browns? Patriots Star QB and Super Model Breeder Tom Brady had one in his knee last year.. And that’s saying alot.. I mean no Brady = losses for The Pats. so you really think they just let anyone take care of him? No!
    All I’m saying is lets be real… And think before you blow your mouth off about this.. you sound like a bunch of Steeler fans… Yes I know 6 rings..

  16. FookFlorio, this isn’t “frivolous” whatsoever. Imagine if you were forced to work for an employer who provided you with an unclean environment that caused you to get sick? He was also under contract and couldn’t simply say “I don’t like the facilities here, I’m gonna bounce and go play for another team because this place gives me the creeps”.
    If you were an IT guy and you were told, “here’s your new keyboard and mouse, we pulled them out of a biohazard waste dump but they still work, so use it or quit”, what would you do?
    This is no different from coal miners getting sick, asbestos lawsuits or any other health-on-the-job related claim. It’s legit, and frankly more appalling than a coal mine or asbestos issue because it was doctors (freaking doctors who are supposed to understand hygiene and sanitation at a minimum!) who allowed him, Winslow and everyone else to be subjected to subpar treatments and facilities that were mandatory to use. They couldn’t go down to the local Fitness19 even if they wanted to.
    This is America! Not Taiwan! We have laws to protect us and that’s part of why America is great!

  17. Hey fook, this lawsuit has nothing to do with tort law. Just so you know.
    Also, my episode was on the WB last night…sweet!

  18. He says they did not use sterile practices and used the same instruments on multiple athletes without cleaning them. Now that is a quality organization. You are talking about shit that even some High School programs don’t allow. I see the minimum wage attendants at World’s Gym wiping down weights throughout the day and you are telling me the medical staff in Cleveland is reusing medical tools?

  19. JJ might have a point, and I am a fan of his, but is anyone willing to entertain the fact that, when the Browns cut JJ, he was very upset because he can still play.
    Now, he’s yet to be signed by another team and sounds a little bit like sour grapes.
    I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin….

  20. By the way, does anyone really believed the Browns WANTED JJ to get a staph infection?
    Saying “The Browns gave him a staph infection” implies malicious intent.
    I think the Browns should countersue JJ for not having a stronger immune system to ward off infection, resulting in a depleted Browns WR corps that clearly cost them a chance at winning the division.

  21. Watchthisjack-
    How does this not have anything to do with tort law?
    Read the complaint, it alleges, among other things – NEGLIGENCE, FRAUD, CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD, EMPLOYER INTENTIONAL TORT – last I checked, each one of these were torts. Actually, every count of the complaint is for a tort. This isn’t a breach of contract suit or an action for replevin. It’s not a criminal case. It’s a freaking multi-count complex tort.
    Hell, Plaintiff’s counsel advertises himself as a “complex tort” litigator.
    And yes, this IS frivolous. Try proving causation and actual damages. This lawsuit was levied against deep pockets for a PR nightmare and eventual settlement to put it to bed. Any good defense lawyer could kick all the counts for intentional tort and the prayer for punitive damages within a month of discovery through a Rule 56 motion for partial summary judgment. The only question is negligence.
    Q: Why was the Cleveland Clinic named? A: Deep pockets.
    The affidavit of merit attached to the Complaint is a joke as it pertains to The Clinic.
    This suit, if successful either through settlement or verdict will not solve any problems, it will only work to increase the price of tickets and beer at a Browns game and make your next trip to the ER that much more expensive b/c a large (Nationally ranked top five year and and year out) hospital was forced to open its checkbook.
    Tort Reform is directly aimed at claims like this.
    I liked JJ as a player, the Browns are my team, but this lawsuit is a joke.

  22. This same diseased germ spreading environment has been allowed to fester for many years.
    That would not be allowed on any farm or in any agriculture business.
    Yet the Browns never took steps to eliminate the condition. There are probably more players that suffered but did not have their conditions publicized.
    This long festering disease riddled facility still hasn’t been cleaned up.
    It ended and ruined this man’s career.

  23. Yeah, the staph infection is the reason no other team will sign him.
    It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a 34 year old white guy that was slow as molasses to begin with.
    At least Braylon Edwards didn’t get an infection. But then again, he didn’t catch much of anything last year.

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