Lions Planning To Use Louis Delmas In Man Coverage?

Though quarterback Matthew Stafford has received the bulk of the attention (I was going to say “Lion’s share,” but that would have been lame), there’s another Detroit draft pick who could have as big of an impact.
Second-round safety Louis Delmas, who has looked good throughout the offseason underwear practices, could become the next great undersized safety in the NFL.
And the Lions could be planning to use him more extensively than as a member of the last line of the defense.
According to Tom Kowalski of, Delmas was the only Lions safety to participate in man-to-man coverage drills during a recently-concluded minicamp.
This could mean that the Lions are considering the possibility of periodically dropping Delmas into individual coverage, possibly eliminating the need to bring in a nickel back.
Regardless of this potential extra role, we’ve got a feeling that Delmas is going to become the kind of difference-maker that the Lions long have needed on defense.

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  1. I’m a Lions fan and I have a good feeling about Delmas. He’s got swagger and the game to back it up. I am as excited to see him as I am Stafford.

  2. That feeling you have is commonly referred to as “Indigestion”! This team is a joke! If you think they can turn around 4 decades of Suck-cess in one year ….. I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell you real cheap!

  3. He’s the kind of difference maker that could take Detroit over the top to actually win a game next year.

  4. Manofsteel….How long have you been watching football? The Lions made the playoffs in 91 (made it to NFC Championship game), 93, 94, 95, 97 and 99. The 90’s was a pretty good decade for the Lions. You might of heard of a little know RB named Barry Sanders if you were watching football back then.
    They made the playoffs twice in the 80’s and it really hurt the team when Billy Simms had his carreer ended by injuries.
    The Millen era is what really hurt the Lions. They missed the playoffs by a field goal and Millen decided to come in and dismantle the team. He couldn’t build a team if his life depended on it. The new staff looks pretty good and they had a good draft. They are on the way back. Superbowl?! No way. They are on their way back to being respectable though.
    They have not sucked for four decades. So please keep your uninformed comments to yourself. Your history lesson is now complete.

  5. manofsteel
    where in this article does it say anything about turning this around in one year. Even Lions fans know it won’t be a quick turnaround like Miami, Atlanta or Baltimore. But last time I checked players play for more than one year. Delmas doesn’t have to be the difference maker this year, because believe it or not, he has more than one year left in the league.

  6. Here’s the skinny…
    I’m a Lions fan. Always have been, always will be. Being a Lions fan is sort of like being married. After a while, the sex stops, the bitching starts and you pretty much know the rest of your life is gonna suck until death. What I’m saying is you know what to expect with the Lions. No matter who they bring in, no matter how well they have played elsewhere, they are still the LA Clippers of the NFL. Why stay a fan? Because Detroiters love an underdog. We’re all underdogs here so we pay special attention to our underdog teams. I mean, really, who would move here? The winters are brutal, there are no jobs, everybody is broke and unemployed and if the crime rate got any worse we would need to nail down everything we didn’t sell at the pawn shop. BUT we do have a football team. They may suck, but God bless ’em.

  7. The kids got swagger and leadership… i’m really looking forward to watching this kid get hyphy on Sundays

  8. You really choose some strange wording there, Florio. He’s been “looking good” in the “underwear practices”, eh? Does this have anything to do with football? 🙂

  9. they’ll get that hope strangled out of them sooner or later… betting on sooner
    the one against the vikings

  10. By “big impact” I assume you mean the loud thud you are going to hear when Stafford falls on his face.

  11. I was looking more to Delmas in the draft, but I’m more than happy with Patrick Chung. Will be interesting to see who develops into more of an impact player for me. I know they’ll be asked to do different things, but it will still be cool to see.

  12. Delmas was a solid selection. I think he’ll be a solid safety for a long time. First time the Lions have had a draft in years where I got the feeling they would improve and I’m not a Lions fan. Just a Packer fan who would like the NFC north to become a good conference again. Its looking like it will be a top conference in a year or two.

  13. If Delmas turns out to be good all the lions will need is 10 other guys on defense!!!
    LETS GO LIONS!~! Haha

  14. I’ve been watching football since the 70’s sir, and trust me, I know alot more than you think I do. And you cant piss on my head and tell me its raining. They are losers, have been losers and will always be losers. They have built no tradition, they have no logic in what they do other than turn on ESPN. They arent known for running, passing, defense …special teams. Every year they are grasping at straws. They werent smart enough to get Barry Sanders or Simms any help. Now, all of a sudden they get it!?!?!? You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig.

  15. I see Gunther Cunningham has a whole new band of dupes to unleash his “We’ll take this safety and play him at corner” routine on.
    Good luck with all that.

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