Suggs Says He's "Getting Close" On Long-Term Deal With Ravens

Ravens defensive end/linebacker Terrell Suggs is spending his second year under the franchise tag.  Next March, he’ll either be an unrestricted free agent or he’ll receive a franchise tender worth the average of the five highest-paid players in the entire league.
Long before it comes to that, however, Suggs could be getting a long-term deal.
I feel like we’re getting close,” Suggs tells the web site operated by the entity that could soon be paying him huge money.  “Negotiations are going on with the Ravens.  Fans can be optimistic that I’ll be [at training camp].”
So how close is it?
“We’ve talked,” Suggs said.  “There are some minor things we’re working out. . . .  I just hope we can get it done in time for training camp.”
The mere fact that Suggs would speak “exclusively” to the team’s web site regarding the status of the discussions tells us that things really are close.
If they weren’t, anyone from the Ravens who contacted Suggs would have been politely (or not) told to get bent.

11 responses to “Suggs Says He's "Getting Close" On Long-Term Deal With Ravens

  1. Why dont you post your picture froggie? You probably look worse than both…

  2. Suggs is an ugly bastard but I’m sure at some point he’s buried your teams QB, froggie.

  3. You can go on back to licking your own butthole over there in Cleveland, froggie. That was the lamest post today. Suggs has played this whole thing marvelously. The dude is gonna get P-A-I-D, but hasn’t alienated anyone in the process. How often does that happen in this league? Great team to play for + perennial contender + centerpiece of defense + pro bowl player + fan adoration = giant contract. And you call this guy a loser? I call him a an awesome player who’s gonna be very very rich, ugly or not.

  4. Insightful comment Froggie, really bright. Thanks for that
    Suggs is awesome, its about time this got done.

  5. good news for the black and purple if and when it happens. froggie – go back to your pond, croak some more and cheer for the browns.

  6. This would finally be awesome. Not only would he signed long term, but it would take money off the cap.
    And if that moron Froggie (intelligent moniker there, idiot) is in fact a sorry ass Clowns fan, hopefully he contracts one of those staph infections that is invading that disgusting town.

  7. Froggie is not from Cleveland,OH.
    Suggs is considered beautiful in Ohio….
    Rocky Dennis dates Mrs. Ohio dont you know.

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