Santonio Holmes Eyes Canton

As the annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony approaches, one
current player who eventually wants to get in has much more impressive
credentials than he did when the current calendar year commenced.

Receiver Santonio Holmes, who didn’t break out in his third NFL
regular season, had a stellar postseason with the Steelers, culminating
in a championship-winning touchdown catch and a Super Bowl MVP trophy.

And he wants to keep it going.

“Before I started in the NFL, before I got drafted, I told a group
of friends that no matter what I did throughout my career, I wanted to
be in the Hall of Fame,” Holmes recently told Steve Greenberg of Sporting News
“That is something that would touch me more than everything that comes
with being a star. . . .  That’s still my goal.  Regardless of me
winning the Super Bowl, playing in the Pro Bowl, having a 1,000-yard
season, I want to be in the Hall of Fame.  And whatever it takes to get
into the Hall of Fame, that’s what I’m going to do.”

The fact that he’s not in a high-octane offense could make it more
of a challenge.  Then again, Lynn Swann parlayed mediocre stats into a
Hall of Fame career, thanks to being part of four Super Bowl-winning
teams and being named Super Bowl MVP once.

So Holmes apparently won’t be looking for a change of scenery to get
to Canton — and he won’t need one if the Steelers keep winning.

“I grew up a Steelers fan,” Holmes said.  “If I could play here for
another 30 years, I would.  I don’t really care about the numbers.  I
play the game because I love playing.”

It had been assumed that he also loves drugs; his 2008 arrest for marijuana possession and his pre-Super Bowl admission that he sold drugs as a youth helped fuel that perception.

But Holmes now says that he doesn’t smoke marijuana.  “That’s not me,” he said.

And he apparently is trying to push his drug-selling days so far into his past that his story now seems a bit implausible.

Specifically, Holmes told Sporting News that he sold drugs when he was “about 6, 7 years old.”

Though our guess is that he was slightly older than six or seven
when he sold something far more potent than lemonade, Holmes need not
worry about past drug selling or current/future drug use from derailing
his run for the Hall of Fame.

If NFL fans don’t care about players using steroids, they definitely
don’t care about the many NFL players who light up a doobie, either every blue moon or more frequently.

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