Dennis Green Thinks Tuna Will Take A Chance On Vick

Though the NFL generally has ignored the UFL, Sirius NFL Radio
featured over the weekend a spot with UFL head coach (and former NFL
head coach) Dennis Green.

In asked Green where quarterback Mike Vick might resume his football
career, hosts Howard David and Dean Dalton likely assumed that Green
would roll out the UFL’s red carpet for Vick.

But Green thinks that the Dolphins will make a run for the man who went to prison for fighting dogs.

“I have a hard time believing that Michael Vick is not going to wind
up with Bill Parcells,” Green said, “simply because he has that
creativeness that says that no matter what it takes, he’s going to find
a way to get Michael Vick.  Now, whether it means convincing the
Commissioner or whatever it takes, Michael Vick is probably going to
wind up at Miami because of the fact that Bill Parcells is Bill

It remains to be seen whether Parcells is who Green thinks he is
(yeah, I couldn’t resist), and it would be unusual to say the least to
see the Dolphins add Vick to a quarterback depth chart that already
includes Chad Pennington, Chad Henne, and Pat White.

But even with White on the roster, Vick would be the perfect guy to
run the Wildcat offense.  So despite the fact that the Fins spent a
second-rounder in 2008 on Henne and a second-rounder in 2009 on White,
we wouldn’t be completely shocked if Parcells takes a flier on Vick.

If nothing else, it would prove that Parcell’s interpretation of the
term “thugs and hoodlums” doesn’t include “gamblers and puppy killers.”

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