Thigpen 'Comfortable' Playing Behind Cassel

NFL_thigpen.jpgTyler Thigpen was understandably disappointed when the Chiefs acquired Matt Cassel, saying he was “not OK” with the demotion, but that he was willing to trust the coaches’ judgment.

Now that some time has elapsed, he sounds more receptive to the role.

“They’ve got a lot of money invested in (Cassel), and I’m comfortable being behind him. I’m going to support him and do anything that I can to make him better. I’m a team player and not just an individual.”

Thigpen has his flaws, but he was surprisingly productive last season in offensive coordinator Chan Gailey’s “pistol” spread offense.   The proliferation of the spread has some wondering whether Thigpen could be a “spread-only” quarterback.

When Chiefs coach Todd Haley was in Arizona, the Cardinals once used a quarterback rotation with Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart.  Using one again to take advantage of Thigpen’s athleticism would give opposing defenses one more thing to prepare for.

The only problem with this theory is that Cassel is also highly athletic and most comfortable playing shotgun.  And he’s scheduled to make more than thirty times the base salary Thigpen does.

Translation: Thigpen should have a lot more time to get comfortable in his backup status.